Third time lucky - This time I am going to do it.

  • Day 1

    I have decided to start the challenge again as I have put alot of weight on and generally feel unhealthy.

    I have tried this before, managed about 7 weeks before and was starting to see some great results, but moved home and found it very difficult to get to a gym afterwards, so gave up.

    Now I started again and have several goals in place which will hopefully help me finish this time.

    1 - Loseweight and get healthy again.

    2 - Want to go on a holiday with girlfriend and not feel akward around the pool and beach

    3 - Change career. Would like to get in to the fitness industry. When I left the RAF several years I was very fit but let myself go,

    I have also just purchased a bycycle which I will use to get to the gym and back, so no excuse for not going.

    So had the first day today and really enjoyed it, felt hard though and no doubt will be aching the next few days.

    Thats all for now folks

  • Good luck

  • Day 2

    Cardio done

    Started at 6.5 km level 5 and finished on 11.5 km

    Not bad start I thought considering I am huge at moment.

    Also cycled there and back so an extra 20 mins steady cardio.

    Thats all folks

  • Day 3,

    Had first LBWO today, stayed awayfrom the squats, thought I would get a few weeks done before going back to them as they are a killer.

    Had a good session and cooled down with a steady cycle home, cooled down being the word as its freezing here in London... brrrrr

    Anyway got cardio tomorrow, would like to go in the morning but im not a morning person and neither ismy better half and its too warm in bed in the morning, so have been going after work. Bit too busy for my liking so may force myself up next week.


  • Day 4

    Had another cardio session today.

    Did the Hit cardio even though my calfs were quite sore from yesterday.

    Not much to report really, so will update tomorrow.

    Nite nite .

  • Day 5

    Almost at the end of the 1st week, looking forward to a burger and a beer on my day off.

    I am doing sun-fri with sat as my day off, just suits me better

    Good session tonight, really worked hard and felt shattered atthe end, all good I guess.

    Came home tofind the better half had made me a Steak :)

    Anyway, till the next exciting installment, bye.

  • Day 6

    Well thats the first weekout of the way.

    Got a welldeserved day off tomorrow, which is good as its snowing here in London now, made for an interesting bike ride to the gym earlier.


  • Day 8 - Week 2

    Well on to the 2nd week already, going well.

    Had a LBWO today, worked hard again.

    My weight has not really dropped much but I feel a bit feel a change on the belly already though.

    Enjoyed the free day yesterday, didnt really go silly but had a few treats and an amazing burger.

    Feel like im talking to myself but keeps me motivated.

    Keep going everyone.

  • Day 9 Week 2

    Cardio again today.Did the 20 mins and started slightly higher than last time and it felt harder, even with the slight increase.

    The cycle there and back is getting easier too, although the cold weather is not fun.

    Anyone actually reading these posts? hahaha


  • Actually, I guess at least one person is reading it. :-)

    Just finishing up day 3 - lower body workout after work today. It's my first time doing the challenge - I'm 100% committed, and I can't wait to see the results in mid-April!



  • Day10 Week 2

    Hi Steve, good luck with the challenge, you will be on the second week before you know it. Setting youself a goal is the key.

    I have a few and whenever I feel the last few reps starting to burn I use the goal to help get the reps out.

    Had another UBWO today, went a bit later than plannedt onight, as its uber busy during the post work rush, so went about half seven.  Had a good workout overall, apart from an issue finding the right weights as they being used.

    I can wait to see the results at the end, just hope all the hard work and no beer pays off!  God I miss the beer...

    Anyway good night all my avid readers  :)


  • I've been lurking Ric, keep up the good work but even more so, keep up the motivation, the results are worth it and yes....the beer is lovely at the end ;-)


  • I love to read all the posts. You are doing great. Im in another challange at my physical therapists office which started january 10 in which I lost 7 lbs to jump start my bfl challange which I started jan21

  • Day 11 week 2

    Forgot to update yesterday...

    Had a great cardio session, upped the treadmill on every part of the 20 minutes, was knackered at the end but did it.

    Was especially happy as I really didnt fancy going last night, so was really worth 2 workouts.

    LBWO tonight!

  • Day 12 and 13 Week 2

    Forgot the update last night, sorry for the mistake my avid readers.

    So made it to the end of the 2nd week of training.

    Got my free day tomorrow, treating myself to some pulled pork, cant wait.

    Simple pleasures  :)