Sick week, back one week.

  • I got sick in week 5 and miss three workouts so I went back one week and start over. Is that ok? It feels right. What do you think? Now I am in week 6 and I suppose to be in week 7.

  • Just keep truckin'.  Don't worry about dates and calendars.  Just get back on the program and go, go, go.  =)

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • Greetings ,  Great way to go.  I always say "That if you fall of the horse, just climb back on and keep riding again!! Its more important to finish than to just give up~!!

  • As I always tell myself when I see someone, bigger/stronger/better than me in the gym... My journey is MY journey, I'll get there! It's as much about the process as it is about the end and lots of folks will struggle with illness over the 12 weeks. It's your journey so don't panic if you need an extra week to get over it...

  • Thanks a lot! I guess I am doing it right. I am working as hard it possible but of course problems coming and go.