BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • @ twinmomma lol sorry meant to say " are you gyming together .... Not gaming lol"

  • Hello ladies-

    Happy Sunday.

    Day 6 for me here. Yesterday was a good one. I did Insanity at home. It is 35 min but  I figured the cardio part is 20 min and the stretching and water breaks help too.

    Des- Glad you had a good free day. Sounds like your all set to prepare your day with shopping and planning meals out.

    Are you gong to post your pics? My trainer asked if I was. Just wondering.

    Welcome twinmomma.Super cool you and hubby are in this together. I have twin girls that are 14. They are big socer players and like to eat healthy also. My hubby is super fit and disciplined and supports me 100 percent.

    I am painting this a,m .My daughter has been asking for a year now, She is so excited. One coat yesterday and one coat

    today. WHEW. Planning, UBWO and then church this evening.

    The weather has been beautiful and the bay area is very happy with the 49er win. WHOO HOO.

    Okay have a super day all.

    Question: Shall we start a new thread each day??? May be easier so we do not have to scroll down??



  • Thanks for the welcome!!

    At Des - my husband and I can't gym together since our boys are so little.  My husband is really great and gets up early with them while I go to the gym and then he goes to the gym on his way to work! I am spoiled!!

    I haven't missed a workout until yesterday bc I got sick.  I am hoping that this won't mess anything up on the scale.  I have been able to stick with the eating and working out.  My hubby and I are trying to do better on planning what we are eating.  We are not the greatest cooks and are trying to find healthy dinners that we can cook, so we don't get bored.  If anyone has good suggestions.  I am thinking about getting the Eating for Life Cookbook, but in the meantime I have been looking online at a few blogs to see what I can find.  Hopefully I will get the hang of grocery shopping.  I feel like I am at the grocery store all of the time bc I am just not used to the quantity of certain foods that I need to have.

    If anyone has any great recipes, I am all eyes :)

  • hi,,,Friday and Sat both very good days.  Today was my FREE DAY  and I probably had more than I needed to..but that is not getting me down at all.  Planning tmw early wake up again @ 5:30.  Hope that will set the bar for the rest of the week.

    Welcome @twinmomma...and thanks everyone for the encouragement

  • Morning all, about to get ready for work, my sister arrives from the UK on Friday and we go to the beach for three weeks next Thursday, hired a beach house, am so excited, really need the break!

    Am doing UPWO tonight, looking forward to it!  How much weight r u all losing per week?

    @ twinmomma I would prefer to stay on this thread as we have a history of who is on our team of women and can send messages easily if someone doesn't log anything for a couple days, we also know where to find each other on one thread so less confusing ;-)

    @ Shelley, well done for staring ur day at 5:30, I just can't get up and go that early right now, my little one still wakes at nite so I try get all the sleep in that I can, however I love early starts if I sleep thru!

    How long r ur cardio sessions? What r u doing for cardio?

    Have an awesome BFL day everyone!!!

  • Hey ladies-

    I am almost done with week 2! Woohoo!  Who else started on January 1st?  This morning I laid and bed thinking about how I really didn't want to get up and workout.  Then I thought about how much better I would feel having my workout done.  It worked and I got up and did my cardio, but getting up early in the a.m. is tough....

    @twin - my hubby and I are doing this together too.  We have two little boys as well!  I tend to work out in the morning and he works out in the evening too.

    @des- I lost a lot the first week and not as much the second.  I'm seriously thinking about putting away my scale though.  I didn't weigh myself the first time I did the challenge (about 9 years ago) and I was pretty successful then.  I just don't want to get discouraged if the scaled doesn't move as quickly.  Anyway- tomorrow would be weigh in day for me, but I'm still unsure if I'm going to weigh myself or not.

    Check out this re: women's weight loss on the challenge.  It's in the post right above (or below) ours.

    We got this!!!


  • Good morning ladies!  

    I think that I am back today after a household bout with the flu.  I ate clean the past 4 days but didn't have the energy to make it to the gym.  Today is the first day that I am feeling like a normal human being and am looking forward to the gym this afternoon :-)  

    Since I was sick, I didn't hit all of my workouts last week.  I don't know whether to consider this week 2 and start with LBWO or do an upper body.  I missed Friday's UBWO...suggestions?

    Have a great BFL day!


  • did workout this morning.  Morning seems to be hard when I'm thinking about it the night before.  But miraculously I wake up enthused.  It's really beneficial to know that I already got it out of the way, especially  while I'm driving home from work wiped from my day.  Tomorrow is cardio.  I've been doing the elipital at the gym (starting with resistance @5 and going to 11).  I've yet to do that in the morning.  But I'm going to try.  It's only a few minutes away, then 20 min on elipical, then a few minutes back.  Have to be home by 6:30 to start begging my boys to wake up and start the whole breakfast and making lunch, make the school bus routine.

    As far as weighing myself, I think I am going to try really hard NOT TO WEIGH MYSELF.  I chose not to weigh myself first day of challenge because I had really gone to town right before and did't want to feel more discouraged.  I am guessing that I started around 178.  That said, this week I am expecting my period and i really don't want any excuses.  I know how detrimental the scale can me for me.  Gain or not enough lose- could potential throw in the towel, nice loss- could potentially give myself a pat on the back in the form of a pass.  But I will say I definitely have been feeling it physically.  I feel a differnce in some clothes and i don't feel painfully sore, but a healthy..I'm alive soreness . lol!

  • Hi Des, enjoy the beach I'm so jealous, I work with a few colleagues from the UK...

    I just started my 2nd week lost 5lbs my first week can't believe it..I do need to take my pictures though

    Twin momma, I found some good recipes on can't wait to try them and I just ordered the eating for life off eBay.

    Sharon, glad you are feeling better....

    We CAN do this ladies..

  • Hey Ladies:

    It's good to see how you are all doing.

    Des, sorry I am technically stupid.  I am just replying on the last part of the thread.  How do I make sure that my response is on the right part of the thread?  I will make sure that I do that from now on if I know how :p

    Linda, thanks for the website to check out.  It is good to have new recipes to check out.  My hubby and I are trying to check out new things, so we can keep things fun and interesting - so we don't get bored of the food we are eating.

    I am still sick right now, so I didn't get to go to the gym today, so I am only eating five meals. I don't know if that is recommended,  but I feel like I don't need as much food since I am not workingout.

    Sharon, I am just going to hop back onto my workout schedule like I didn't miss one once I feel better. Is that what you are doing?

    Laura, I love my little boys.  My boys and my hubby are my reason for doing this whole thing.  I want to be able to go do fun things with them.  This summer we are going to go do some camping and hiking.  I can do that now, but I know if I really get in shape I will be a lot more comfortable.  I am also planning on doing a couple of century bike rides.  If I am in a lot better shape and eating better, my body will be ready for those. My hubby and I might do one together.  I have only been able to ride an 80 miler before, but if I can set lofty goals I can have good reasons to push myself.

    Good luck with your workouts!

  • Hey everyone, it's so hot here in SA, can barely breath today! Have just made dinner for the kids and about to take a swim, pool looking good after some hard effort over Christmas as our filter broke so taking advantage of it now! Hoping for a thunder storm later to cool the earth down, last nite I had the fan on full!

    Did LBWO last night, my trainer really pushed me, felt good but was really hard work, I am so determined to get into shape, I can't wait to fit into my normal clothing again!

    I made a stunning dinner tonight, fried up some onion with olive spray and cook and added some water to keep it moist, added tip of a teaspoon garlic, some grated fresh ginger, the tip of a jalapeƱo chilli and chopped up chicken, fried that all up adding water when needed so that it didn't dry, then added 3 tablespoons cooked brown basmati rice and 2 dishing up spoons of green peas that I had pre cooked, then added a small amount of lite soy sauce, it was great!

    @ twinmomma, lol, to be honest I am also just replying on last part of the thread .... Sorry ... I'm not much help but I know what u mean, just not sure that functionality exists on this portal!

    Anyhow, am going to take a swim then bath and get ready for bed, enjoy ur evenings, catch up tomorrow!

    ~ Des

  • Hello girls, hope you are all well today. Love reading you all.

    Day 13 for me, due to weigh tomorrow but like you Shelley, am due pretty much now so I know I'm gonna be at least three pounds heavier than usual. Saying that I don't feel as bloated or heavy  as I usually do this time of the month and I credit that to the BFL programme.

    Des am gonna try that recipe it sounds delicious. Wish it was hot here, got snow and I hate the stuff!

    Hi to all the new joiners. What a great group.

    Feeling like my clothes are looser, mood better, but I look knackered in my face. Need to drink more water and get more sleep!

    Looking toward to week 3. Keep going ladies, 2 down. 10 to go! Can't wait for spring!!!!

  • Hi's update.  Woke up early again and went to the gym for cardio (6:00-6:20).  In addition to having a good workout it was unbelievable the things I accomplished when I got home.  Normal routine as I've mentioned is breakfast and lunches for my 2 boys and me in very short span of time.  In addiotn to that this morning I emptied the dishwasher prepared meatloaf (to be cooked tonight), made my lunch and breakfast earlier than usual....and was not so tightly wound before getting kids on the bus. Nice suprise.

    @balancingact2013/Laura- thanks for the recommendation for the thread/link re women's success on the program.  Really inspiring.  Some good facts to hold on to re 8th week miracle.  This is another reason I am going to try really really hard to not weigh myself.  I'm usually a slow loser.  Rather try to feel it physically .

  • Good Morning Ladies!  Today is day 1 of week 3!  So happy to be through the first two weeks.  It feels like much longer than two weeks though!  I made the decision last week to weigh myself and take my measurements every week. I put together a spreadsheet so I could see my weekly results as well as my overall results.  I also PROMISED myself I will not let the scale bring me down!!!  So I did my measurements yesterday.  In two weeks I am only down .8lbs, (yes that is less than a pound!!!!) and I lost that last week!  I did not lose anything from the end of week 1 to the end of week 2...BUT, I lost 2 3/4 inches in week 2 for a total of 6 1/2 total inches lost so far!!!  There is my motivation, something is working right, even if it isn't the scale!  haha!  

    I was proud of myself, but then in the late afternoon/early evening yesterday I had a setback.  Well, I was stressed, and I completely forgot to marinate my chicken for my dinner, then I decided to have some wine.  I was just in a bad mood!  So I ended up going out to eat and did not get a healthy meal.  I once again promised myself that it was only one meal and I would get up and get back on the saddle today and start fresh.  I'm happy to report that I did.  UBWO this morning before work.  Feeling good today!  Planning for extra hard work and more results for week 3!!!

    Have a good day everyone!  Make yourself proud of yourself!  

  • Hi Dilly, remember muscle weighs more than fat your doing great, the experts always say don't worry about the scale if your body is changing then your making progress.