BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Ps: Shelley, u r very quiet, r u around????

  • Hi Clare there is a body fat calculator on check it out? Based on measurements and age, u would need to be accurate on where u measure each time!

  • Hi I am still here.  It has been a religious hoilday that I can't go on computer etc.  So I just logged in now...the holiday ended tonight.  Tomorrow is Wed and I think the best thing for me to start challenge 2 is on MONDAY  April 8 ( I will be 1 week behind you ladies).  Since I've been off the wagon for a bit, I need the few days to regroup, set goals, food shop, plan etc (read your postings again) and remotivate myself.  All I can say is this go around I will be serious...even more than before.  I have to examine what didnt work and what made me trip.  I do think we could and shoould be accountable to each other on a daily basis.

    Des I don't work out with a trainer (not in the budget) but if you could pass on any pointers you get from him that could help.  I am sure he is an important element to yoyr success.

    I willdetail my goals etc in the next 2 days...and I think a new thread like you suggested (or was it clare) would be good.

  • Hi Shelley and Clare

    I have started a new thread ... BFLDIVAS 2013 Round TWO ... See u there?!