BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Hey Ladies:

    It is good to see how you are all doing.  I love looking through what you all do each day.  Des, I am really jealous of your heat right now too since it hasn't been above 30 degrees here in weeks and it has been hovering around 15 or 20 degrees.  Dlilly I can relate to being a slow loser.  I am not losing very quickly either, but definitely feeling a difference in the way my clothes fit. My husband of course is losing a lot faster.

    I finally went to the doctor and have a wicked sinus infection!  I haven't been to the gym in 5 days and I can't go tomorrow.  I am hoping by Friday I will be better.  I have had to cut down to 5 meals.  I have had to really talk myself into not eating junk.  Normally when I was sick before and I didn't have energy to prepare anything I would gravitate towards junk, but I have done well and I haven't gone off course during being sick.

    Shelley, I have a lot more energy now too.  I am needing to put it towards keeping up with my boys.  I am hoping that I can get my house in a little bit better order.  Two one-year-olds sure can be a whirlwind through the house.  

    Thanks for all of your motivation!

  • I am getting a late start but I am planning on starting on 1/21. I started my weight loss journey on march 1st 2012 and have lost 65lbs but I am to the point where I need to add in exercise to tone.  I am excited to see how my body changes over the next 12 weeks.  And I think that for the first time in a long time I will not  dread buying a swimming suite.  I am actually looking forward to it.  

    Good luck everyone.


  • Hey guys-

    I'm going away with the hubby this weekend.  The hotel we got has a great gym so I'm excited to workout!  LOL.  Any thoughts on some easy food to take?  I'll have to take a cooler for some snacks (we are driving as opposed to flying) so any ideas on easy snacks and meals would be great.  My birthday is on Tuesday so I'm trying to figure out if my free day should be over the weekend or on my birthday.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm ALWAYS looking forward to my free day and I don't think that will change for me.

    @michelle- welcome!  Good for you for the weight loss you've already had!  65 lbs. is awesome!  I need to lose a lot of weight as well.  Before BFL- how have you managed to lose it?

    @twinmomma- I'm sorry about the sinus infection.  That stinks.  I always clean up after bedtime to start the next day fresh.  When you are sick though, it's hard to keep up.

  • Happy birthday on Tuesday Laura!  That is so fun that you get to go out of town. My hubby went on business trip.  He did fly, so it isn't exactly the same - but I asked him how things were going for him  He said that taking the protein shake powder was really good.  It allowed him to get the protein in that he needed.  For carbs on the road you can always take apples and bananas.  I know that you can get lean lunch meat ham that works for the road. I also like canned chicken with some lite mayo and a little mustard on some whole wheat bread (I also add a few craisins in there). As a mom with twins I have quick down.

    @michelle, welcome!  It is nice to have another person added.  65 lbs is amazing!  My mom and dad have just lost about that much weight each.  It is tough work.  Way to go!

    I am feeling a little better today and my hubby gets back from his business trip tomorrow - hoorray!!!! My life will feel a little more normal!

  • Hey ladies-

    Happy Friday!  How is everybody doing?!

    Just a story to share with you.  I like to work out in the mornings.  Well- I don't "like" to work out in the mornings, but I find that it is the best time for me.  Anyway- I didn't get up in time for my morning workout so I went to plan B.  Plan B is to work out right after work (and have daddy pick the kids up from daycare instead of mommy).  Well, a work meeting went long so plan B was out as well.  Anyway- I ended up working out after the kids went to bed, which is plan C for me.  I guess my point is that planning is soooo crucial to our success in this endeavor and planning "back ups" is just as important.  :)

    Have a good BFL day guys!


  • Hello All,

    I am back after a week of silence.  My husband and I had a great time at the military banquet banquet, and it was my free day, so no guilt about the great meal.  I was able to fit into the dress I wanted to wear, but the scale showed that I had picked up a pound and a half by the end of the week, from the beginning.  So, I think I will bypass the scale for a while, after reading some of the posts about that.  My clothes fit better, so that is what counts.  It was  discouraging seeing the numbers go up, though.

    I found the Eating for LIfe book through interlibrary loan here in Iowa. I really like what I see, and it is encouraging to read the stories after the recipe section.

    I enjoy reading what everyone has to say about their family, exercise, and food.  Keep up the good work!

  • Hello there-

    Week 3 here I go. Had my free day. Nothing Big. Some chips and salsa and at dinner 2 cocktails, but feeling yuck now.

    Went out with friends and had a delish Salmon salad. I also had some pitas and hummus, it was a fun night out, but moving slow now.

    Working out/church and then watching the 49er game here in the San Fran area.



  • Shout out to all DIVAS!  Today is my free day (yay) and tomorrow is the start of week 4 !!!  OMG, I can't believe how fast this has been going for me.  How is everyone doing/feeling???  Are we all still staying strong?  

    BTW, I'm in the Charleston SC area.  Anyone around these parts???

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • Hey, y'all.

    I've read through this forum a few times and responded once or twice, but mostly I've been silent and ducking my head as low as possible and plowing through it.  I'm sorry...don't mean to be unfriendly-I'm southern, so it's not in my nature!  :)  I'm just finding that parts of this are super easy and fun, and parts of it are crazy challenging!  It's easy to go to the gym at 5am and do the LBWO and UBWOs, because I like the gym, I like getting it done before work, and I'm seeing the amount I can lift/squat/etc grow fast.  That's SO motivating!  I usually run for my cardio days, but am having a hard time with that because I hate running in the dark and cold.  It's a little creepy!  So, my awesome husband mounted a tv in our office and I can do the eliptical while I watch Saturday Night Live recorded.  Today was the first day of that, it it worked like a champ!  It's great to have a backup!  Running outside is better, but this Georgia girl's blood is going to cop out every time it's below 40!  :)  

    The part I'm having the hardest time with, and the part I need some advice on, is eating.  I am very disciplined during the week.  I'm a teacher, and I plan my meals around my schedule, and it's very easy to add a little structure to my already fairly structured day.  Weekends are a little more challenging, but I can do them.  BUT, we love to entertain, and we go to lots of parties.  I am having a very hard time not eating in social situations-and there are lots of them in this tiny little town we live in!  We hosted a cajun-style Mardi Gras party here Friday night, and I ended up eating red beans and rice, gumbo, king cake and drinking red wine...uh, NOT on BFL!  Then, last night I was invited to a ladies night out dinner.  I ate before I went so I wouldn't cheat, but when I got there I realized that it was a sit down dinner where it would be very obvious (and rude) to not eat.  I was the only one who didn't drink any wine, and who didn't eat dessert.  I know we get free days-but I'm trying to save those for events with my children.  I'd rather drink hot chocolate and eat Waffle House with them than eat at a grown up party, but I am having lots of trouble with remembering that at said grown up parties!  :)

    Any advice??  I need some tricks and tips for avoiding the temptations of social situations!!!  

    And, I love this program!!  I'm on week 3, starting today, and I'm down 3 lbs!  More importantly, I can feel my muffin tops disappearing and my legs are starting to show a touch of definition!  Yippie!!  Best of all, I'm doing better with accomplishing multiple tasks, organizing other areas of my life, and getting things checked off of the lists, because one area of organization carries over into multiple areas.  

    YAY, BFL!!! Go Divas, Go Divas, Go Divas...  :)

  • JeannieRice, I'm a teacher too, so I know what you mean about it being easy to stick to the plan during the week.  Your schedule and students needs wouldn't let you do otherwise.  I have a couple suggestions for overcoming the weekend challenges that don't involve staying away from all the fun.

    1.  When I'm tempted to snack or break from my plan, I have a couple empowering thoughts that have always worked so far.

        A.  "Nothing tastes better than thin/healthy feels."

        B.  "Am I truly hungry of just craving?"  Cravings go on my dream list for cheat day.  If I'm truly that hungry I have  a protein bar.

        C.  "You can have just one, but you have to come back in 20 minutes to get it."  And then if you do go back to get it, you have to hold it for 10 minutes before you can take a bite.  When/if you eat it, make the tasteful pleasure last for many, many little bites.

        D.  "Feel and bask in the power of making good nutrition choices and let it help you grow."  If you can overpower a craving give yourself an awesome reward.  It's easier for me to work towards rewards than to have to work away from punishment (like having to add an extra 10 minutes of cardio).

    So far A has worked the best for me, but there have been a few occasions when I needed to dig deeper for motivation from within.

    2.  I remember that it's my old choices that got me to where I am now, and that it will take new choices to get to where I want to be.  The BFL plan is set up so that you can do some deep thinking about what your challenges are and how you can overcome them.  It helps you set up a plan that is specific to you, yourself, and is always present when you need motivation, ideas, and encouragement.  It teaches you how to find the strength within yourself to do the right things, and that is what it takes to make these new, healthful choices become a lifelong habit.

    Know what your deepest motivations are and let them guide and empower your decisions

  • Taho, this is awesome!!  Thank you.  :)  

    I think C and D are going to be my new strategy in social situations.  It gives me a way to hold a cocktail or a 'snack' and be a part of the scene without actually giving into the temptation.  

    GREAT tips that I'll be writing down and reviewing before the next party!  You rock!!

  • Hey, Shona...been there, done that!  :)  Moving slowly after the free day seems to be a cruel but important reminder for me every time.  And, here in Atlanta we're calling it 'watching the Falcons game.'  LOL  

    Have a great day, and we hope our Falcons Rise Up!!


  • Hi ya'll! I too am a southern girl at heart. Born and raised in GA but now living in Arizona. I totally get the desire to entertain and live large. Too bad living large = being large for me.  Time to redefine!

    I started BFL a few weeks ago but got pretty sick. I thought that I was ready to jump back in a week ago but I was wrong. Pneumonia and bronchitis made working out impossible. I was given the thumbs up on Saturday to start working out so I am resetting my challenge date to January 21st and calling it a redo :-)

    Have a great BFL week!


  • Hey everyone ... preparing for our holiday at the coast, we leave on Thursday, really cant wait now!

    Have had good stability in eating and all the exercise so its been good, feeling a difference in my clothing too so that is great.  I still dont have access to a scale so i can only weigh when i get back.

    Fell sick on the weekend, Sunday, my chest is so tight, went to the doc and i have bronchitis, on anti-biotics so cant gym this week, this week is week 3 for me and totally bummed that i cant gym, went to the gym tonight to be told to leave ... little did i know! anyway, so im just following the eating plan this week, no exercise but will pick it up again from Saturday!

    Glad to see everyone is still on track, seems we are all sticking to it ... GO GIRLS ... we CAN do this ... i so want to be thin again and get back into shape ... been too long now!

    Had a great salmon salad for dinner, going to work a bit tonight then off to bed!

    Have an awesome day everyone ...


  • Hi Ladies...I had my free day on Saturday, I feel like I am still paying for it.  I feel so bloated and gross!  I also missed my first workout yesterday, due to multiple reasons, traveling, baby shower, not feeling well....kicked myself back into gear this morning with an UBWO that I pushed harder than ever.  Then get to work and get pulled into a meeting over lunch!  I hadn't brought my lunch with me, because I had no way of knowing that would happen.  I had a bar with me, so I ate it before I went into the meeting...I was feeling OK until they brought pizza in to feed everyone.  AGH!  Normally I would have loved that, but not now.  I just sat there thinking how mad I will be at myself if I eat that pizza. I already still feel bloated from the weekend and I knew it wouldn't help me get back on track.  So I stuffed my nose in the 8 week miracle document while everyone was eating, and stuffed mints in my mouth and I passed on the pizza!!  It was HARD, but now that I am out of the meeting and got to go get my heathly lunch, I am proud of myself.  Tomorrow is the last day of week 3, this week flew, and I would hate going out of week 3 on a bad note.  

    Now time to start crossing my fingers for that 8-week miracle!!!  

    Happy Monday Everyone, let's make this week count!!