BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Hey all, so I'm half way thru 5th week, still on vacation and having a great time! Doing beach action today after gym sky is blue and waves look great!

    @ Jeannie I also weighed this week to find I have lost 5kg's only and was quite pissed off, then I had body fat % measured and was overwhelmed .... I have dropped from 45% body fat to 27.7% body fat, flipping amazing, I am seeing good changes and feeling better in clothing, really happy that body fat is down and annoyed weight not down so much but am going to give up on scale .... Muscle weighs more than fat, take ur body fat % and keep taking weekly photos back front and side, DON'T GIVE UP girl, u r doing great!

    Chat soon


  • Morning Ladies...First day of week 6.  Can't believe the halfway point is a week away.  I'm having ups and downs.  One moment I feel so good about where I've gotten, the next minute I think, this sucks, I'm not getting anywhere!  

    @Jeannie and Des, I'm the same way, hav not lost a lb.   So depressing.  I'm feeling good on the inside, but I'm not seeing anything on the outside.  I am planning on taking pictures again at the half way point so I guess we'll see. Looking in the mirror though I don't see changes, and I'm not getting the compliments you would hope to be getting at this point because people can notice a change.  I had been using my scale for bodyfat % and I just don't think it works.  It has pretty much went down less than 1% and my weight has not budged.  Somthing has got to give, right?!  I bought calipers and got my bodyfat taken with that yesterday.  So I'll probably wait until the end to do the measurements on that again.  I have lost a total of 9 1/2 inches.  That is the only thing that keeps me going, knowing I'm making something change!!  

    I have it in my mind to really ramp it up these next 6 weeks.  Focus on hard core workouts and look to change the diet a bit to work that scale weight down.  In the end, I know I'm not doing bad things for myself so I'll just keep pushing forward.

    I'm having issues with the workouts right now, I do them at home, and my LBWO, squats and lunges,  my upper body is having trouble supporting the weights my lower body uses. For both, I'm using 25lb dumbells, well it just hurts my arms and back...I get done and feel like I just had an upper body workout.  Anyone else running into any issues like this?  

    Good luck everyone, make today great!  BTW, who all do we still have out here on this forum?  Who's still giving it 100%???

  • I'm still out here :)    As I mentioned before I am not weighing myself and @Jeannie & @Des & @dilly- you have all convinced me to stick to that plan.  The scale can play really badly with your head.  I am sure that if I stepped on it I probably would not see a pound lost.  it's as sure as I am that I am on the right pat. Even though they contradict each other i must focus on the affirmative and not the negative.  

    Workout have been pretty good and consistent (which I'm most proud of).  Who out there said she lifts 25lb dumbbells for upper body?  How?How is that physically possible? I'm super impresses.  I struggle at times with 10 lb (dumbells) or 10 lbs on each side(=20) on barbell (do uyou call that lifting 10 or 20 lb barbell?  in any even I'm only starting to up the weights now.  Out of curiousity- what type of weigh do you ladies use for most UB  and LB?

  • I'm still out here too.  I am impressed with any lady doing 25 pounds per dumbbell too!  Tonight I was able to lift 15 pounds in each hand (30 pounds total), and I have just worked up to that.

    I am happy that I can walk very fast and jog 10 laps now on cardio days.  I haven't done that for 10 years(before baby number 3).  I can tell I have lost some weight, but also do not want the scale to bog me down.

    I did check my waist measurement, and have lost 2 inches off of that.  I need to do all of the measurements to get a better picture.  I am feeling good, overall.

    I must confess that I have not been eating perfectly, but far better than before. I enjoy checking this blog daily, though I don't get to post every day.  

    Keep up the good work!

  • Morning everyone

    @bookit I am doing 20 pounds (9kg's) on each side so 40pounds in total on bench press and shoulder lifts, on lower body leg raises 30 pounds and calf raises around 35 pounds.  Also, u must eat properly, u r putting in all this effort and not sticking to it 100% each day, I have done that before long ago on programs and u will be disappointed in the end, if anything push yourself just for each day to eat the BFL way, that's why u started this program to begin with and 70% of the success is what u eat only 30% the exercise!

    @shelley cool to c u still on it!

    Girls lets kick this programs butt and get rid of ours .... From week 6 onwards our bodies will have adjusted and we should see more fat loss!

    Have a great day


  • Hey, thanks for the challenge.  I needed that kick in the rear!  I do not have anyone motivating me at home, as my husband has always stayed fit through chopping wood, etc.  It is good to hear you tell me that the food part counts so much in the overall program.  Thanks!

  • Dilly, have you tried using a barbell?  If I understand you correctly, you're struggling with holding the dumbbells for lower body.  I have that problem when I do calf raises.  I'm gripping the dumbbells hard for jump squats, lunges, etc. but when I do calf raises, I feel like they're rolling out of my fingers.  I think I'm moving to a barbell for these-same weight, just not depending on my fingers to do the extra work.  I also bought weight lifting gloves, and that's helping.  I bought them because I was getting callouses, to help with grip, and because I couldn't stop thinking about the germs.  (I'm NOT a germ-a-phob, but there's a lot of sweat/snot/coughing that happens in the gym, and who knows who washed their hands when they went to the bathroom??  :)

    I have some hard lessons that I learned this week that I wanted to share.  Today is my free day, but I'm not going nuts this time.  Last time, I was pretty indulgent and I paid for it.  Too many cocktails on Saturday and I couldn't stomach cardio Sunday.  Also, I will never again step on that evil device in the bathroom.  It almost sent me into a tailspin for the week.  My husband is going to take a 6 week picture of me next week.  I'll use that as progress monitoring-not the scale and not even the body fat caliper.  Des, it's nice to hear you say that about the 6 week mark.  I am SUPER excited about having stuck with it this far, but haven't seen a big difference yet.  Knowing that it is right around the corner is motivating!

    Book It, I'm in the same boat.  My husband isn't a fitness guy, and he doesn't understand why I'm doing this.  Truthfully, he's a little irritated with it.  BUT, it's working for me, and I see a tremendous difference in every other area of my life.  Self-discipline spills over in my family and work life.  I'm becoming more organized, more efficient and effective, and better at managing my time.  Not nearly as much tv or facebook these days!  That's a good thing!!

    One more little thing that I've found is making a difference-because of the timing on getting 6 meals in, I usually eat during my planning period and don't eat during my lunch.  I've started taking a 20 minute ab workout DVD to work and doing that during my lunch in my classroom.  It fills the time perfectly, and feeling tight slightly sore abs keeps me in check for the rest of the day.  I only do it on my cardio days.  I'm waiting for the day when an administrator walks in and finds me in a dress and boots lying on the floor doing crunches!  :)  We do what we've gotta do, right?  

    *I should make it clear that the kids are eating in the lunchroom, not watching their crazy teacher lie on the floor !

    Keep on keepin' on, Divas!  I love this thread!

  • Hi everyone

    In my 6th week now, can't believe it!

    Had my free day Saturday and then a bad day yesterday, started off well but then was making a roast which took way longer than expected to finish cooking so landed up snacking on a slice of bread that was laid out and two spoonfuls of pumpkin pie that was actually for my 1 year old, then a taste of my moms quiche from the previous day, we ate lunch late (veggies and chicken breast which was fine) but then skipped snack and dinner.  Anyway back on the bus today! Going to gym this morning, actually feeling exhausted but going to force myself to go, anyone else feeling tired at this stage?

    ~ des

  • Yes...every morning, Des.  Like, feeling like there's a magnet pulling me back into bed.  

    But then, today-BAM!!!!!  

    MY FIRST BIG CHANGE:  I put on my pants that were snug when I started.  Not too tight, but wear-with-a-long-shirt kind of too snug.  Guess what, y'all?!?  THEY'RE LOOSE!!!!!  

    Yippie and hooray!  This is the motivation I needed, heading into week 6.  Because of this, I was able to hit the drive-thru for a special treat for my boys and could enjoy the smell of fries without eating one.  My youngest even sweetly offered to give me a bite of oreo McFlurry and I was able to resist!

    *Tomorrow, I have a very long night.  Conferences that will start at 2:30 and last until 7:45.  I'm trying to figure out how to work the food for this one.  I see a lot of Myoplex shakes in my 24 hour future.  :)

  • Hey guys-

    @Jeannie- congratulations on your pants.  I think the clothing changes are some of the best rewards from working hard.  I love having those clothes that didn't fit before start to fit.

    I'm sorry that I have been MIA.  I am still here and doing it.  Today I am officially in the second half of the program.  I am so proud that I have stuck with it thus far.  I didn't end up taking pictures at week 4 and will probably just take pictures again at the end of the 12 weeks.

    Since I'm at the halfway point, I feel like I need to reevaluate to see if I need to make any changes.  So here we go:

    -I'm recommitting to more sleep

    -I'm recommitting to writing my meals down (I've gotten away from this)

    What about you guys?


  • GAH!!!  Sometimes it feels like all of life is conspiring against your genuine efforts!!

    This morning was the first workout I've missed in 6 weeks.  I woke up so exhausted from working late last night that I decided to bump it to this afternoon.  On my way home, the school called and said my youngest had a headache and I needed to come get him.  Clearly, no workout today.  Sometimes, there is no plan C.

    So...tomorrow I'm doubling up.  cardio at 4:30, Upper Body at 5.  I will NOT let a day take me down!

    *Disclaimer:  I'm only being this dedicated because I am going to New Orleans with the hubby Sat-Tuesday, so I've decided to enjoy the food, sights, and sounds of NOLA guilt-free.  I can give up 3 days (Sat is free day), but not without the hard work put in the week before.

  • Arrrgghh ..... Really .... Stupid flipping scale ... I clearly can't practice what I preach, I got on the scale .... Still 4 kg's down NOTHING more ..... Come ooooonnnnn already, so disappointed and irritated!

    I need to call my trainer, back from leave, stayed on the second floor of a double story house, climbed more stairs than usual each day, did my BFL program while on vacation food and exercising, only indulged a bit on my free days and still only 4 kg's .... I do feel different and fit better in my clothing but this f'ing scale needs to budge at some point right? So I'm broaching week 7 ........ ??????????? When oh when is this flipping scale going to see a drastic improvement for all my blooming hard work????

    Sorry girls feeling really annoyed .....

    Going for a run now, better bloody melt some fat.


  • Hi all! Good to hear you are all doing so well!

    Feeling like most of you actually, really tired and on the treadmill I'm struggling. I remember feeling like this before at this stage and gave up. But not this time don't want to go back to how I was. I saw photos of me before the other day and I looked dreadful!!!!!

    The scales a pig! Lol I only lost a pound last week. But my body is telling me different. My waist is smaller, I've gone up a notch on my belt buckle and on my bra, so everything is finally shrinking! Yay

    Had family and friends stay and a few problems this week and have now woken up with pulled muscle in my back, so have missed two workouts. Am still eating clean but have decided to hit back on it on Sunday. Sometimes life gets in the way, but as long as you come back from it that's the main thing.

    Keep going past this point, I'm sure from how I felt last time it's a common dip.

    Apologies for any mistakes my I pads gone funny and I can't see what I am writing.

    Best of health to you all x

  • Ps: DILLY! - just saw your post to me on the alcohol thred lol thank you! Yes I bet we would! Fellow vino lover :-)))) xxxx

  • @Des, DON'T get yourself down!!!  You ARE NOT ALONE!!!  I was THRILLED on tuesday when I weighed myself and finally was down 1.5 lbs since the beginning!!!  Sort of depressing, but It almost has become a little bit of a joke for me 'REALLY, ALL THAT WORK, AND THE SAME WEIGHT?!".  I do get annoyed when I see the scale not moving, but I also know I'm doing what I should be doing, and I've seen a change in inches and most importantly I feel better, I figure the weight will follow, just keep pushing forward.  Remember the main goal is to make better habits, and feel better about yourself.  Considering you are still going strong, I'm sure you are doing those things.  Keep up the GREAT work!  

    @Jeannie, Don't beat yourself up over one workout!  If you've made it to week 6, and only missed one, that is 35 workouts you have done!  Just get right back up on that horse and keep on riding!  One workout isn't going to make or break you.  This is Body for these 12 weeks we need to learn to deal with the obstacles life throws at us.  If you got up the next day and did your workout...then you succeeded!!!

    @Clare, AMEN!  It's my sanity in a bottle! :-)  

    Keep it up ladies!  Remember, Success is a journey, not a destination!  No matter what at the end of 12 weeks, we don't stop eating right and working out...we continue with the tools we are learning now.  Keep making lifetime GOOD habits!!