Before and afterwards

  • Just been reading some of the so called success stories on the site.  They tell their life story but don't mention diet or training they done. Still makes me very sceptical.  

  • Wait for mine and I will update you on the complete details

  • Well why don't you look at mine.  I just finished my fourth challenge, over a 18th month period.  I'm not sure what there is to be skeptical about.  Either start working to help yourself or don't, but no need to rubbish those who have.  Side note, my photos are in front of my front door, no tanning, no shaving, no professional photos, etc.

  • The diet and exercises are listed in the book. Get a copy, read it, and see for yourself! Body for Life has stood the test of time. It works! But you have to work too. You are here Checking it out, so obviously you are interested. Give it 100% and I guarantee you will come back in 12 weeks praising the program. Good luck!