minor stumbling block

  • I just joined, and this is the end of my second week on the program.

    Last night I awoke with to a massive spasm in one of my calves that lasted for minutes. Today is set aside for my twenty minutes of cardio, but I now walk with a limp, temporarily. lol.

    i'm quite sure there's no way I'll be able to do the 20 minute workout like this. my question is: while this is healing, what do I do for eating?

    I've always been under the impression that you do the eating-for-life thing to supply your body with all the right stuff it needs so that the training-for-life exercise program works properly. since I am unable to exercise today, what should I do about the eating?


  • Gillebre -

    You continue to eat the same.  The BFL eating program is one that is healthy for most people year round for a lifetime.  You exercising does not mean you shouldn't eat healthy and clean.  For example, lets say a person did the Body For Life nutrition program but didn't exercise at all, what would happen?  Well, my wife did this and lost 40 pounds....  So, you should still eat healthy and clean despite not being able to do your HIIT.  

    Hope this helps!


  • Hope this helps , add a half of a banana to your meal , I have heard that this helps with leg cramps and such an seems to help with me.