BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • I am in my forties too, with 3 children, a husband and two jobs. I have already lost 2 pounds, and want to lose 2 more before Saturday.  I have a dress to fit into for a military awards ceremony on Saturday for my husband who will be receiving an award for supporting National Guard by his volunteer chaplaincy and counseling for the past 6 years.  I wish I was further into the challenge, and had already lost all 20 pounds!  Oh well.  Reading your posts is encouraging to me.  I am less sore this week than last.  After the first lower body work out, I was so sore, I could barely move.  Now I am much less sore.  Progress!  

    Thanks for all your posts, I need them.

  • Mon and Tues I missed my workouts.  It doesn't even matter the reasons (excuses)..but I let it happen, and then last night while I realized I wasn't workingout I caved and had 2 nature valley bars (each 190 cal each)...din't have my last mini meal though.  Regardless I have to get back on full track's only the beginning of week 2.  I think I 'allowed' myself to slack because I read others sometimes fell off track and eventually managed to get back on and success.  I don't even have a full plan as to how/when I'm getting to gym today...but I will and promise myself (and you ladies) I will post tonight.  Let's see if that keeps me accountable.

  • Good morning ladies!  Hope that you are all doing well and making every day count.  Today is Day 3 for me.  So far, so good.  I have done my workouts, stuck to clean eating, and gotten in all of my water (even though I feel like a camel).  

    @Clare38 - I haven't hear "sore is the new sexy" but I like it.  My go to is a Marine quote - "pain is weakness leaving the body."  All I can think somedays is dang, that's a lot of weakness...I like the message in the picture attached below - Healthy is the new Sexy!

    Excited to hit the gym this afternoon for LBWO.  I always love working my legs - woot woot!

    Question for you all - when are you doing abs?  I am thinking of adding the to my cardio days since the workout is so much shorter.  I have a P90X DVD around here somewhere (on a dusty shelf I am sure) that has a killer ab routine in it.  Thoughts?

    Have a great BFL day!


  • Shoo thought I lost you guys, cool that we have this space! Day 4 training with personal trainer here in South Africa! Re our cheat day he has recommended NOT going off the wall but to rather have one free meal with a desert then remove snacks have a healthy 2 other meals and fruit so that I don't undo my hard work done in the week!

  • Hey p90x is awesome for the cardio workout too, I am using that disc here in South Africa!

  • Hey Shelley did u go to gym??? What did u do and for how long?? Come on you can do it, time for Shelley right so DON'T slack off u MUST stay on track! Imagine us all succeeding and u fell off wondering what u could have done??? Not worth it, u in week two, get back on the saddle?? So, what did u eat today? Tell us about ur workout if u managed to go?

  • Shelley, hope you are okay. Don't let a slip de rail you, it's not like  you have binged on pizza for a week. Even though you didn't exercise on the Monday and Tuesday if you ate well it will still count.

    Keep going, use visualisation techniques. If you are feeling unmotivated imagine how you will look when you have finished the challenge, think of how you feel, what you are wearing, how good and energetic you feel. Sounds cheesy I know but it works. Check back in and let us know how you are.

    Sharon  - love the picture. For a minute I thought it was you, nearly choked on my protein bar with jealousy. Lol

    I do my abs after my leg workout. Xxx

    Bought Greek yoghurt today never had it before and I'm so pleased i like it! Makes some meals a bit easier.

    Weighed myself today too - day 7. Lost two pounds ( only have about ten to lose - muscle permitting) so am really pleased especially as I ate like a pig on Saturday.

    Love love love this workout regime. Love it.

  • Book it- big congrats to your husband!  What an achievement. X

  • Hi Ladies!

    I am also on the third day of BFL. I did the program  9 years ago. That time I lost 22 lbs and went from a size twelve to a size 6 and 8. I know the program works and this time I plan to enter the challenge. Getting to the gym is going to be my biggest challenge. I am a nurse working 12 hour shifts. I rotate a month of days with a month of midnights. Last time I did the program I was on straight nightshift. The last thing I wanted to do yesterday was go to the gym at 730 pm. My neck and shoulders were killing me.  Surprisingly, after doing my upper body workout I actually felt better! Good luck to everyone and remember, the program really works. Just keep at it.

  • Did LB workout today from 7:15-8:09 PM at hom with barbell.  I planned to do it when my kids were out at a basketball game.  felt really good.  Stayed on track with food also...probably need to be drinking more water though.  Clare 38 and Des Spangenberg..thanks so much for checking in on me....I don't even know you girls..but I love you!! means alot to have someone care and ask.

    Has anyone ever done Les Mills Bodypump...intense barbell workout....??

    10:08 pm....going to sit and hv a quick minimeal with water and tea...then plan tmw :)

  • Morning everyone! It's 7:05am in sunny South Africa and I am prepping for my day! Day 5 for me, I have a booked session at 4:30 pm with my BFL trainer, looking forward to it!

    We work in kilograms here so I used a converter just now to convert to lbs ..... I am aiming to lose a total of 60lb so 30 kilograms ... Feels overwhelming .... I am not sure I will achieve all of it by 24 March but would be happy if at least 20 kg's could come off! Terrible where I have ended up ... My hubby is also doing it so cooking is easier and then I have a 1 year old girl and a 3 year old girl so I just prep similar food for them but with some added stuff!

    Tempted to get on my scale today but my husband has hidden it lol, so no can do ... He also said NO to pulling it out so that's that then lol!

    By the way, I'm 33 and through PND after my first born and no diligence on eating habits ( for me not the quantity but the types of food) I have ended up 30 kg's overweight so hence my dedication to this program and getting a personal trainer to kick my butt, I do realize that he can only push me so far, I need to manage the 70% of what I do that he does not see which is what I am eating! I have done a weekly meal calendar and stuck them on the fridge, then went to the butcher and got my meat types packaged in 120g packages and labelled them with my name, threw out all the junk and stocked up on veggies, eggs and cottage cheese!

    I have also put my goals up on my cupboard so that I see them when I wake with a calendar that I am crossing off each day!

    Anyway, I'm off to the office, busy day ahead, good luck girls have a great BFL day, catch up later!


  • Good morning BFL ladies!  

    Today is Day 4 for me and all is going right on track.  I have stuck to my workout plan and have eaten clean.  I am getting in my water (the most difficult task for me) for the day and trying to get it done before 5pm.  Too many frequent trips to the restroom in the middle of the night!  My glutes and quads are "thanking me" for pushing them to the limit yesterday.  Standing up and sitting down is quite the challenge.  My abs are also ridiculously sore from doing the P90X ab ripper.  My goal is to make it through the entire routine without stopping by the end of our challenge.  Nowhere near that at this point.

    @Des - love the accountability!  Great plan posting your goals and using the calendar.  Do you have the Success Journal?  I am using it and really really like it.  I too have quite a bit of weight that I am looking to remove - 40lbs.  Realistically, I do not  think that I can safely do that in 12 weeks so I came into this with the back-to-back challenge approach.  I will do what it takes to get myself healthy and then keep it that way.  This truly has to be a lifestyle for me and not just a 12 week thing.

    @Clare38 -  hahaha...that will be me strong, healthy and sexy.  However, that pic is definitely NOT me yet :-)   Just a reinforcement that healty is the new sexy and skinny Barbie/model bodies are OUT.

    @Shelly - way to jump back in!  I love the support here and know that we will ALL need it from time to time.  BFL got it right with the introduction of these forums.

    @SUP2013 - thanks for the encouragement.  I am currently at a size 12 and a size 6 is my goal.  I too have very erratic hours so scheduling workouts and establishing routines is difficult to say the least.  Since I work with team members from literally around the world (east coast USA, Brazil, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Israel, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, China, Korea, South Africa, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand) my hours are all over the place.  Since I am the furthest resource west (Arizona) I have found that 2-4pm is the quietest time in my day.  So that is now blocked off for my workouts.  I highly prefer mornings but my mornings usually start at 5:00am and end as late as 11:00pm.  Getting up any earlier than required isn't going to happen so 2-4pm is now my time.

    Any recipe favorites that you care to share?

    Have a great BFL day!


  • Good Afternoon Ladies!  

    Day 9 for me.  So far so good, haven't missed a workout and have passed up some pretty tempting foods, but I did it.  With the exception of the glass of wine I so desperately needed on Tuesday night!  Not even an ounce of guilt!  I earned it! :-)  

    This morning was tough.  I do all my workouts in the morning before I go to work and today was cardio.  I have a treadmill at home that I use.  My mind was motivated but my body wasn't.  My body is tired.  I CAN NOT WAIT for my free day on saturday to get a break from the workouts.  Anyone else out there body just ready to collapse?  That being said, I did push myself through the cardio, and it was a doozie.   Lunges yesterday kicked my butt, literally, it hurts to sit!!! I'm proud of myself everytime I sit down!  haha!

    I did measurements and weighed myself yesterday morning which was my beginning of week 2.  I was only down .8 lb, but I have already lost a total of 3 3/4 inches throughout my body.  For that I am thrilled!  Just the little encouragement I needed to keep it going.

    @Shelly, Good for you for not giving up!  Keep your mind motivated and your body will follow.  

    @Sharon, I feel your pain with the bathroom trips and the soreness!   As for recipes, Did you by chance buy the Eating for life cookbook? I bought it used off of Amazon and I really to LOVE IT!  I have been planning 90% of my meals, and snacks from it.  All the recipes are simple and good.  Of course I love to cook so I put my own spin on some of them.  Not adding fat, but just flavors.  So far our favorite was the Asian Beef and Noodles!  It was fantastic.  I can pass you some recipes from the book along if you would like.  I've also made the enchilladas, sloppy joes, tuna noodle casserole, and a bunch of desserts and snacks.  My FAVORITE breakfast is the Turkey Bacon Melt.  I usually brought a breakfast sandwich that I made at home to work with me everyday so this fit right in.  It is a whole wheat enlish muffin with tomato, cheese and bacon (it calls for turkey bacon, but I actually use real bacon.  Oscar Mayer (or Wegmans if you have one around you) Center Cut bacon is less fat, calories and sodium than turkey bacon!!  So I've been using that ---I compare the items I want against my eat this not that book to determine the best option of ingredients for the recipes)  

    I toast the muffin, cut two slices of tomato, place a slice on each side, top each side with a slice of sarrgento THIN sliced cheddar cheese (or it calls for Kraft 2% cheese) and top with 3, 1/2 slices of cooked bacon on each side (total of 3 slices), bake till bubbly and enjoy!  I am not even a big tomato fan but it is SO GOOD!

    Ok, didn't mean to write a book here, but get me on food and I can't stop!  Let me know if you are interested in some of the Eating for Life Recipes.  I'd be happy to share.  

  • I agree ..this forum is great.  I have tried Weight Watchers before because I loved the meetings (but weight lose was so slow for me)..then I did a private diet program that you get weighed 2-3 times a week and review menu etc.....the missing componet of both was excercise AND a group of like individuals discussing.  I think in a certain way it's almost more humbling to be chatting and supporting and unloading to a peer that is going through it WITH you, as opposed to a leader that has already been through it.  I have a good friend who successful did lapband surgery (no judging)..but I have asked her why now was she able to stick to a strict diet and excercise regime when she clearly couldn't or wouldn't you know what was her biggest tool....the chat forum that she joined of lapband patients.  She regularly reported to them her progress, her misteps and supported them as well............OUR FORUM will be that extra tool that will help us succeed!

    I am 48 years old , 5'2"...and about 176 (din't weigh myself on day 1)...........I ultimately need to lose close to 40 pounds.  Wow, I. actually wrote that.  I have lost 20+ before...but I've also never been this heavy.  I also plan on doing back to back BFL........if i lose even close to 20 I'd be shocked............but wouldn't it great to be shocked.

    Today is Aerobics day and I have a date with my husband at the track tonight (I asked him"out")...... does everyone adhere to 3 hour empty stomach before aerobics?

    Tried a great late evening meal last night........mixed plain oatmeal flakes (1/2 pkg) with eggbeaters, spoonful of cottage cheese and truvia.....cook inpan as a pancake..and top with sugar free jelly.  YUM!


    p.s. what is the success journal........and where do you get it?. and does anyone use ENSURE PROTEIN DRINK?

  • Hey there ladies-

      Started 1/6 and want to stay focused. I am 42 and have never completed a challenge. In fact I have battled with these 20 extra pounds for over 15 years. My clothes do not fit well anymore and I am now Squeezing into my 8s.

     I work 30 hours a week and really struggle with sticking with a food plan.

    I do not mind working out and hit the gym at 5:15 before work. Exercise has no meaning for me these past 3-4 years. Tennis and marathons have messed my knees up and I have had 4 surgeries and still can't run. It has put me in a dark place and I want out.

    Deep down I know if I just commit and work through the tough times DURING these 12 weeks I will see clearly again. Time to get out of my comfort zone.

    Okay ladies, lets get going. Liking this thread and look forward to working this

    Transformation together.

    I have seen the journal but not the Success Journal. Maybe it is the same??

    Are any of you going to post your before pictures??

    Bye for now,