BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Welcome, notgivinup!  Glad you are going to work on this together with us.  I have never done this before, but am encouraged by several of you who say you have completed the challenge in the past, and it has worked for you.  I looked at myself in the window at the YMCA tonight while I was running, and did not like what I saw.  I knew I needed to get online and see how you all are doing.

    Dilly05, you have me convinced to look for the Eating for Life cookbook.  It would help when fixing meals for a family.

    I too need to drink more water, and push myself tomorrow morning during my lower body workout.  

    Hang in there everyone!  We can do this together.

  • Hey ladies, today is my 4th day hit the gym at work that felt good, can't always get my workouts in before eating but at least I'm getting them in. I really want to prove to myself that I can follow through on this, did my insanity workout tonight when I got home prefer my power walking outside.

  • Morning ladies! Wow, ouch am I stiff this morning, had a good UB workout with my trainer last nite, cardio tonite and tomorrow is my free day! I asked my trainer how a free day works and he made absolute sense, he said in the beginning on BFL a free day was completely free but found that people were taking it overboard and undoing the hard work of the prior 6 days buy going all out on chocolates, greasy breakfasts, cakes and big meals, so he has told me that I should have a slice of toast with thin cheese and jam or a bowl of cereal for breakfast, then a fruit for a snack then ( I am going out for my moms birthday) so I will have a meal of my choice, normal size, and a slice of cake then for dinner a salad or something light, he said I should have a 'cheat meal' and not a cheat day. I think it's a good plan, sounds right as I don't want to make up calories that my body doesn't need! How r the rest of u going to do your free day?

    just FYI regarding recipes, there is a website called 6 pack for women, my trainers wife Sarah did BFL and dropped from a 16 to a 10 then started her own 6 pack for girls system coupled with BFL And has a free recipe book on there, check it out!

    Thanks for all the support, I love this forum and love that I can be totally honest, my weight is my shocking truth and I am pleased to be part of a forum that I feel accountable to .... Thanks ;-)

    Have An awesome day .... Des

  • The website is

  • TGIF Ladies-

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I keep giving myself excuses and for my food and my planning needs to be much better.

    I re read the EATING FOR LIFE book. It seems so practical and easy to follow. My trainer is pushing me hard to do another shake thingy and I in my heart feel this is best. I have spent thousands of dollars and I WANT this to be a part of my life.

    Are you ladies coffee drinkers. I must admit I still have been putting creamer in my coffee. Is that a NO NO? I think I know the answer.

    Linda51- Great Job with INSANITY. I have the set. Do you have a favorite one?  When you do your power walk , how long do you go for and what PACE to you go at? Keep it up.

    Des- Glad you had a good work out also.  Ahh the stiffness. At least you are building strong muscles huh.

    Must be cool to have a trainer who supports BFL and has seen results. Awesome.

    I will check that website out.

    LWB workout today. No freeday for me this weekend. I had way too many slips that set me back already yesterday.

    I wil get this . I need to stop trying to do it my way. GRRRRR.

    Do you ladies know about the success journal is it sold on AMAZON?


    Have a great Friday.



    A couple of you asked about the Success Journal.  It is sold on AMAZON, that is where I bought mine.  It was written by Bill Philips.  A great tool to have.  Originally I had printed out all of my food and workout sheets from online and made a notebook, until I saw that.  I bought it, and it is great!  I wasn't going to write in in 'just in case I didn't finish'...then I got my head on straight and said I AM FINISHING, so I WILL WRITE IN IT!!  I carry it with me everywhere.  Has all my excercises and food in it, also makes you really THINK about what you are doing and why. Go through all the pages, and mental excercises he gives you.  It really does help inspire you.  I've kind of taken this challenge on like a college course.  You don't get a choice when you are in class.  You must show up, you must do your homework, you must be accountable.  I 'study' my goals everynight and think about what I can do better tomorrow.  The success journal helps you stay on track and hold yourself accountable.  Writing things down really does make a whole world of difference!

    @Book It, the Eating for Life is a nice family friendly cookbook.  You don't feel like you are eating the same thing every night and there is something for everyone.  I have found the recipes very simple too.  I think I said in my other post, I bought it used off of Amazon.  It is expensive, I think $48 regular price.  I think I paid $25 for it used.  My sister bought it for $9 used off Amazon!  So I'd highly recommend that!

    @Des, I'm happy to say, that I'm one of those, my free day is my free day!  Like Bill Philips says...forget about BFL for the day!  That is exactly what I do.  Of course in the back of your mind you are more concious of what you are eating so in general you may make better choices than you used to, but I belive the whole point of it is to give yourself your freedom to not feel deprived, and also, switch it up a bit.  Your body is getting used to all this good healthy food, and on an average day you are probably taking in similar amounts of calories.  Your free day not only gives you 'food freedom', it sparks your metabolism to say, 'wait a minute whats going on???  I better process these calories I'm not used to having'.  Then when you go back to eating good again, your metabolism is in high gear.   That being said, I'm taking my non-free days seriously and following my plans.  For someone that is not following and cheating a lot through the week, the free day may not be as benificial.

    Have a great day everyone!  I'm SO looking forward to my free day tomorrow! My favorite day of the week! :-)

  • Hey girls-

    Sorry that it's been a while since I checked in.  I am still on track, but like many of you have young kiddos and work full time so it's a little crazy.

    I'm in the middle of week two now and I am EXHAUSTED.  I am finding that I really need at least 8 hours of sleep right now to keep up with everything that my body is doing.  I also track all my food on and while I use it as a food, exercise, and measurement log rather than a calorie calculator, I am concerned about the amount of calories that I'm taking in.  Yesterday (after taking into account my workout) I was under 1200, which I'm sure is why I'm feeling so tired today.

    Last week, on my free day, I got sick from the crap that I ate.  I am going to have to remember this tomorrow.  With that said, I do have my mind set on some ice cream.  :)  Like @dilly05, I tend to use my free day for whatever I want and I don't feel guilty or try to curb my desires.  Last week's free day was a good reminder of why it's important to eat healthy though as the fat from some of the food I ate made me feel really sick.  

    Anyway- I meant to share this on Tuesday (the start of my second week since I started 1/1), but I lost a little over 4 inches my first week!  Yay!

    @Shona- the success journal is sold on amazon.  

    TGIF ladies!  WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

  • Hey girls- one more thing- I checked out that website and saw this recipe that I might try for "protein balls" - for something to "make and take" to work with me

  • My update since yesterday......let me preface I AM REALLY PROUD!.......went walking/racewalking/slow jogging with my husband at 10:30 last night around the neighborhood.  Every minute I kept upping my speed, and then back down again.  It was really good..even though I wanted to watch the last 1/2 hr of "You've Got Mail" that was on TV.  In the past that would hv been way too late, and I would not have wanted to give up sitting on the couch and watching the end of a movie I already knew.  Really glad I did it.  Fast forward to this morning..I set my alarm for 5:30..started my UBWO downstairs at was really great.  I felt physically great and emotionally great.  It's been a long time that i feel proud of myself in regard to my efforts with weight lose.  i don't know exactly what changed in me, but I am actually doing everything I am suppose excuses.

    BTW..when I was watching "You've Got Mail"..and Meg Ryan is giddy and excited to see if she 'got mail'...I realized in a way that's how I feel regarding the!

  • @Shelley-- GREAT JOB!!  Feels good to make yourself proud of YOU!!!  Keep it up!  BTW, I love that movie!  

  • Hi Shona, I love my coffee and have two cups a day with creme, can't give that up. The insanity tapes kick my butt don't have a favorite, when I walk outside and put my music on I feel like I can walk forever makes everything better some how i usually walk for at least 45 minutes. I do have the success journal found mine at SAMs club.  Stay focused and keep seeing the end result in your mind it really helps.....

  • dilly- my free day is the same, every Friday night is like Xmas eve.

    You ladies are doing so well, it's so motivating to come here and read you all.

    Shelley, so pleased you are back and doing so well!!!!!!!!

    Day 10 for me, free day. Binged, drunk feel sloppy now and can't wait for tomorrow.

    Good luck ladies. X

  • Balancing act - I'm exhausted too. About 6pm I could crawl away and sleep for days. Last time I did BFL I was tired at the start, then got really energetic, then at 6-8 weeks got tired again and stopped. I'll know it's coming this time and work through it x

  • I just wanted to jump in.  I have been doing the challenge since 12-31.  I have been following this forum for a few days and feeling like I wanted to join. It is really great to see all of you women encouraging each other and keeping each other focused on the goal in sight.  

    My hubby and I are doing this together for the first time.  I have twin boys that are one and since they have been around I have been packing the weight on.  I saw a picture of myself recently and realized that there was something that needed to change.  I am excited to be a part of this great group!!!

  • Hey girls! So it's Sunday and its my 8th day woohoo! Took another set of photos yesterday, shoo, not my favorite thing to do right now but looking forward to the day I take pics looking fab!!!

    Had my free day yesterday, it was good, really enjoyed the break! Back on track today and going to do my weekly grocery shop and weekly meal plan for my fridge, so much easier if I plan like that!

    @twinmomma, also my first time and also doing it with my hubby, much easier cooking if both doing it, r u gaming together? Glad u joined, it is a great forum, really motivates me to want to succeed!

    @ Shelley, well done sounds like u r really in the groove of it, very inspiring!

    Girls, how long r ur sessions? My weight training days are around 45 minutes and cardio around 25 min, are u all doing he same?

    Have a great lazy Sunday everyone, chat soon ;-)