Entering 6 week - looking for a boost!

  • So, I started off great, lost about 8 pounds in four weeks.  But then in the last week and a half have gained two back.  I'm also doing good about the meal plan, mostly.  Struggle with drinking lots of water and have a cocktail (with no carbs or sugar) from time to time. My meal portions might be a bit too big at times - especially dinner.

    Working out has been good, I can feel myself getting stronger and having more stamina for the cardio - even if my body looks pretty much the same.

    Overall, I'm interested in hearing some ideas about how to kick things up a notch so I get the same feelings of success I had early on and do not get discouraged. 

    Any suggestions?

  • Hey Tony!  First of all great job on the weight loss so far.  Have you taken any photos to actually have a side by side comparison?  Evidently in your post you are feeling like you have a few things in mind you could do for some better results...  Keep focus on the positive that you have noticed like feeling stronger and your stamina.  Those are the things are the real way to determine your health.  I think things may just be happening so gradual that you can not tell all of your progress.  Congrats on how far you have made it!  Have you taken any fitness classes like kickboxing or something like that just to give you a change of pace!  Keep up the good work and the results will follow!