Starting 2/11/13! This is it, I've had it with feeling guilty, fat & need this change...

  • Now, I'm not terribly overweight but I am on the shorter side at 5' 2" and getting older. Every 5 lbs. can feel like a different clothing size when you're "vertically challenged"! As of today I weigh 124 lbs. and I'm sick of it! I've spent the last 4 hours putting together a 3 ring binder to organize my work outs and I've planned this week's work outs all ahead of time so I have no excuse. I've noticed in the last year some fat starting to stick to my belly which is usually flat, my energy levels decreasing and my eating habits getting worse as I've changed jobs and am on the road more. I am going to do something about this now before one day waking up and looking at my body and thinking "what the heck happened"! Wish me luck, tomorrow is day one - I know I am going to hate that early AM wake up alarm but I have to do this.... I created a weekly "visual" progress sheet so I am going to take photos every week. The photo today made me sick so I'll think of that tomorrow AM :) Good luck to everyone else, we're worth it!!

  • Hi Bobbisue

    Good luck with the program and hope it succeeds for you.  Why don't you post diet and workouts on here see how you get on.

  • Thank you! My sister and I did it several years ago and the results were amazing, I want to look and feel that way again! Also, I hope to inspire others to get into shape and you cannot do that unless you have done it yourself. Once I start to feel good about my progress maybe I'll post pics - not right now, the image of myself hurts too much! Ha, ha!!

  • Well good luck hope it works out.

    Oh no I wasn't asking to show pics lol. Just diet and workout sheet.

  • Good Luck to you. I will be trying the program...again. I didn't make it through the first week. I hope to do better this time around.

  • Thank you. I am tired of my own excuses, time to just do it. My husband just booked our vacation, I have 3 weeks to work hard so I can feel good on vacation - that is a great motivator!I AM GOING TO DO THIS, YOU CAN TOO!

  • I started on the 4th. I didn't think I would make it through week 1, but when you've finally had it with your's easy. I actually didn't have much trouble getting out of bed. The most important key to making it through those first very long, very sore, days was SLEEP! I took so many naps! My unsolicited advice for your first week; sleep, sleep, sleep! Good luck!

  • Good luck with your challenge.  I completed my first challenge back in September of 2012 and now that all the holidays are over I am starting phase 2 of my transformation.  I had great success last year and lost 46lbs but even more than that I went from being wheelchair bound to being able to walk again.  The real key is to stay focused on progress and not perfection.  

    People have bad days.  I have had many that have wrecked my previous attempts at the challenge, jobs, relationships, etc.  I was so focused on perfection that the slightest of mistakes on my part sent me into a destructive spiral wiping out any progress I made.  The key to success after your buddies talk you into getting a pizza or going for a drink, missing a workout, etc. is that you still have EVERY other day of your life to do better next time.  I was able to keep that in mind during my last challenge for the first time and wouldn't you know it I completed my challenge and reached all of my goals by the end.

    I am starting my 2nd challenge today so I will be here to help share success and failure with you as we do battle with our lifestyles to bring about positive changes in our lives.



    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • No, I didn't think that, sorry! I just saw others were brave enough to post their pics too. Yes, I will upload my work outs, just scanned my first work out! :)

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  • Thank you! Good luck with Phase 2!! I conquered the first work out!!

  • Great job!  I just got home from the gym too.


    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Mens 30-45

  • Just finished my third work out. I feel amazing and so committed! I also found a new app called Songza that is great! If you like to listen to music while working out check it out, it's free!

  • I started on 2/11/13 too Bobbi Sue and same as you...I am not horribly overweight but so sick and tired of what I have become 'all of the sudden'.  I just turned 40 two wks ago.  This is my first 'diet'.  But I am not using that word.  I am using LIFE CHANGE.  It is all about my previous bad habits and how they need to change.  Day 3 and I am still excited.  And the food isn't bad.  :)  Good luck to both of us!  

  • Hello HeyTriciaC! That's right, LIFE CHANGE!! I just had my 5th work out & feeling awesome! Although I can hardly walk up & down stairs because my legs hurt so much but it's a good hurt because I know my workout was effective! I am taking my photos every week & taking my measurements so I can do a weekly log "visually". I know I won't see much the first couple of weeks but think it will be interesting to see the "visual transformation" at the end with the photos! Good luck to you too!! WE CAN DO THIS!!