BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Hey girls-

    Well- today is my birthday!  Woohoo!  My coworkers got a cake for me and it will be weird not to have any while they all eat.  I'll take it home and have some on my free day.  To be honest, I'm more excited about the brownies that my little boy made with grandma for me.  I will probably have a bite of one tonight for his sake.  :)

    My  hubby and I went away this weekend and you would all be so proud.  I was able to stay on BFL and even worked out in the hotel!  LOL- there was nobody in the hotel gym, but us.  I love roadtrips and love to eat junk on them so it worked to have my free day in the car on the way to our destination.  LOL- it did stink on the way back though!  Anyway- I stuck to Subway on the way back so that worked out well for me.  Other than that- I took some ready made protein shakes, cheese sticks and bananas so it was all good.

    Power on ladies!  I can't believe today is the start of week 4 for me!  I am a quarter of the way through!


  • Hi ladies,

    Is it too late for me to join? I'm starting BFL tomorrow (27th) - a Sunday works best for me to start. I did BFL about a decade ago, and felt fantastic, but let it slide...and I'm back to square one, only ten years older :(

    I live in the UK, separated from my husband, though we still share a house, have two grown-up daughters (one living at home), and work as a midwife, which I've been using as an excuse to eat badly and not work out.

    Anyway, here goes. I know I'll get a bit wobbly around the 4-6 week mark, and could use some group support and accountability.

    Really looking forward to getting lean and strong!


  • Hi everyone! On vacation at the coast, it is absolutely gorgeous, great weather, great waves and weather perfect! Laying on the couch with doors opening onto a veranda overlooking the beach!

    Going into week 4, have had a chest infection so no exercise last week, starting gym again tomorrow, have tuck to eating plan though so that's good!

    Forum seems very quiet, what's happening girls? R we all still n it? I know I am full ball, 1/4 way in, really happy and seeing changes in my shape and clothing fitting better!

    I really hope that everyone that has committed to our forum is still going?

    @shelley? @balancing act? @twinmomma? @dilly?

    @kate, welcome, really a good forum, I have loved it so far!

    Chat soon girls .... ;-)

  • I started on Jan. 21 and I'm going strong on Day 6!

  • @des (and everybody else)-

    I'm still here, trekking away. I am beyond excited that I am almost 1/3 of the way through this challenge. I'm proud of myself. :) This past week was tough. I don't know if it was because I was pmsing or what, but there were some hard days. I stuck to the plan, but also whined my way through a little bit. Des- I hope you are enjoying your vacay. It sounds AWESOME!


    PS. At last measurement, I've lost a little over 10 inches!

  • Laura-WOW!  You totally rocked a hard situation.  Social situations are the hardest for me, and to have everyone else eating MY cake and not do it too...we'll you're a real woman!  :)  TEN inches proves it, too!!

    Kate-welcome!  I also did the challenge a little over a decade ago, and saw tremendous differences.  I'm back, and it's my previous success on the hard days that motivates me.  Knowing what I can expect around the corner helps me when I want to listen to the excuses in my head.

    Des-what a wonderful vacation!  Are you sticking with the program while you're on vacation?  My husband and I are going to New Orleans for 4 days in February, and I'm not sure how or if I'm going to do this...Will I take away 3 of my free days for the next few weeks so I can just enjoy and not worry about it?  Or will I work out at the hotel's fitness center and try to keep the portions reasonable?  My husband is going to be very annoyed (and understandably so) if we booked this trip to a place with so much fun, and I am drinking Myoplex shakes instead of eating cajun food!    

    I (finally) had my before pictures printed and WOW!!!  Y'all, I know I'm only 22 days in, but I can see a difference already.  I'm only down 3 lbs, but it is exciting to see that definition in the gym.  

    I had my free day yesterday, and we went out to eat Mexican.  I had a shrimp quesadilla and a margarita.  Really, no going crazy.  I do find at the end of my free days I have a little panic attack that I have to go for 6 more days without chocolate-which seems funny now, because I didn't even eat any chocolate on my free day.  Now that there's none in the house, it's a little easier.  

    Out of curiosity, how much water are y'all drinking?  I'm at 80 oz a day, but am wondering if that's about average.  

    *This forum is great!  I tried to get on for several days, but I think there was a glitch and I couldn't post anything.  Enjoy your Sunday, virtual friends, and keep on keeping on!  

  • Hi everyone...I'm back. Haven't posted for over a week.  I was away on vacation with my family.  Had planned on excercising throughout...but ultimately spent most of my time in the hot tub and indoor wavepool.  Eating was ok to off.  regardless we had great family time in freezing weather..and more so, reagrdless of the missteps this week I am starting off tmw with my 5:30 wake up for UBWO and plowing forward!  It's also great to come back, get on the computer (haven't been on computer in a week) and see how everyone is progressing.

  • Good to hear from you all, ladies.  Welcome to Kate and SheShea.  We are plugging away together, and it is good to have support.  I had two free days this week, so need to hit the program hard on Monday.  I am seeing some definition, and toning, not huge yet, but I can tell the difference.  I am definitely not very sore after my workouts anymore, and wonder if that is normal.  Should I be pushing myself harder, or is it okay not to be as sore as the first two weeks?  I have been able to increase my weight amounts this week, so think that is progress.  Hope everyone can check in this week, this is where the going gets tough.

  • Hi everyone, good to see you all doing so well.  Welcome to all the new joiners. Think it's good to have a mix as people a bit further along can advise and spur others on.

    Kate- I'm in the UK too, nice to see a fellow Brit. I'm in South Wales. Welcome. Xx

    Nice to meet everyone new :-)

    I'm halfway through week 4, feeling great. Shoulders defined, arms looking better. Waist smaller, legs firmer. Mood is 200% improved. Starting to not enjoy my free day. After eating clean all week the free day feels  wrong and the food tastes different. Anyone else getting this? Also feel like have dirty food hangover the next day.

    I'm not aching now either, is this normal? Should we ache?

    It doesn't take long to see a difference with this regime. Feels great. Well done everyone. Keep going!!!! :-))))))

  • Hey everyone!

    Up early as I can't sleep, kids r crammed in our bed with us for some reason, seems my 4 year old came in to cuddle and daddy must have lifted baba out of her cot and into bed, I am now in the lounge on the couch lol!

    @ Clare when weight feels easier increase the weight, u should feel burn and some pain next day from a hard workout ( u should be able to move properly but b able to feel u have worked out)!

    @ Shelley great tat u had a good time and even better that u up and at it again today ... Don't give up!

    @ Jeannie yup I'm sticking to it 100% on vacation, found a gym  close by so joined for three weeks and did my cardio on the road last night, lots of up hill and down hills so nice an challenging!  I wrote my goals on bright red paper, 5 goals each on a sheet, stuck on my cupboard and I have them with me on my cupboard in my vacation room, I have all my photos too, my eating plan is on the fridge and I have prepared and bought food for all my meals, I can't let loose I have so much weight to lose, I won't give up, I am so determined to look good, and to be honest I am feeling energetic, I am not bloated from eating whatever I like and I am not missing junk food!  I definitely will have my free meal on Saturday, we r doing a fish braai with prawns, calamari and mussels, will have wine and dessert and is something I'm looking forward to !  What I can tell u is don't make a poor eating choice to make ur husband happy, make the choice to make u happy, u r the one responsible for ur program, make a choice for ur self! I would recommend replacing ur shakes for the few days with whole foods so poached egg on brown toast n the am, cottage cheese with chives tomato and spring onion and an apple as a snack, then fish or meat with 4 tablespoons brown rice and salad at lunch an apple and protein snack then same as lunch for dinner, try keep it clean steamed and grilled?  In terms of alcohol, my trainer suggested a white wine spritzer  if I really feel like a drink on holiday!

    Girls i really am feeling good and motivated!

    Ps I have no way of measuring r weighing myself while on holiday so hoping I c a big difference in next here weeks when I get back from the beach!

    Have a great day!


  • Hi Everyone!  

    @Des I'm still here, and still going strong!  Had a free day over the weekend, my birthday is tomorrow so I did a dinner out with friends saturday night.  I ate one of my favorite meals and loved every bit of it! :-)   Great Job staying on the plan while on vacation!  You are very strong!  I'm not sure I could have done that!!  One of the reasons I started the challenge when I did was because I had nothing going on to be tempted!  I admire you for your dedication!!

    I LOVE LOVE the fact that week 4 is almost complete!!!  Tomorrow is day 7 on week 4!  It makes me so happy that I've made it this far.  There is that sense of accomplishment when you look back and you think, I've made it this far, I gotta keep going to see what happens!  I haven't been seeing many changes.  I feel better, sleep better and pants do feel a slight bit looser.  I know I've lost a few inches, tomorrow is my measurment day, so hopefully I'll see a little more down, but I'm ok with the little changes.  I figure no matter what, i am doing something good for me.  Eating healthy and exercising can't hurt me!!

    @Clare and Bookit....I feel the same as you both, I'm not getting very sore.  I can tell my muscles were used, but nothing like the first 2 weeks.  I feel I'm pushing myself...I get to the end of my workout and everything feels like jello, but then no more burn...hmmm.  I am taking Betagen and that is supposed to help with recovery, so I was wondering if that was helping my muscles to not be so sore.  I just keep upping the weights and pushing as hard as I can.  

    Have a great day everyone...Push forward and make yourself proud of YOU!!!  

    COME ON 8 WEEK MIRACLE!!!  :-)

  • Back on program today 100% and it feels great.  Woke up early, had good UBWO..ate what I have planned.  Need to get more water in me. Was wondering who uses mostly free weights (not machines) and what range of weights do you use for upper body and lower body.  Another inquiry--- on the last set of every body type you are suppose to CHANGE your it's 12,10,8,6,12-in one excercise..and then 12 in another excer at a range of 10.  I haven't really done this, I've just been doing 12+12 to the point of fatigue.  Who out there does mix it up? I guess i avoided it because I don't know which other one to pick, and what weight would I use...and you are suppose to do it without a break from the other set.  I guess I have to plan that better...any suggestions?

  • Hi. I wld really like to be a BFL Diva! I am 50+ and needing to tone and gain muscle and get rid of my muffin top. I have taken "before" pics already but still need to take my measurements.

    I am on wk #2 and doing ok so far. After 3 long years of illness this is going to be great. I was diagnosed w/ rheumatoid arthrits and I do become tired. I did have one crash day last week, but then after I rested a good day I picked right on and am continuing on.

    I like BFL and am doing well on the meals / except when I go to visit someone and they do NOT have good food and do not have fruit or veggies in their house. It's hard that way. But I am taking food w/ me and my protein bars and shakes on that one.

    I am determined to feel better and to look good even after FIFTY!!!

    ~ Namaste / SanDy

  • Shelley- no I don't change on the last set either, I just go from 6 to 12 and go mad. I use BFL as a guide and don't stick rigidly to everything. The cardio I do but not the weights. I'm realising I did loads wrong last time and still got results.

    Saying that though am disillusioned today as its my weigh day and I haven't budged. I feel different and I know not to rely on scales but can't help thinking I've wasted a week. Bit fed up and tired today.

    Hope you are all going great guns ladies xxx

  • Ps happy belated birthdays to dilly and balancing act xxxxxxx