BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Sandy, I can't believe I just moaned about being tired and you are doing BFL whilst dealing with RA. My Dr misdiagnosed me as having RA last year and when wed realised he was wrong, it made me realise I was neglecting my health and not appreciating it. I have utmost admiration for you doing this.

  • Clare- don't be frustrated, especially if you 'feel' a difference.  The scale has a weird power over us, even when it makes no sense.  I have found it  very freeing that I have decided NOT to weigh myself until the END of 12 weeks.  I am measuring my progress in how I feel mentally and phyically.  Mentally- I feel fantastic and physically I feel good, I know there is a difference, but I don't know how it would weigh up on the scale.

    as far as the last rep of 12- this morning for my  LBWO  on most of the body parts I did switch it up for the last one.  The main 12,10,8,6,12 I use a barbell with increasing weight, and then for the last 12 I prepared and had 2of  the heaviest barbell PLATES (10 lbs)ready and switched it up by using them as freeweights (like dumbells).  I gotta tell you, it really made a difference and a real 'burn'.

  • Again on the note of 'measuring' progress.....As I mentioned I have choosen not to weigh myself until the end.  This definitely works for me.  I did not take photos or measurements in the beginning because I didn't want to knock myself and feel bad.  Now at week5 (still counting even though i was off last week) I am wondering if I should muster up the courage to measure and take photos.  I just know how things like that could mess with my head.  

    How many of you ladies have taken BEFORE pictures and plan on taking after, or weekly progress pictures?

  • The scale makes me crazy.  Between hormonal issues, water retention, etc. I can't rely on it.  My clothes help me gauge how I'm doing, but also, I have a little trick for motivation when I'm not feeling motivated for the 'right' reasons.  :)

    I've started the "Seinfeld" method.  I have a cheap wall calendar for exercise, and one for eating.  I put a giant red X over the day when I do my exercise, and I get to put a giant red X when I've eaten all 6 meals.  I put a blue X on the free days.  Talk about motivating...There is something really cool about seeing a whole month full of Xs, and who wants to break the chain??  I have only flaked out 1 day this month.  

    I wish I was always motivated for health, or because my before picture haunts me, or because I have a trip, or whatever, but sometimes it's as simple as not wanting to break the chain on my calendar!

    BTW, I was also not hurting much after workouts, so I increased my weights to the point of shaking and grunting, and I'm definitely feeling it now!  :)

  • Oh, and as much as it's awful to have the before photos taken, when I did this years ago, I wished that I'd had those before photos so I could see how far I'd come.  It's nice to be able to look at the difference!  I did take before photos this time.  I HATED it, but I can already see a difference here in on day 25.

  • Jeannie, I think 80oz will meet your minimum hydration needs, but you might want to pay attention to how you feel on fitness days.  If you feel a little extra tired or headachy, add a few more glasses of water.  I drink 96oz (12) glasses minimum per day and don't spend any extra time in the restroom.  My skin looks much, much nicer now that I'm drinking water all day long instead of tea.

    Shelley, for lifting I  do mix it up as suggested by BFL.  You'll get the benefits of just plain lifting either way, but the ramping and change ups will probably help build the toning and strength a little faster or more efficiently.  Who's in a hurry anyway.  As for me, I gave myself a full 6 years to get thoroughly out of shape and greatly over weight.  I suppose it makes sense that it's going to take a nice little chunk of time to get back into shape.  Just so you're lifting and using proper form and technique, you're making good choices that I hope you like and can maintain.

  • Good Morning Everyone!  

    How great does it feel to be in WEEK 5!!!  I feel like I've crossed the first hurdle.   I'm pumped and motivated, and I think that those first 4 weeks may have been the hardest because it hard to start, and it is hard to make all these good decisions and put all the time into planning and not feel like you're seeing results.   I felt better inside, but the outside just seemed to be staying the same...BUT, I pushed through.  Today I feel great!  Pants are starting to feel a little looser, my face is starting to feel a little less pudgy, and I am excited about the next 4 weeks!!   I got my first compliment, from someone other than my fiancee, yesterday and it felt GREAT!

    @Clare, Thanks for the bday wish!!

    As for all the other talks going on above...about the changing exercises at the final sets.  I have not been, but I would like to and plan on starting.  I haven't been since I do my workouts at home with free weights and just didn't feel I had enough options to always switch up.  That being said, I just purchased a home gym machine, will be delivered on the 12th, and I am thrilled to be able to use it!!  With that, I will be able to switch up last sets for a great burn out.  I do however believe that you can accomplish the same burnout without different exercises.  The main goal is to just push yourself past what you think you can do, no matter what exercise you are doing!

    As for the measurements and photos, I did do before photos and I plan on doing 4 week photos but haven't gotten to do them yet.  I am also taking my measurments weekly.  I promised myself I would not let the scale bring me down!  I just thought that it would be benificial down the road when I convince my family members, or anyone out here who it could help to take them weekly to show, you don't always get results at the beginning.  At the end of week 4, I still have not lost a lb!  I haven't gained any either, but I have lost 8 1/2 inches overall.  That is enough to make me happy and I feel great, that's the point!!!  

    One thing I wanted to do, but didn't was the bodyfat %.  I have it on my scale but that just doesn't seem right to me.  So I bought the calipers, but have not gotten my measurements done yet.  That is a task along with my 4 week pics for tonight.  Again, I promise myself to not let it get me down!  

    I hope everyone is having a great day!  Let's keep pushing for that 8 Week Miracle!  :-) HAHA!  

  • Today was was rainy, windy, and dark early in the morning and really didn't feel like going to gym (only do cardio there...I do UB &LB at home)...but i trudged there.  Within  2-3 minutes my body was super tired, but I pushed and pushed through the 20 minutes to complete exhaustion and definitely hit my 10's.  Even though cardio is only 20 minutes it amazes me how committed I am to making those 20 minutes count big time.  You have to understand in my personal "fitness history' I have been the person who enjoys weights and resistance..but HATES cardio...HATES sweating.  Now I'm not going to lie and say I now love it...but I now am committed to putting in what needs to be put in.  I 'get it' now.  Again this just amazes me...the mental shift.

    I'm going to try and gather the courage to take my before pictures by this weekend.  I guess if I could take it myself I would have an easier time.  My super super supportive husband would happily take the pics, and obviously he knows exactly how I look, but the idea of posing for this sort of freaks me out.  Trying to get over it, because when I read that most of you ladies haven taken the plunge it motivates me.

    BTW by Thursdays and Fridays I can't wait for Sunday my body just seems so so tired.

  • Hang in there, Shelley!  I was running outside, but it got too cold for me.  Still, I was finding it very motivating, because the only way to get back to my house was to run back!  :)

    I usually enjoy cardio, but today I wasn't feeling it either.  Usually, by the time I'm 3 or 4 minutes in, I'm totally in, but at 10 minutes I was still wishing I was in bed.  

    Luckily, this program doesn't ask us to gauge our feelings like other ones do.  You work your hardest and do it anyway for a full 20 minutes and totally make it count.  I'm always proud and start my day feeling accomplished when I did it even when I didn't want to.

    Taho, you give great advice!  Thank you.  I think I'll try increasing my water next week and see how it works.  

    LB at the gym in the morning, and then work all day.  We are having weekend guests.  I'm hoping and praying I can resist the goodies that come with hosting friends.  Friday night, I'm having a baked potato with cottage cheese and broccoli while they have pizza.  That one isn't too hard.  Saturday, we're making them pancakes-this, too, I can resist.  That night, we're doing skewers, and s'mores, so that will be my free meal.  One friend has decided he's going to be our bartender, so I have to show a little more restraint than I have in the past, so I'll get up Sunday morning and do that cardio!  

    Can do, can do, can do!!!  Go, Divas.  :)

  • Thanks Shelley, thanks guys, for all the tips. I drink tea all day long too, going to stop now and stick with water as much as I can. Cuppa tea is a treat that's the problem.

    Also going to ramp up weights. Shoulders look wide at the mo so pleased how that's going, and can do tighter notch on the trouser belt.  

    Jeanie rice - I'm with you! I refuse to be fat and forties.... Great motivation.

    Welcome to wanttolook fitter , shararez and june88 :-))))

    Trim win- yes!!!!!! My upper body takes ages after changing all the free weights, I need to buy more! An hour and 45 minutes the last one!!! ( I do it while watching tv) haha  but I love it, and there's not much else to do at ten pm. ( when kids finally go to bed)

    I'm so glad for this forum as it makes me feel I'm not the only one who does it word for word.

  • * the only one who DOESN'T do it word or word, that should say x

  • Shelley and JR, I whipped my cardio last week but this week also found it tough - tougher. Is it normal to get tired and have a bit if a lull at this point do you think? I Thought it might be due to de hydration or something.

  • Yes!!  I think the excitement in the beginning made it easier, and now, I have these great habits, but need to ramp it up some.  I've been increasing my weight, but I need to make cardio harder now.

    I'm now week 5.'s flying by!  

  • Ok..... I had an anticipated start date of 1/21/13 but haven't officially started anything....... The Before pictures are holding me back!  I tried taking some of myself without help but didn't think they would meet the requirements.  I have got to step outside my comfort and get these done.  I know it will be great motivation at some point but right now embarrassment!  

  • STUPID SCALE!!!  I was feeling so great, so proud of myself.  I wasn't cheating, was figuring out how to manage it all, what my pitfalls were and how to adjust, etc.  I can see definition when I go to the gym and was feeling more confident and energetic.  

    Then, I didn't take my own advice.  I got on the scale.  WHAT?!?!?!?!?  I am torn between going into full blown anorexia and giving up altogether.  I am day 2 of week 5.  

    The moral of the story?  Take my own advice and get away from that evil device in the bathroom.  

    I did have a particularly indulgent free day Saturday, so maybe I'm still clinging to something from that.  And, it's about to the 'that time', so perhaps I'm more bloated right now.  Still, the scale kicks something very ugly and defeatest up in me.  Why did I do that??  Talk about old patterns...

    So, there's my confession for the morning.  Ug.  I'll be hitting cardio much harder this morning.