BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Hi a number of things to get off my chest and share with my friends.  First of all thank G-d my health is perfectly fine and I might just be starting menapause.  Went to the Dr yesterday (3+ weeks late so far) and nothing to worry about.  Except that there was a scale in the dr's office, and in case you don't remember I have not weighed myself since 2-3 weeks BEFORE BFL.  Well I stepped on the scale...and brace yourself........I GAINED...I don't even know what to do with that fact.  I don't know what to do with that emotionally.  I did make a mistake of not offically weighing myseld on Day 1 or taking any measurements.  I have been faithfully doing my eating is good if not perfect at least 5 if not 6 days a week.

    You all know that MOST of the time I have been feeling very emotionally inspired and happy.  I have felt physically good.  I know I can be more "PERFECT"...but I want to be able to keep this up and not punish myself for misteps.  

    I have 2 more weeks to the end of this challenge....then for 2 weeks is a near impossible holiday for me to follow for food or workout..PASSOVER.  So my plan had do what I can, but allow myself to be "off" and the resume or restart BFL either Wed April 3 or wait for Mon April 8.

    But again...what do I do with that info/fact that not only did I not lose, I did not even stay the same...I GAINED!!!!!!!!! I don't physically feel like I gained.....I do know that next go around I have to take photos and measurements, because had I done that this time I would not be feeling this bad.

    But don't worry ladies...I'm not jumping ship...I've been here too long.

    Enough about me- Jeannie how are you feeling?  Hope you are on the mend.  

    Clare- I think your future plan sounds good.  Kinda jealous ( no more so envious)  I have too much to lose to pretend I don't have to stick closely to the plan.  But I am worried about being able to stick to it with the exhaustion and how to challenge myself when I don't have the energy.

    Thanks for letting me reamble on.


  • Hi ladies ... Shelley I am so sorry u have seen an increase on the scale, really *** to experience that, I am going to ask u to be brutally truthful with yourself and us and respond back what u have been doing. So firstly, what have you eaten everyday for the last 7 days? U say u eating well 5-6 days a week, what do those days look like? And what do u drink on those days? How much tea coffee soda and water?

    Thn on the 2 days that u r not strict, what r u eating and drinking and how much of each??

    Then for exercise, r u exercising 6 days a week? 3 days cardio? How long and how hard? Slow or fast walk or running? R u doing 3 days weights? All the exercises? Light weights? Heavier progressively as u build strength?

    R u eating after say 7pm at night? If yes what and is it daily?

    Write it down here, honestl and truthfully, no judgement from any of us ...

    From ur notes above it sounds like u r not sticking to this 100% and perhaps hoping to get the results u want by not adhering 100% to the program, 6 days strict eating and only water annd tea/coffee? One day free day but not overboard and no exercise? R u perhaps 'rewarding ur self' too much on the 2 days that u r not strict?

    When u read this go try put on a pair of trousers that were tight when u started .... Do the fit? R they loose? How loose? How about a top? How does that fit?

    How much have u gained? How many pounds?

    Best advise I can give u is to put on as littlek as possible, bikini or bra and panties and take pictures of yourself front side and back and go get them printed, do this EVERY week, I have not lost a huge amount of fat on the scale but my pictures show a really different story and so my clothes.  The scale is awful but if u losing body fat and replacing it with muscle then u r on the right path.  Muscle and fat weigh the same but their mass in size differ, muscle lean and firm and fat a bigger blob of mass, eg a pound of muscle coul be the size of your index finger and a pound of fat the size of ur fist, they weigh the same but th muscle smaller in size.  Is this not he case?

    I too have a 'ton' too lose and 12 weeks is not going to get me there, as I finish in 2 weeks time so I am going straight into the next 12 weeks, I am so determined to change my life, I will not be fat anymore, I have we'll and truly had it.

    Shelley, u say u can't go away for 2 weeks and eat well be exercise, rubbish, u can, u just don't want to, u really should though, I did it for 3 weeks at the coast and enjoyed my free days, Shelley the a lifestyle choice not a death sentence to not have fun on vacation, eating fatty food and junk is 'comforting' and does nothing but fatten u up nd reduce ur energy levels.  I had the best holiday, I felt light on my feet, I had energy to play on he beach with kids, I didn't bloat ... It was great.  Think about it.

    I'd like to encourage u to make a decision about ur lifestyle and FULLY commit, I have been where u r so many times, the only thing that has is this, I have also done the eat well 5 days relax on weekends and gotten nowhere because without realizing it u relax too much so Friday nite is free, sat free, sun free, before u know it you have eaten more calories in 2 days than all the hard work over 5 days and result = nowhere, no progress ... It's crap but true, no one I know with sexy bodies can eat badly more ban one meal a week ... My friends who r skinny who I nought could Ethan what they want and r soooo lucky CANT actually e what the want, that's y they r thin, they r strict 99.5% of the time.

    Sorry to flog a dead horse, don't want u to lose faith ....

    Write back to us with the detail an we can switch notes, also go try on those clothes? Could be just muscle gain?

    Chat tomorrow ... We here for u!


  • Shellie,

    Please don't panic.  The scale is our enemy!  :)  How are your clothes fitting?  Do you look different in a bathing suit?  There's a blog that a friend sent me last night - Go to  I think it will really truly help you.  I had the same experience a few weeks ago, and it almost sent me into a downward spiral that I couldn't climb out of.  A lb is a lb, but what it looks like on our bodies is different if it's fat vs muscle.  5 lbs of muscle takes up far less space on your leg than 5 lbs of fat, because it is a denser material.  

    Read the blog, do your cardio, and're getting there!  We can't let perfect be the enemy of good.  :)


  • Des and Jeannie thanks for the support.  First thing to report..about an hour after I logged in I finally got my period!!

    Here's what I honestly have been doing?eating/excercising....

    M,T,W,TH,F-7:15 Bkft- 1/2 c LF cot ch and 1 whole wheat slice (or bagel thin) = 170-190 CAL

                      10:30  MID morning- EAS carb contrl/lean drink = 100 CAL

                       1:30 LUNCH wh wheat bread (80-100cal) and veggie burger or 2 HB eggs and salad w/o dressing = 200 CAL

                        3:00 MID afternoon (on drive home) - PROMAX LS (low sugar) protein bar = 220 cal (low sug?low carb/ high protein/high fiber) this is where I've had the beginning  I could wait until dinner..and then have a late night mini meal.. but now it's become blurred..sometimes I'llgrab a yogurt...or a 190 cal granola bar fm my kids..then i don't eat as much as I should for dinner...or I guess I hv 'helped myself' to some pasta..while preparing for my kids.

    So I definitely realize i hv to go back to writing down everyday.

    when I'm following better it's 6:00 DINNER salmon or lean meat, or grilled chicken..with either couscous or sweet potato and salad or grilled veggies....and then I've gotten lazy figuring out what and when to hv last mini meal??

    next- WORKOUTS- I have cosistently done every UB and LB workout at home 6:00 AM...I use the barbell and usually start with the weight i continue with because lighter is too easy...and changing weights during the 1 min rest seems too rushed.  

    the cardio I was going to the gym doing treadmill and eliptical for 20 min with the ramping up and down...but this week changed to 2o min DVD fm Jillian Michaels for kickboxing.  

    I do think that the 'waiting' for my period for 3 1/2 weeks has played a part pyschologically and probably physically.  I have definitely been physically tired and increasing weights during UB and LB seems too hard.  I've just been impressed that with all that I still have cosistentlywoken up early and worked out.

    Now this is what happens  Saturday and Sunday---I  am a Jewish Sbbath observer..which means that fm Friday night to Sat night(sundown) I can't really workout.....but I can after Sundown...the first 6-8 weeks I did, but then I got lazy and didnt.

    But my eating is usually as 'good' as M-F .  Sundays I don't workout...I have a healthy egg and toast bkft ,also don't eat as many mini meals--but try and follow until something special like frozen yogurt  or pizza.........but sometime i guess I think"wow I hvnt taken advantage of my free day..and then end up eat 2-3 protein bars.

    I guess this means I'm as screwed up as when I started (..dont worry..I'm kidding)

    As far as the holiday I was talking about i meant "holiday" in the American's actually an 8 day celebration with lots of home cooking etc...I wish I was going away kind of "holiday" in the Euro sense.  So it's the kind of days when i will be at family that has lots of crap (candy/cake) around ....and I really probably need to plan it somewhat..because it is not worth the damage.

    As far as clothes...I honestly wear a lot of jersey/knits...that won't show differences the way tailored clothes fit.  But I do feel a difference...I will have to bit the bullet and take photos.  I had not weighed myself at the start of the challenge (I know really stupid)...but had a few week before.  At that time I weighed around 176...i assumed maybe I was the same or 178 when I started.  At the Dr. yesterday I weighed around 183-185 (couldnt really absorb the shock).  But good news is that was with almost 1 month overdue of premenstrual bloating/weight gain.  So's not accurate.

    Again ladies, you have been so amazing.  Worth everything.  I know i clearly need to buckle down  more.  i just dont want to get discouraged I really have worked so hard and probably need a step back get back to feeling like day one.

    xxxooo Shelley

  • one more thing (as though the above wasn't enough) as far as beverages.  

    All week, including free day- water or alchol or juice or soda.  But I am not drinking enough water. In AM with workout I drink 2 cups (1 bottle), at lunch another 2 cups, in the car w/ protein bar maybe 1 cup, and at dinner 2 cups seltzer. Total 7-8 cups.

  • Hi Shelley! Good to see you back. Your regime is much much stricter than mine. I find it very hard to lose weight as am so short so have to be very strict or nothing moves, and you are much stricter than me. I still allow myself one biscuit a day and on my days off I gorge. It's nine o clock here on my day off and I just ate two chocolate brownies.... What I'm trying I say I spose is that it's easy to get bogged down with all the mechanics of the plan. Some threads on here scare me to death and I avoid them like the plague because I don't always ramp up my weights, I don't change my exercises when I'm supposed to.  I dont even drink nearly enough water. It's the start of a new life for some, not a 12 week challenge.

    3 of those 12 weeks your body has been in a tailspin trying to decipher what's happening with your cycle. I steer clear of scales around my period as I easily go up 4 lbs! I bet you a months pay that the weight gain is solely due to your cycle and nothing more. The other week i weighed myself (no period) and I'd gone up 3lbs just cause my body fancied playing tricks on me. The sales are a nightmare. Chuck them away!

    Also! Chuck away your sweats! Sweats are also the devil. I love them too don get me wrong but when you wear them all day ( I do) you don't notice when your weight fluctuates. If you are wearing jeans , that button can't stretch and so you know when things are moving outwards and you slow down eating. I blame sweats and leggings for weight gain. Millions of women get bigger and don't feel it in joggers or leggings! Haha I'd rather blame my sweats than the fact I ram my face with food.

    I think maybe its time to relax and not be so hard on yourself. Stick to the workout and diet and be nice to yourself on your days off. Chuck the scales and wait until your body settles down before you go near them again. Only wear sweats for workouts, avoid the kids meals and you will get there. Most of all you have to enjoy this process, it's meant to make you feel good not like a robot. That's what I think anyway, but I would say that cause I cheat with biscuits haha

    Lotsa love x

  • Hey Shelley how are you doing?

  • Hi Des, Hi Clare, Hi Jeannie,

    I'm ok.  feeling a little anti-climactic.  Like I said pound wise...haven't lost, but I do see a physical difference but I never took pics or measurements.  We're at the end of the 12 week mark and I have plans of starting day one again in 1 1/2 weeks.  I really hope I don't lose contact with you girls.  I am very busy preparing for the Passover holiday which starts tmw night.  In case I seem MIA it's just busy stuff.  But I am committed to keeping at this...let me know everyone's plans and progress (it'll be motivational...even if I'll feel envious as well)

    xxx, shelley

  • Hi Shelley. Good to see you back. I'm continuing with it too, am nowhere near where I want to be. And it makes me feel down when I skip workouts etc so it's good for my mental health I carry on.

    As for pounds?! Well I ve gone up!!!!!! But, it's so strange because even though I've gone back up I know I'm smaller. Altogether I've now only lost 4-5lbs, I didn't take measurements but my old jeans say it all.

    So please don't feel de motivated about the pound loss because for the first time in my life I have realised that the scales are a pile of ^#*%# and mean nothing!

    I'm going to keep going, and will continue with this thread if you do. There's only a few of us left. I've got no before pictures as I was too embarrassed but by the end of week 12, is it next week? I will post a photo to show that even though have only lost few pounds what a difference it's made in clothing size.

    Hope you girls left keep going with me. There is no alternative now to this lifestyle. It's empowering inside and out and it's a marathon not a sprint. Best thing I have ever done for myself, and it's only toning for me I look nothing like these ripped people on here. I'm just less fat. But am happy and will keep going.

    Stay for the ride ladies x

  • How u doing des?

  • Clare----will definitely stay for the ride too.  Re starting--like week one next Wed or Thurs............will keep ypu posted,  I will definitely take measurements...and week lets take a tally of who is still around and see if we shld continue with this thread or start a new one

    xxxooo Shelley

  • Hi Shelley and Clare,

    Looks like its just the three of us.  I started my second challenge today, so my twelve weeks run from today to 23 June.

    I have re-written my goals and put up a new calendar on my cupboard detailing my workout program for the next twelve weeks, will again tick it off each day.  I have also added some daily goals in big bold on my cupboard, they are:

    Just for today:

    1. I will drink 2.5l water

    2. I will eat according to my eating plan

    3. I will exercise as per my program

    4. I will be positive about my goals

    5. I will act like an athlete

    My goals:

    1. By 23 June I will drop 12% body fat, 1% per week

    2. By 23 June I will fit into my size 14 jeans comfortably and tightly into a 12

    3. By 23 June I will wear gorgeous underwear for my husband with confidence

    4. By 23 June my tummy will be flat and arms defined

    5. By 23 June I will lose 12kilograms, 1 kilogram per week

    Girls, I will push myself hard over these next twelve weeks and I will be become fit, I am feeling really good about what I have achieved so far, i have had speed bumps on the way but am going to keep looking at my weekly pics front, back and side in underwear ... Keeps it real for me.

    I do need a lot of support to do this, so I have stated what I am doing on Facebook, I have told all my colleagues at work, my friends and family all know and I have told them all to crap on me if they see me slipping, I want to be healthy for life, I can manage 6 days a weeks of eating clean and exercising and I really do enjoy my free meal once week.  I don't do a whole cheat day, I just have a free meal, starter main and desert with wine, my hubby and I have a date for that meal and I eat it slowly and really enjoy it.

    Doing all this I have achieved on the first challenge:

    1. Loss of 8kilograms as of yesterday

    2. Loss of 9% body fat (we messed up the calculations a few weeks ago, so have ended on 9)

    3. Down two dress sizes, from a 20 jeans to a very comfy 16 jeans.

    I hope what I am doing helps u in some way or helps motivate u in some way.

    I M happy to stay on this forum, I must however be brutally honest though that I need a good kick up the bum, I want those of us on this thread to be committed and understand that this program is a program for success and we must not let each other fail, if I mess up I need u to push me in the right direction, I plan to do the same with u girls, otherwise what is the point of this forum? Are you in and okay with how I feel?

    Can u both share what ur goals are for this next challenge? Glad that there at least the 3 of us carrying on?

    Clare, I have been thinking a lot about ur post a little while ago, am I right in saying u are on this to tone up and are not carrying much excess weight?  Shelley, am I right in saying u have quite a bit of weight to lose then plan to tone and define? I just want to understand where we are all at, will help with keeping myself and u two accountable to the support friendship we have made on here? What do u both think?

    I think we can really do well for committing to coming online each day and sharing if we stuck to eating clean and did the exercise for the day, it will take courage from all three of us though to be brutally honest so that we can get the support we need from each other? No use saying we did what we should have but secretly did not do one or the other or both in fear of looking like a failure to each other?

    My trainer Dougal, has also put me on his website and will be posting my progress update once a week on his site of my weekly pictures and weekly body fat %, he is doing this to push me to stay focused, we are about to hit winter and cold weather is my worst for staying healthy.  Please take a read: there is a link with my picture on the front page, if u go in with an ipad my pic looks stretched and the wrong way round ... Haha, I will only ever love my picture if there is a six pack on my stomach!

    Let me know how u are both feeling and if we are all on the same page?  Would live to stick with the thread.

    chat soon,


  • Des, thank god for your post!!!!!! Just what I needed!!!!!! I've had a few days off as its been Easter but have classed it as my week break and am starting challenge 2 tomorrow, but this time I'm doing it properly. I'm no longer going to look at pictures of other people to motivate myself, will do the pictures this time as due to first challenge look better than 12 weeks ago. Will do the measurements too and put it all on here.

    I need that motivation Des everything you said. I have seen a running outfit in the sports shop and my goal is to wear it and look athletic. Lol that's it! But that's enough I think. I also want rid of my flabby arms ( not as flabby now but I want no wobble when waving to someone :-) ) and I want a flat stomach. It's flatter now but I still have that rounded womens but at the lower ab section.

    I think we should start a new thread for the 2nd challenge. Even if its just the three of us.

    Can't wait to see your photos des.  Can't do it on the iPad gonna get the computer out later. Are you on Facebook as your real name? I'm on there too but under See Ingy if you wanna request me as a friend.

    Yay! Can't wait to go one step further with this challenge!!!!!! It's the only thing that's saved my sanity through this horrible,e winter.

  • Ps how do you calculate body fat?

  • Hi Clare, I agree we can start a new thread, under what subject header? Bfldivas round 2? That way others who did round one can find us?

    Take pics front back and side, then of ur tummy specifically and ur arms each week, print them, I swear it helps a lot monitoring ur progress like that!

    My trainer uses special body fat calipers, it is advisable to get it measured and keep measuring with one technique throughout, do u have a local gym where u could go have it done every 4 weeks or so? Shouldn't cost too much?

    Yup am on face book but not posting my pictures there, pics and updates are here and on I'm under Desiree spangenberg on face book!

    Clare write ur goals down as u have stated them in big bold and stick them up and read them every nite and morning .... Seriously, will keep u focused!  Also, take a picture of one of those girls who's body u want and stick a pic of ur face over theirs, visualize it and look at it often, start believing that that is how u will look, sounds nuts but I have met stay of people doing this visualization thing, then compare ur weekly pics with the body u want to keep

    Should I set up the new thread? Lemme know!

    Chat soon, des