BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Jeanie & Dilly,

    I love this thread because we are all real and all honest.  You're right Dilly.  Even though this is a 12 week plan, it is really a lifestyle.  i keep thinking (@ week 8)'s not over at 12 weeks...and believe it or not that is comforting.  Of course I couldn't lose all I need to lose in 12 weeks, but that has given me a sense of liberation.  I intellectually realize I can not and will not meet my "goal" in that time.  so spend my energy creating good, health habits that will eventually get me there.

    This morning i woke up at 5:30 and it is my cardio day that I have to go to the gym.  I woke up with terrible congestion and for the first tme in 7 weeks (when I started this habit) I recognized that I could not get my act together and could not and probably should not go to the gym.  I gotta tell you, it was actually really hard to make the decision NOT to go to the gym.  But I didn't feel guilty.  I acknowledge that I needed to sleep and IF I am up to it I will do it later toady and IF NOT., it's ok.  I tell you this because it's an example of cutting myself some flack.  And knowing I will return to my established habit tmw.  If I thought I HAVE TO REACH MY GOAL IN 3 MORE WEEKS!! , I would be getting to the gym come hell or high water.  But where would that leave me at the end of 12 would leave me with an unrealistic dedication to a habit and goal that I probably would drop at the end of 12 weeks.  That is not my goal....

  • Hi everyone,

    Shelly, I totally agree, all of u on this thread have kept this journey 'real' for me and brought me to realize that i am not going to lose all my weight in 12 weeks which is what I started out hoping for, u all have helped keep me on track ... I really appreciate it!

    I have lost 15lbs (7 kg's) and dropped two dress sizes officially, feeling so much better already and am hoping I will be feeling bounds better in 4 weeks when the 12 weeks r up, I have made the decision to just keep doing it for life and am really happy with meals and most of all my treat of a free meal and wine on my rest day, that really also still motivates me knowing that I can relax one day of the week and feel free to do as I please on that meal and boy do I enjoy it!  All the other programs I have ever done have been so strict that I eventually quit.

    I have had a few wobble days but not off the wall, some pop corn here or there but mostly good!

    My trainer told me when I told him about our thread that most people like 70 or 80% of us would fall off the program around week 5 or 6 .... That its normal on programs like this .... I am glad that most of us are still on it, I think thanks to this thread and all of keeping it real and honest has kept is motivated to push on and not lose sight of what we wanted when we started 8 weeks ago!

    Thanks again for being so amazing ... Really does feel like a friendship that I have formed with all of u!

    Have a great day ... Des ;-)

  • quick question- has anyone had a change in menstral cycle?  I'm late....but then again I'm 48...just haven"t started menapause yet????

  • I was 2 weeks late this last time.  I am 41 and occasionally have hot flashes, so I just figured I was hitting the dreaded change.  Maybe it's the diet and exercise, though.  If working out and eating better will delay that nasty little monthly hiccup, I'll do whatever it takes!!  :)

    I'm still not down according to the body fat caliper, and I've learned my lesson from that ugly beast that should be banned from the bathroom.  That said, my clothes are loose!!  I can feel muscles in my legs when I walk, and I can see them when I'm in the gym.  My arms are loosing that chicken flapping on the triceps - Y'all know, the one where the teacher stops writing on the board, but her arm is still swinging.  :)  Today, it was really cold in GA, but I wore a sleeveless top with a denim jacket, just because I felt confident enough to wear it.  (I'm not saying it was a wise choice, or that it was one I didn't regret while I had the kids at recess...)  

    I guess my point is that my main goals were about numbers, with the underlying meaning being about confidence.  Even if those numbers don't happen, the confidence is coming!  I wouldn't be beach-ready, but I could be shorts ready.  The idea of waking up at 5 and going to the gym seemed crazy to me at first.  Now, it's a habit and I love it!  I've done a better job of re prioritizing every area!

  • well it's good to hear someone else that's been late.  As of today I am 9 days late..but I did take a preg test- and thankfully it was negative.  I guess it could be a combo of program and age.?

    I agree with you Jeannie- the confidence and gradually change is the key.  I have the same exact experience re early wake up for excercise.  I never, never would have even considered it.  But now I depend on it, and on Sunday nights (the end of my free day) I look forward to getting up early on Monday and getting back to my routine.

    I just hope that after the 12 weeks I remain as dedicated....I anticipate i will.

  • Hi Shelley and Jeannie

    I am 33 and was late by 8 days this last cycle, also it was weird as I only had it for two days ... I also took a preg test and was pleased to not be Preggie's again ... Two is enough thanks! I figured it had to do with exercise and eating .... ?!

    Honestly I don't mind a two day cycle at all, vs 5 days I'm pleased!  I did cramp quite a blot though on the first day which is unusual.

    Have a great day,


  • Shelley, Jeannie, and Des-

    I just wanted to say that cycle has been a little weird too.  This last time it was early (as opposed to your late ones) and it lasted longer than normal.  I wish I had a shorter one like you, Des.

    Anyway- I was just checking in and wanted to say hi.   Anybody else really excited and hopeful for this last 4 week finish?  I'm hoping for the "8 week miracle".   :)


  • Jeannie, Des and Laura-

    Sounds like we might have the makings of a new thread "messed up menstral cycles"...just joking.

    Have a good weekend everyone.  

    I'm proud of all of you/us !


  • Hahahahaha ladies, think I might leave this thread as I'm clearly the only one not having any sex at the moment then. Haha I'm so tired, if I was late it would have to be an immaculate conception. Which is terrible really as look better than have done in a while. Haha glad you are all ok though!!!!

    Nice to see you all trucking along. I had four days sat-tues where I fell off the wagon as I was sick. Got straight back on it when feeling better, such a relief to feel better couldn't wait to get back into it.

    Lol @ jeanue re the arms swinging teacher. Mine are going and when I got out the bath the other day I noticed I had ankles!!!! ( cankles the bane of my life)

    Annoys me that someone can look like that without doing weights but we must work with what we have.

    You are all doing so well ladies. Anyone else shattered?

  • Hey girls, can u believe we almost at the end of week 9?? Took body fat today, I lost another 4% body fat so down a total of 11%, happy with that so far!

    Clare, yes, I am shattered actually, we r working hard with full day jobs and exercise commitment 6 days a week needless to say kids so I'm really feeling it!

    Had a chat with my trainer tonight, I'm really getting peeved that the scale is not moving fast enough, I really hate it, but on the flip side I do see lots of results and am getting lots of compliments at work, just that blooming scale drives me nuts! He really motivated me and explained muscle mass and how it works.  

    How's it going with everyone else?

    Chat tomorrow,


  • Clare, you cracked me up!  I'm pretty tired, too.  While I have a tremendous amount of energy during the day, by the time 8:00 rolls around, I've got one eye crossing and I'm yawning and slightly drooling.  Nothing says sexy like a girl drooling...

    Des, that is some serious significant change, lady!  11% is no joke-WOW!  

    Messed Up Menstruation?!?  I love it!  I can't imagine why EAS hasn't marketed that slogan! LOL

    Most exciting thing happened today...I had grabbed a pair of khakis & had thrown them in my gym bag to wear to work after upper body.  They were my favorite most comfortable pair of khakis.  

    When I put them on, I couldn't believe it-They were super super super loose!!  Like, I debated going home for different pants kind of loose.

    I'm donating the khakis to Goodwill tomorrow, and am thrilled to do it!  :)  I have no idea what the scale says, and I'm not sure what the body fat is right now, but I know that in just a few weeks I'm going to buy some new clothes!  YAY! I'm a little behind y'all, so this is week  8 for me-and OH do I see it and feel it!  We spent too much $$ when we were in New Orleans February, so hubby told me that March was Austerity Month.  :)  It'll be baggy clothes for a bit-which is a fabulous reminder of where I was just a few short weeks ago.  

    Come on, ladies!!  We've got this!

  • still no period..almost 3 weeks..and yes I did take another preg test....I actually don't feel bloated or anything.  But I am really really tire at the end of the day..and my AM workouts seem much more dificult.  I have energy during the day, just earlly AM and end PM are hard.  It's kinda of getting me down.  Put i am still moving forward.

  • Des, that's an amazing result! Who needs the scales when you have lost body fat like that! Amazing well done!!!!

    Jeanie- I think that putting on loose clothes is so much a better feeling than looking at a number on a scale! That's fantastic too - amazing that thy were too baggy to wear even. Perhaps the magic really does start happening around week 9.

    I suddenly feel a lot slimmer. Not weighed myself in ages.

    Shelley, are you okay? You sound a bit down. Maybe it's just a co incidence re your period but they do so a change in exercise can make you late.  Not sure about 3 weeks but maybe it is the start of a few jumbled up cycles. Are you going to see the Dr or just wait it out?  Hope you are ok. I'm tired in the mornings too. The cardio is the hardest. My hubby is doing it too and he says the same. I'm the same as you girls by 8 I'm dead on my feet.

    Check back in with us Shelley  and let us know how you are xxxxxxx

    How are all you other girls doing? X

  • Very quiet around here ladies, hope you are all ok. We are nearly there are you all still on track?

    I've had three days of eating rubbish, pmt and bad weather getting me down. Have decided though as we only have what, 2,3 weeks to go? That for the next two weeks I'm gonna hit cardio everyday and not have a day off, so no alcohol. Have still got 4lbs I need to shift and although this is a lifestyle change and not a 12 week fix I'd like to be able to say I did it.

    I've decided after the 12 weeks I'm not going to do another challenge. Instead I'm going to continue with the plan Monday to Friday and relax at weekends. I think this will stop me overeating on my days off and will make it more achievable in the long term. What will you all do? Anyone posting pics?

    You ok Shelley? X

  • Hey, Claire and friends!

    I had a frustrating setback.  I am having muscle spasms in my neck.  Apparently, they can be brought on by doing too much.  Last week, I increased my weights hard, and I think I'm paying now. you, Claire, I've been ridiculous for the past 3 days.  Right now, I'm having to take muscle relaxers and anti-inflamitories.  GGRRR....

    So, I'm going to (hopefully) hit cardio tonight hard, after the medicine wears off.  When I go back to the gym-which I SURE hope is Wednesday, I'm going to increase my reps but not my weight.  I mostly want toning right now anyway.  Upper body was looking very cut (yay!), but also a bit bulky.  I have implants (judge not, please!!), and I'm not supposed to do anything to build muscle in the chest, which is mostly impossible.  

    I'm irritated-I'm at the 9 week mark and was feeling really really great.  Trying to keep on doing the right thing without ending up in the ER again.  So embarrassing!