BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • I'm in your boat, Fraggle.  The 40s do add a new element, don't they?  :)  

    For those of us dealing with children, that also means we have to really structure our time differently.  Good for you for making your health a priority!

  • Hey Jeannie, great reason and very motivational.  I am so excited to hear that you have had success on the program - not that i am doubting it one bit, but excited to read another testimony.  This is my first time on BFL and today is the end of my first week - today is "Free" day.  I've decided to have only a free meal and not freak-out if I nibble a little more then usual.  

    Jeannie, when you did BFL last time, did you do a free day or did you modify it?  

    Welcome back!  Can't wait to celebrate with you!!!  FOXY Lady!

    Go, Becca, Go!  Tri Tri Again!  

  • Wow what a great group we have now.  

    It's definitely harder with little ones. They are back in school here tomorrow so I figure I have to get up anyway ( oh and also work lol) but its quite motivating to think I'm gonna get up and have some me time before dragging the sleepy ones out of bed.

    Lol my run is more walk fast walk jog run and sprint, but I try and make the walking bit last longer. Running is hard!  How do people run miles?

    Free day yesterday and ate loads.

    Anyone here thinking of posting pics yet or are you going to wait till you have after shots too? Will any of you be posting at all?

    What spurs you ladies on? What are your goals? My main one is I have a cupboard full of clothes that don't fit me.

    Off now to do lower body, had no time this morning. Do you prefer the weights or the cardio?


  • today was my free day ..was out last night so @ 12:30 had a toasted bagel and smoked salmon..some of my husband's rice pudding. The frest of today was weird..I felt very unstructured....didn't go crazy...just had a bit of cereal and milk here and there...not wanting to commit too much  being off/ but not on either...then I had frozen yogurt...and will have regular dinner.  I kinda can't wait for tmw to get back to program.  One thing I have trouble planning is the last mini meal..any suggestions out there?  I can see having a carb..but what protein?..and I don't want to just rely on the protein supplements for then ( I feel like it's heavy at that hour)

  • I did go a little nuts on my free days at first, but found myself feeling a little sick after having gotten used to eating right.  By the end, I didn't go crazy, but I would make my free day the day I planned to go out with friends, or go to a party.  I would also let my free day be a moving target.  Truthfully, the reason (I think) that the program is so successful is because you aren't ever depriving yourself of foods you love or of having the social experience of eating out-you just wait till your free day.  I am not going to go for 3 months without a slice of cake or a few glasses of red wine, but I will go for 6 days without either without giving it another thought.  :)  We are hosting a huge party here in 2 weeks on a Friday, and while my free day is typically Saturday, I'll move it to Friday for that week.  

  • Hello!

    I started 12/31 and my first week was great!  I am so sore and it feels so good!  Today was my first free day.  I didn't binge or anything, i hate breakfast and dinner pancakes.  That is my weakness!  I am ready to start week 2!

    I found Bill's new Transformation program and he suggests doing the 5-25 workouts.  What do you guys think about that vs his original way?

    Glad to be part of the group!!!


  • Good morning foxy  ladies!  Day 1 for me and I am more motivated than I have been in a very long time.  Love the Fabulous Foxy 40s - hate the Frumpy 40s.  I just turned 43 and let myself get way out of shape - FRUMPY.  I was a collegiate athlete and continued fitness with a passion well into my 30s with marathons, triathlons, and plenty of time spent at the gym.  A persistent knee injury (I need a joint replacement now after 6 surgeries) derailed me from my racing.  Instead of just switching gears and figuring out what would work for me, I sunk into a self-destructive depression and gave up on me.  Constant knee pain kept me out of the gym and it was a spiraling downward cycle.  Pain, no working out, feeling bad about myself, weight gain, extra weight causes more pain in the joints...round and round we go.  So - 2013 is MY YEAR to stop this vicious cycle and get that fit, fine and fabulous body that most 40 years olds only dream about :-)  ~Sharon

  • 1st far so good

  • Day 1 is almost in the bag :-)  Pictures, weight and measurements taken, I got in a killer UBWO, ate my first 4 meals 100% clean - I still have 2 more planned and ready to go, managed to get in 72oz of water, and tracked everything in my Success Journal.  How we doing out there Ladies????

  • Hi Ladies!

    Glad to be a part of the group!  It will be so nice to have support and give support!

    Today is day 8 for me.  I found that I was hungry between meals today.  I had to keep myself occupied and chew gum, which i am trying to avoid.  I did drink plenty of water which also helped.  

    I did a great kick butt LBW the 5-25 way!  I loved it!  Anyone else doing the 5-25 workouts?

  • Hello Ladies!  End of day 6 for far so good.  I have been familiar with BFL for some time now, I got into it in the early 2000's when the book came out.  I never did a challenge, but I always followed the workouts and the eating.  Looking back, it really kept me in pretty decent shape for the most part, considering my social life :-)  I was never in ripped shape, but I kept myself from gaining weight and in pretty decent shape.  Well, the last 4 years, I kind of lost it all. I didn't follow the eating at all, and got out of working out on a regular basis.  So fast forward 30 lbs later and no energy, I've decided to go full force.  I bought the Eating for life and the Success Journal, and the Champions for Life...yeah, and the Body for Life for Woman and of course I had the original book!  HAHA! I'm determined to keep myself focused.  I Took the month before the new year and prepared. I not only ate and drank anything I wanted ;-)  I planned out my first month of meals, got all my journals ready and really most importantly mentally prepared to commit to this challenge and finish it.  

    So here is to all you ladies out there and staying focused!  Mind over matter!  With the mental strength, we can accomplish anything!

  • Hi everyone, I'm excited to have a forum just for us is my 3rd day wishing us a successful 2013 BFL.

  • Hi, I'm not familiar with the 5-25 workouts, can you tell me what they are? Thx

  • I don't understand the 5-25 workouts either.

    Not feeling it today, am so tired and legs are so sore can hardly walk up my stairs, they are steep, but still....

    Also ( sorry any fellas reading) but am craving sugar due to pmt. still feel 100 per cent better than  would normally though.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I read the other day that sore is the new sexy.... Well if that's the case, I must be an absolute beauty !