Third time lucky - This time I am going to do it.

  • Day 15 Week 3

    Had a good UBWO at the gym today, because it was a Sunday, the gym was pretty quiet so I didn't have to wait for long for weights and equipment.

    Nearly came of my bicycle on the way home as the handlebars came loose.... certainly made for an interesting journey home.

  • Day 17 Week 3

    Hi all,  been a little forgetful to post an update.

    still going strong, had the UBWO and cardio last couple of days and had the LBWO today.

    Really didn't want to go and do it but forced myself to go, glad I did.

    Finding i seem to be constantly hungry, which has been hard last day or so.

    Been having a couple of shake a day, tasty but dont seem very filling.

    Anybody have tgoughts on them?


  • Day 18 week 3

    I don't know what's happened but my posts this week have gone?

    Had 2nd cardio of the week, feel my fitness improving each session.

    My cardio today was as follows:-

    Speeds in km/h





















    I went to 12.5 instead of 12 as I wanted to push it and found some still left in the tank, so pushed harder on the last min going to 14!

    Week 1 when I started I was struggling at 11.

    Weight hasn't really changed much, although my better half says she can tell and I feel it myself.

    Can't believe I'm nearly done 3 weeks already, gone so fast.

    Going to Spain in may so using that as one if my goals, helps when I have those days I don't feel like going or fancy a cake.

    Also think buying the bicycle has helped me, got no excuse to get to the gym and also get a little extra cardio.

    Anyway, off to bed, girlfriend snooring ( hope she never reads that )

    Till next time, remember....

    Train Hard, Eat clean and sleep like a baby!

  • Day 19 Week 3

    Last weights session of the week, just cardio left tomorrow, then a well deserved say off!

    Starting to really get in to it now and can't believe I'm almost a quarter way through it.

    Good thing too is my belly seems to be going,  still long way to go but seeing the hard work is paying off has given me more motivation.

    Any readers know when you started to see any positive changes?

    Good night for now.


  • Day 24 Week 4

    So this week has not been good, fell ill on Sunday and had to take Mon and Tue off work so missed the gym too so have missed the first 3 days this week :(

    Went back today and carried on as if i had been going, I figured after the 12 weeks, im gonna carry on anyway so no point changing my weekly routine.  I ate fairly clean these days so dont think its too much of a set back.

    Did the cardio and have found my fitness is getting much better already. My cardio was as follows today.





















    These times were in Km/h.

    I like to push it as hard as I can on the very last minute. I actually only managed 30 seconds at the 15 km/h, but was pleased with that.

    Had the football playing in the gym too (soccer for my American followers ). England beat Brazil 2-1  woop woop!!!

    Glad Im training again, actually missed not going.

    Anyone else been sick during the 12 weeks?


  • Day 26 Week 4

    If any of you clever readers noticed, I made a mistake yesterday with the total of days done...

    Leg workout today, had a good session.

    Did the leg extensions separate for each leg and found my left is stronger than the right. I found this bizarre as im right footed if I play football. Hopefully will balance out in a few weeks.

    Cardio tomorrow, strangely looking forward to it   :)

    how is everyone else doing?


  • Day 30 of Week 5

    Hi all.

    Still going strong, had UBWO yesterday and cardio today.

    Have found my fitness and stamina is getting better each week.

    Nearly at 4k in 20 mins.

    After the cardio, I think I could of rung it out, looked like someone had chucked water all over me.

    Still not lost much weight, according to the scales, but feel like my belly has got smaller.

    Anyone else felt like that when doing the challenge?

    I dont think I could be trying any harder at the gym, never finish and feel like I haven't given my all.

    Hope people are still reading this?


  • Good going Rich. Keep up the good work.

    Come visit my blog!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • Day 31 Week 5

    Half way through my 5th week, cant believe how quick its going now.

    Anyone reading this on the 1st week, keep going, before you know it you will be well on the way to finishing it.

    Had my LBWO today, feel the strength increasing each week.

    Had a good bit of motivation today, as the weather in London at the moment is freezing, I fastened up my coat and felt alot looser and not as tight as usual :)  


  • Hey Ric -

    Looks like your plugging along great, good job!!  Where you at now, nearly half way yes?


  • Day 36 week 6

    Hi Brez, just started week 6, can say it has flown by so far. Nearly at the half way point already!

    Had the LBWO today, like the gym on a Sunday as its really quiet and don't have to wait for any equipment.

    Noticed the weight is finally going down now on the scales.

    Took some pics at the start and thinking of putting some pics on showing the half way progress.  Will see how the photos look before I decide.

    Cardio tomorrow, it's my favourite now strangely. Think it's because I have got my fitness back quickly.

    So till next update, keep going everyone!


  • Day 37  Week 6

    Wow, the days are really flying now, was on my bicycle on the way to the gym and had a de javu thinking how I had done the 1st week, only seems like yesterday.

    Cardio today, was a little difficult as my left ankle was stiff and aching but managed the full 20 mins at my last pace so was happy with that.

    Was really hungry today, ate good food but never seemed enough today.

    Im off to bed now, knackered.

    Keep going everyone!

  • I'm enjoying the journal, and looking for motivation everywhere I can find it!  Keep up the good work!!

  • Day 38 Week 6

    Thanks mintexas, how far are you in to the challenge?

    Had the UBWO today, had a smallish bowl of Muesli about 90 mins before going and I felt so much more stronger doing the weights.So much that when I did the dumbbell press my level 9 ( 6 rep set ) was 30kg ( 66lbs each dumbbell for the American readers ). I also seemed to not fade till the end where sometimes I have felt drained with sets still to do.

    Decided to take my better half out Sat night for a meal since my free day is Sat not Sun, partly to say thanks for her support so far and also for making it half way  ( well will have by then )    Not going to go silly but fancy a steak!

    Anyway, remember to train hard, eat clean and sleep like a baby!


  • Hey Rich,  it is motivating following your posts.  You are definitely making progress each week and no doubt, exhibit the discipline to finish the last 6 weeks strong.  

    I have had pretty good results so far as I'm into the 6th week.  Haven't lost a lot of weight, but seeing more in terms of how I look and the clothes are fitting better.  Was hammering away on treadmill same as you until few weeks ago I strained my right hamstring going 10 mph on final minute.  I have backed off considerably.  Mostly elipitcal and spin right now.  Did run a 5k this weekend and did not push it, however, going up the final hill, I aggravated it a little and mostly walked for the last half mile.  Lesson learned.  Will have to stay off the treadmill for a little while and use alternatives for cardio which is fine.  You adjust and go on.

    Keep up the good work, Rich!