Third time lucky - This time I am going to do it.

  • Day 39 Week 6

    Another cardio session done and dusted today.

    2 sessions to go until another week is over.

    No increase in the speed today but that's to be expected, can't go faster every session.

    Not much else to report today.

    So keep going everyone!

  • Day 40 Week 6

    Nearly forgot to update the thread....

    LBWO today and last weights session of the week. Just 1 cardio session and then im half way!!

    Not much really to report today.


  • Really enjoy reading this, Rich. They're motivating for those of us just starting out. Thanks for posting!

  • Day 41 Week 6

    Hi smseise, thanks for the comment. The comments help motivate me too!

    Well I have made it half way today, had the last cardio session of the week and really went  for it.

    Think I have made good progress in the 6 weeks, still got a long way to go but its going in the right direction.

    Will get my girlfriend to take some pictures, I might put them up showing the progress, if it looks noticeable :)

    Looking forward to my day off tomorrow, England are playing France tomorrow at Rugby in the part of London I live in (Twickenham) so think I will go to a bar and watch the game.

    Anyway, till next time my fellow BFL'ers

    Train hard, Eat clean and sleep like a baby!


  • Day 43 Week 7

    Hi all, had a really nice day off yesterday, few drinks with friends and a nice meal with my girlfriend.

    Back to business, had a UBWO today. Had a really good workout today, really pushed it and felt good afterwards.

    So officially halfway through the challenege, although after the 12 weeks I will continue to train.

    Back to work tomorrow...boooooo  weekend just goes so quickly.

    Booked flights to Valencia in Spain for a week or so away in May, cant wait for some sun.


  • Day 44 Week 7

    Hello everyone, cardio session today.

    Went a little quicker today and could certainly tell as by the end I really struggled on the last minute. As soon as I got to the last second I jumped on either side of the treadmill.

    Nothing more to report today folks.


  • Day 45 week 7

    Well the days are really ticking by now.

    Normal LBWO tonight and ab stuff.

    Starting to hate the cycle ride home after the gym, usually knackered and legs are tired and then combining that and a cycle in the cold wind is a killer. The only good thing is the feeling when I get home but every little extra bit of work helps I guess.

    How have you found going out while being on the challenge?

    Been invited out next Thursday, but really can't be arsed going as I don't want to miss my training and potentially eat and drink stuff I shouldn't.  Also it's my work colleagues.... Like I don't spend enough time with them :)

    Your thoughts?

    Quick joke....

    Did you hear about the man found dead, face down in a bowl of muesli?

    Police believe he was pulled under by a strong current!

    I apologise for that ;)


  • Day 46 Week 7


    Cardio today, not very eventful and nothing really to say other then it was cardio today :)

    The ride home was a little harder as I had some shopping too, girlfriend want a sack of potatoes tomorrow...think again luv.

    Nearly at the end of week 7 :)

    Just watched the first episode of 'The Following' not bad, thought Kevin Bacon was good. Should make a few dollars for this after losing everything in the Madoff fraud.

    Any, 'The Walking Dead' is calling me, so keep going everyone.


  • Well done Rich!  Nice journal... I'm following right along from sunny Florida, US.

  • Day 47 Week 7

    Last weights session of the week done, just the cardio left tomorrow then that's 7 weeks done.... Thank god :)

    Feeling confident I will finish tgd challenge, very motivated at the moment and enjoying the progress I'm making.

    Off to a Royal Air Force reunion Saturday, luckily it's my free day as I started on a Sunday. Think there will be some beer  consumed ...  Really looking forward to it as I have not seen some of them in years.

    That's all for now folks!

  • Why can't I figure out how to post my own thread??

  • Hi, if you click in one of the forum sections like crossing the abyss, on the right hand side of the screen under the options, you can start a new thread.

  • Thankyou!!

  • Day 48 week 7

    Well that's the last cardio session of the week, looking forward to a day off tomorrow as I'm knackered.

    Even though I was feeling tired I still managed a really good cardio session and don't  feel I could of done much more.

    Nearly on the back straight now, 5 weeks left before the grand reveal.

    Have good weekend folks!


  • Day 51 Week 8

    Hi all, back training today after the RAF reunion, I had planned to train yesterday when I got back but was so hungover so missed the LBWO.

    Did the cardio today and still felt a little dodgy and could feel the booze oozing out ... :)

    Not too bothered that I missed workout as I plan to carrying after the 12 weeks anyway so I doubt it will make a difference in the overall grand scheme of things.

    That is all really to report