BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Okay girls-

    Here's an official thread!  I'm so excited.  It's day 3 for me and while I've seen little physical transformation since we just started, I just "feel" better!  I have lost about 6 lbs. of water weight, but that doesn't surprise me since I came off of the holiday eating binge (with plenty of salt).  I think I might go ahead and put the scale away for a while.  I did the challenge about 10 years ago now, with great success, but I never once weighed myself, took a picture, or logged my food.  I only measured my success with my clothing.  This time, I do want to know how much I change and took my pictures, measurements, and weight on the first day.  

    How's it going for everybody else?

  • Good afternoon Ladies!  I am very excited to see a group just for us XX chromosone types :-)  I am officially starting the challenge on Monday, January 7th but am rereading the book and getting menus planned.  I just received my Success Journal in the mail and look forward to some goal setting this weekend.  This will be my second time around but my first time to complete the entire 12 weeks!!!  I made it to week 8 in November of 2011 and then my life completely fell apart.  It has taken me this long to pick myself back up and mentally be ready to start focusing on me and my health.  So - as my screen name says - 2013 is MY YEAR!  I am looking forward to the journey with you all.

  • Hi everyone, I'm on my second day and feeling sore already. Did cardio on the treadmill first day and upper body weights this morning. Still haven't managed to pluck up courage to do photos yet and will not be weighing myself for couple of weeks. Did a weigh in on my first day and had put 4lbs on over Xmas. Will need lots of advice as pretty clueless despite doing six weeks previously.

    Glad we have a group. It's going to make it much easier to do it this time. X

  • Ps love the name 2013

  • I am really proud of myself.  Day 2---went to the gym 2 days in a row!!!  Following the food is not the biggest challenge for me.  It's getting to the gym.  I have been so resistant  for such a long time.  This is one of the reasons I picked this program.  It's not an excercise program that 'suggests' a diet ..and it's not a diet that 'suggests' an excercise plan.  Both are spelled out and are contingent on each other.  I knew I couldn't just attempt the food plan without the fitness plan.  It's so nice to feel proud...instead of dissapointed in myself.  I plan on posting somewhat regularly...I think this support will be that third element that keeps me on track.

  • I read the book from our library, and got a dumbbell set for Christmas.  I have done  4 days, and will be on day 5I tomorrow.  It takes me quite a while to pick out my exercises, and then follow them closely, to make sure I am doing things right.  I hope that part will speed up.  I want to lose weight and tone up, as I sit quite a bit for my library related job.

  • Okay ladies- day 4 here.  How is everybody doing?  It's too quiet out there!!!

    I was so sore last night that I had a hard time going to sleep.  LOL.  Regardless- I got up and did my cardio this morning. I'm dragging now though...

  • Hi guys glad to hear you are all doing so well. Am very sore also after upper body yesterday, managed to do the cardio though. I can do an hour in Zumba easily  but 20 mins on the treadmill kills me. Even though I started mid week  I'm still going to have my day off tomorrow ( always use a sat) just to keep me going. How do u guys work your free day and when you are going to have one etc? Do you go mad on your free day? Last time I did BFL I gorged on my free days, really gorged, and still lost weight. Still so much Xmas chocolate in the house .... Must remember how bad I felt a week ago. My mood has already lifted 100 per cent despite being sore. How are you all feeling mentally?

  • Feeling good mentally.  Day 3...preparing to do upper-body in about  an hour.  I plan my exercises the night before and print out the excercise (for I remember what to do).  Even though I started on Wed, I followed it as though it was day 3 because I plan on having Sunday as my free day.  I am really not sure how I will approach my free day.  For one thing I won't have my bar or shake...but I don't plan on going crazy....maybe health breakfast out and frozen yogurt later in the day (with toppings?).  I will let you ladies know.  But it would be helpful to all of us if we post how our free days were and how (hopefully) go right back on track.  That would certainly be motivating, ....Question...what do most of you have as your last mini meal...and at what time?....I've been having it late (9:30/10)...a protein bar and tea.  I'm really not hungry at that point, but it's nice to know I am due it and deserve it.  The bars really are a big treat for me and help me stay on track.

  • I am starting 1-7-13. I am getting married in the summer and want to look and feel my best. Ive done the challenge before and had great results but that was 12 years ago!!!!  Wish me luck!

  • Hello Ladies!! Glad to see that there is a thread here for us women! I started the challenge on the 1st, so today is day 4. So far so good. Although the eating has been tough for me a little. Not so much in not eating things, but coming across things and wondering if that is ok or not. I feel like some of the guidelines for food aren't so clear. But I am eating 6 small meals a day and that is going well! I have never done this before and I find it strange that I actually feel like I am eating more than I was because I'm eating all the time, but in reality I am eating less calories than before! I really like the idea of small meals. I never thought it would work for me, but I was wrong!

    Good luck june88!! How exciting that you are getting married! You are going to rock that dress!!

    Do you girls find that the work outs take longer than expected? On day one I planned on the upper body being 46 min... it took me an hour and 15min!!

  • Hi Girls, I'd like to also count myself in to the group of women who are starting 2013 off on a new foot. My start day is tomorrow, 6th January 2013.

    I have done this once before with great results but hope to make it into a permanent lifestyle change this time. I am now 44 and don't want to carry my extra 10 (yikes) kilos into my middle age any longer. I'm carrying a lot of upper body muscle because of hauling around a disabled child every day, so have lost touch with what my ideal weight ought to be, but know I'm much heavier than I want to be....

    So off I go....

  • OK I am jumping in too.  I lost 65 lbs over the last 4 years but most of it in the first year I tried.   I did this through diet and exercise but didn't really follow the BFL, just used recipes from Eating For Life at times.  In the last 2 years I have had 2 surgeries, stress increases in my job, spouse health issues and to top it all off, early menopause :). The result is currently I am out of my exercise regiment, consume way too much wine and coffee, not getting enough sleep and added about 20 lbs back on.  NOT where I wanted to be at this point.  I am really hoping I can make this program work!  More for how living healthy makes me feel than anything else.  I am going to try and start on Jan 7th (contingent on time to plan and shop this weekend).  Wish me luck!

  • hey, I started 12/31. I'll jump in too. Great to see so many of us in this together. Stay encouraged.

  • Hey, ladies! I started today.  I did the challenge 12 years ago and while I only lost 10 lbs, I lost 10% body fat!  I went from busting out of a size 10 to a 6 in jeans and a 4 in dresses and tops.  

    Suffice to say, after 12 years, life has changed significantly.  I know what I need to do (BFL!), but I now have 2 more children, and I'm 41.  My body reacts so differently to food...for a while I was running, have lifted weights sporadically, etc. - but I'm finding since entering my 40s that I'm going to have to be consistent.  Frankly, I'm doing this purely for vanity reasons.  These can either be the Frumpy 40s or the Fabulously Foxy 40s - it's all up to me!  

    My 12 week challenge ends right at my 42 birthday, so that's quite a bit of motivation!  

    I'm an elementary school teacher, so the only way this is going to work is for me to get up and go to the gym at 5am.  I've found in the past that trying to work out after school means I make excuses for myself (I'm too tired...I should be spending time with my children...I have plans to do/papers to grade/emails to return, etc), so I've already asked my husband to be willing to get our children up and ready Mon/Wed/Fri so I can go to the gym at 5 and get ready for work from there.  After all, I do the homework with them, nightly reading, get them to and from extra curriculars, and get them tucked in at night, so it does seem fair to ask for an hour and a half window in the morning.  :)

    Good luck to all, and Thanks Balancingact2013, for starting a ladies' forum.  This is extremely motivating!


    *Today was cardio.  I ran the track next to my house in intervals.  Wow...I am more out of shape than I'd thought.  I had to modify my plan.  I only had 3 speeds: walk, run slow, run fast.