2nd time BFL. Feeling depressed.

  • Babs983

    What if told you that you don't have to follow bodyforlife if you don't want to but you can still get in shape

    Since November of last year I have gone from 290lbs  to 250lbs and all my health parameters went up

    And I did it  by eating the foods I love

    I still workout hard in the gym 4  times a week but  I'm not a prisoner to specific diet rules

    Everyone has their own specific life constraints and the more rules there are to follow the better chance of messing up and feeling guilty

    I dont want to knock BFL because alot of people have gotten value from it, but this program im on is the first time ive been able to lose weight and all the weight has been fat

    Theres  2 specific programs for the guys theres


    For the girls its


  • Heres an example of  a transformation on the  site


  • How are you doing Babs?


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Hi Babs.  I just read your story, and I'm so happy that you are doing better.  A couple of things you said touched a cord with my own progress.  For me, a slight depression happened right away.  I assumed that it was a combination of detoxing and losing my freedom of choice about eating when I want, what I want, and as much as I want.   I completely understand how you feel about being so limited when socializing, which is why I chose this time of year to do the program.  Things are quieter in the winter.

    Whenever I feel deprived, or like I'm missing out, I remember that when I began, I told myself, "It's only 12 weeks."  That is such a short period of time to make sacrifices.  I told myself that if I did the 12 weeks, at the end of it, if I wanted to stop, I could, knowing full well, that I probably won't.  However, even if I did, at the end of the 12 weeks, I will look and feel so much better than in the beginning.

    I'm currently in week number 5.  At times I look for motivation by coming here and reading posts, or watching something on TV like "The Biggest Loser".  I have a trainer friend too that often offers up useful motivation.  And I hang on to the idea that I may be able to wear a 2 piece bathing suit on the beach this year!

    One last thing is that you have a partner in your journey! You are so lucky to be doing this with someone!!  My husband is very helpful and supportive, but isn't on the program with me.  Finally, what a fine example the two of you are to those kids!  They not only see you working and sticking to something, but they see you doing it together.  

    You are an inspiration to those of us here who are working hard too.  You are already beautiful, but think how gorgeous you will be when you finish the program!!!!  

  • Hi all,

    I'm also glad Babs is doing better on BFL.  I think it is good to be honest with yourself and sometimes say out loud, "This sucks!"  Then go right back to the program.

    As for the depression, I wonder if you felt that way because you were no longer getting a serotonin boost from carbohydrates.  You eat them for a reason -- they make you feel better!  But my experience has been that the increased proteins and exercise make me feel more balanced -- not so many highs and lows.

    As for water, I often drink tea at work becaues I think plain water is boring.  You could also try flavoring it up with lime, lemon, fruit.

    You sound like a bit of a perfectionist who probably doesn't accept less than perfection from yourself.  Don't do that!  Like your husband said, cut yourself some slack.  If you "cheat", make it small.  

    Another issue I wonder about is whether or not you may suffer from iron deficiency, which would make you feel tired.  I was feeling rundown and tired during the first month, but I feel better now.  I think the increased protein gave me more iron -- enough to keep me from getting too tired from working out.

    Good luck.