Third time lucky - This time I am going to do it.

  • Just remember there are lots of ways to do cardio at home too it doesn't all have to be in the gym or outdoors. I like to turn on my music in the morning and get my dance on while I get ready for work being I only have time for running on the weekends and when it's not cold. I think the dancing in the morning gets my cardio in and my blood flowing and lots of energy to start the day.

  • Day 67 Week 10

    Cardio day today, increased my speed a little and certainly felt the difference at the end.

    So much fitter than I was when I first started the challenge, still got a long way to go but happy with the progress so far.


  • Great going Rich!  I have enjoyed following you- very inspiring.  Finish strong bro!

  • You're a week ahead of me!  Keep your eye on the finish line...I'm cheering you on!

  • Day 68 Week 10

    Thanks for the comments and encouragement.

    Think I will be finishing the same time as you now mintexas as I have the flu now, have been fighting it all week but its won and having to have a day or two off the gym as I think going would be counter productive.

    I had planned to continue the program after the 12 weeks anyway until I went on holiday so may make this first challenge 13 weeks to make up for the lost days being ill.

    Not giving up as I really enjoy going to the gym and its part of my day now, but think I need the couple of days to recover.

    Keep going everyone.


  • Day 71 Week 11

    Back on the challenge after a few days being ill.

    UBWO today and considering I had felt really weak and tired the last few days, managed a really good session.

    Although I wasn't training the last few days I tried to eat good and don't think I had a too major a setback.

    The only thing I didn't enjoy the cycle there and back as the UK has been hit by some bad weather again, was absolutely numb by the time I got to the gym.

    Keep going everyone.


  • Day 72 Week 11

    Feeling really low today, as the last weeks have been drawing closer I was hoping I would be seeing better results. I can certainly see a difference but the fat loss is slow. My strength and fitness are great and happy with the progress there.

    Looked at a post earlier and the blokes results were quality. I think I was a lot fatter to start but don't think my change will be that dramatic.

    Don't think I could physically try harder at the gym, leave there after every session shattered then still have to cycle home.  Worried my diet has not been great.  

    Got less than 2 weeks left until the first 12 weeks are up even though I have missed some days due to illness. I'm going to carry on straight for another 3 weeks after until I go on holiday.

    Anyone else had doubts?

    Had cardio today and went quicker than ever so was happy with that.

    Must try harder!


  • Day 73 Week 11

    Feeling better about myself today, suppose everyone has days where they feel like its not working.

    I have a week and a half left of the 12 weeks however I have missed a few days due to illness.

    Today started off really bad as I lost my wallet, so had to quickly cancel my cards and try and get my Oyster card ( a touch card used in London to pay for the tube and buses ) transferred to a new card. Didnt lose too much money in the wallet luckily just annoying to cancel everything. Asked at the underground station where I think I lost it but no joy... Thats gone forever!

    Or so I thought.... Was at the gym tonight and the receptionist came and asked me my name, after telling him, he said there is a call for you about your wallet. Turns out someone had found it dumped in a local park and gone through it. The only number they could find was a number for my gym, so they rang it.  I am meeting him tomorrow to get it back.  It has actually restored my faith in people in London and humanity in general as where I work is quite unsavory in places.

    Anyway had the LBWO today, increased the weight slightly on parts so happy with that.

    All for now folks.


  • Day 74 Week 11

    Hi everyone!

    Cardio today and I can say it was one of the hardest I have had in a long time. My legs felt really heavy after the hard LBWO yesterday. Did the full cardio session but couldn't have done anymore.

    See you all tomorrow.


  • Wow, that's awesome that you got your wallet back!!  There something that feels so violating about someone else having your personal belongings.  I lost my purse back in about 1996 with very important and irreplaceable person things in it.  Since then, I have been careful never to carry anything irreplaceable in there.  I wish the world were safer...

    On another note, it's so WEIRD how you go through those days of feeling like it's not working, especially after having days of knowing and seeing how well you are doing.  I guess it doesn't matter who you are or how far along you are, you suddenly feel like you've been conning yourself into believing things were working when they aren't.  I will say this, though.  Even if your diet isn't exactly up to par, the muscle you put on will STILL be there to help you burn more calories.  That part you won't have to redo even if you have to make some mods to your diet.  You have already laid the groundwork.  Everything from here on in will be much faster, and take only tweaking.

    This page at Hussman is really really great!  If you need diet help, he really has a fantastic method.

    Good luck, Rich!!  :)

  • Day 75 Week 11

    Thanks for the comments mintexas!

    Well that was the last weights session of the week. Had the UBWO today and think it was my best one ever.

    Felt really strong and increased the weights on the chest, shoulders and biceps.

    Nearly on the last week already, crazy how quick it has gone!


  • Day 80 Week 12

    Hi all!

    Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days, been busy over the Easter break.

    Well that was the last UBWO of this first challenge and made it count. Actually feel a little dizzy now, think I pushed it a little too much. Sure I will feel better after some food.

    So have 3 days left, 2 Cardio sessions and 1 LBWO.

    Bit worried about posting my progress photo's as I think the results could be better, however its just the start, have plenty o challenges left.

    Cant believe its the last week, only seems like yesterday I started. For those people who are on week 1, don't lose faith,you will be on week 12 before you know it.


  • Day 81 Week 12

    Cardio today and made sure it was a good session.

    Halfway through the last week now of the first challenge, cant believe I have made it to the end... well almost.

    1 LBWO and a final cardio session left.

  • Day 82 Week 12

    Well that was my last LBWO of this 1st challenge.

    1 cardio session left until I take the dreaded pictures :)   please be nice:)

    Not sure what to do after the 12 weeks, carry on or try a different program, suggestions anyone?

    So in the immortal words of Phil Collins 'One more night'

    Very happy that I have made it this far.


  • Day 83 Week 12

    I have finished the challenge!

    Last cardio session today and made sure it was a good one. added 2 extra cycles so did 28 mins in total, was shattered at the end.

    Happy that I have managed the full 12 weeks as I have never managed to complete it before.

    I will have to wait till my girlfriend gets home to take the after pictures.

    Have not lost much weight on the scales however I managed to wear a top today which even a few weeks ago was too tight so happy with the progress.  It took 12 months + to put on, not gonna come off completely in 3.

    Now I have finished, I am not sure what to do. Carry on and start again or try a new workout? Or might just tweak this slightly. Suggestions?