BFLDIVAS2013 (Women starting around 1/1/13)

  • Hi Ladies...first time in a week or so that I've logged on.  I've been pretty consistent with workouts, and  pretty clean with food...but i do feel I need to start writing with food again because that's when I might just "add" something here or there that is not on plan.  But please let me share with you a major A-HA revelation.....I no longer sweat the missteps , big or small.  This is a tremendous change in my lifestyle.  For the last 14-20 years (but mostly last 10), everyday I would determine my vaule and worth depending on whether I ate exactly according to plan, or again didn't change my excercise (or lack of it) plan. I would knock myself and consider myself defeated for the day or days because I had 1 granola bar or something that was BAD. (keep in mind that in all these years I went from a prepregancy weight of 132 to 176 before BFL)  My A-HA is that for the first time in all these years I have confidence that it's ok, that I really do have a PLAN.  I don't feel guilt ..shocking!  I definetly feel change physically...but I am ok NOT going on the scale.  the mental change is so HUGE.  I'm actually happy.

    I hope any of you ladies that have been "hurt" by that mean scale can remember the other feelings you have if you remain on track.

    Also I need to log in more...because it keeps you focused...."talk" to you ladies within the next few days.


  • Hi everyone, so back from leave as u know and tonight was my first workout again with my trainer, did my body fat % and have lost 7% body fat!!!! My hubby has lost the same! One dress size down, so now in a size 16! Happy with progress so far, moaned about the scale to Sarah and Dougal, apparently what we r experiencing ladies is absolutely normal and the scales will drop as will more body fat! I strongly recommend that u all go get ur body fat taken and measure every 4 weeks, stuff the scale!

    Bring it on .... I'm gonna crack this weight issue for the final time, week seven and I'm going to push darn hard!

    I agree all, the scale sucks!

    Have an awesome day and keep doing the right thing, no half measures, we started for a reason and highly motivated and we r going to end in style!!


  • Just realized that we haven't heard from gmamma or claire38 ... U Girls still here????

  • Hiya des and Shelley!!!!! Great going ladies!!!! Shelley I agree , this plan feels so liberating! I no longer feel the dreaded guilt either.

    Des well done in going down a dress size! That's fab news! See, the scales are deceiving!!!!! We are all doing so well!!!!

    I weighed today, have now lost half a stone and only had 11 pounds to lose. My bingo wings are going , my arms don't look squishy now in sleeveless tops but look defined. My calves look defined. Still got pot belly but it's a small one. Am now a size 8. And only half way through.

    If you are reading this and wondering whether to do it- do it, it works

    My hubby though is a hard gainer and has been doing it with me and only put on three pounds, although he is defined, he's leaner tan ever. Any tips?

    Sorry cant see what is writing. Please excuse mistakes.

    Nearly there ladies!!!!

  • Good morning, ladies!!  We are back from our awesome vacation in New Orleans.  I am not feeling the least bit guilty for taking a break from BFL.  How awful would it have been to travel to a beautiful city known for it's cuisine and nightlife, only to whip out a myoplex shake and go to bed early for a morning workout? :)  LOL  Funny...if it had been a family vacation, I could have easily stuck with the program, but it was just the hubby and I, and we were only there for a few days.  The red beans and rice, the seafood, the constant spirits flowing, the music, the dancing...amazing!  

    Funny, though, because I've been doing BFL hardcore for 5 1/2 weeks, I was able to walk everywhere in NOLA-miles and miles without giving it another thought.  AND, I felt confident to wear "non-family vacation clothing" while we were out.  It was because of the confidence that I've gotten from the program that I felt sexy and beautiful.  I am SO GRATEFUL!

    My husband (who doesn't understand fitness at all), when I started talking about coming back and getting right back on the horse, said, "I don't understand why.  You look amazing!"  While that was sweet, I had to explain that feeling confident and feeling like I look worthy of that certain top and jeans he likes so much doesn't come without hard work.  I can't eat, drink, and be merry and still wear those jeans-at first, with confidence, and then at all!  LOL    

    We have the rest of this week off from school-but our kids don't.  This will be a week for remembering those sore muscles and regaining the taste for spinach and egg whites.  I actually enjoy eating like this...I just need to remember it.  

    So, back on that horse.  No regrets-just knowing this will be a painful week.  Cowgirl up and cope, right?

    **Where is the alcohol blog some of you mentioned?  

  • Shellystime,

    I like your attitude.  Stay positive and it seems to make the whole thing a little better or a little easier.

    Did you get your weight questions figured out?  Are you working for tone and definition or for strength and power (two different techniques)?  I would say it doesn't matter so much what the weights numbers are as long as your form is good and you're focused on targeting your larger muscle groups with the lifts you're doing.  Make sure you really feel the lift in the right muscles and avoid using cheat muscles so that you can use higher weights.  If you have to swing or rock the weights into place throughout your lift, you may get injured and miss getting the progress you hope for.

    My weights numbers are all over the place, and thats okay.  I can bench press with 130 pounds on my ramp set of 6, but I can do lateral and front shoulder raises with only 7.5 - 12.5 pounds while still holding good form.  (I have the bowflex dumbbells and can dial the lighter weights to 0.5 increments.)  I had shoulder surgery a few years ago and it seems to have affected one muscle group but not that other.  For lower body I squat with 160 - 210 pounds but lunge with 25 pound dumbbells.

    Maybe when you're finished with this BFL challenge you can change up your lifting program so that you focus more on strength and power rather than on the toning.  A switch up could make it pretty exciting for a while.

  • One other thing, did you change your lifting routine around after having gone through your initial upper body plan 5 times and lower body 4?  Doing that will help "trick" your muscles into getting stronger by surprising them before they are able to adapt to your usual routine.

  • I'm admitting this is harder than I'd thought it would be.  Having trouble regaining self discipline.  I'm trying to climb back on that horse, but I think he grew several hands while I was gone.  I now realize that getting it back is going to be so much more challenging than starting was.  

    Moral of the story?  Don't relapse.  

    Taho, you're my hero.  I love hearing how hardcore you are in your post.  I'm going to get back there!!!

    Des and Claire, congrats on your progress!  Doesn't it feel amazing when you put on those pants and they don't touch you in the same places?  :)

    Shelly, I may just print out your post. My husband loves to say, "Don't let perfect be the enemy of good."  It's so easy to view veering off the path as failure and become discouraged-but you're so right that this is a plan and one bad choice doesn't define us.  Those may be the words I needed to reread this morning to get it together and start today better.

  • Jeannie...I'm going to say this as much for myself as I'm saying it for you....I am having a bad day today feeling like 'what's the point, I'm not seeing the changes I want to see'...but then I convince myself that this is what is best for me.  No matter what the changes are that I see.  I am no where near perfect in the 12 week program.  I have only missed one workout and I am in week 8, so I'm proud of that, but on the eating side, I am eating well probably 85-90% of the time and I am making better decisions when I go out (sat in front of a blooming onion at Outback the other night and didn't eat one bite!!!) so I feel good about that stuff, but for me to eat 100%, I would have to stop having any type of life!  My life is really one social event after another!  So I am striving to keep up with the workouts and eat better as much as I possibly can.  If I do stray away for a meal, just eat good the next meal.  I'm creating my new lifestyle vs being super strict for 12 weeks then falling flat on my face!!

    This all being said, I have made a commitment to remind myself that this is not a 12 week is a life long program.  Yes, in the first 12 weeks we all want to see the best results we can...but if it takes you 16 weeks, or 20 weeks, who cares.  The important thing is that you remember why you are eating better and working out in the first place.  I can honestly say, even though I don't feel like I'm seeing the changes I want, I feel so much better today than I did 8 weeks ago, and I would not want to feel like I did then again.  You mentioned how great you felt on your vacation and how great your husband thought you looked.  DON'T lose that!  As hard as you've been working, you will be so mad at yourself if you give it up.  Being mad at yourself is the WORST!!  Because you know it was in your control!!  Think about putting on that 'non-family vacation clothing' and it not fitting anymore, being too small!!  Don't make yourself feel like that!  

    Since your having trouble getting back into it, get that journal out and plan your meals and your workout for the next few days....write it down, make the commitment to yourself!  This is a normal process that you, and I, and anyone else out here, needs to learn.  We all fall, now figure out what is going to get you back up.  Don't think of it as dreadful, that you are going to have to be on some strict diet again...think of it as your way of life, and not wanting to go backwards on all your hard work!!!  If you don't eat perfect one meal, promise to eat better for the next.  Remember how you felt sexy and beautiful!  That should be all the motivation that you need!!

    We may not get prizes for the way we look after 12 weeks, but in 6 months if you keep up your new lifestyle, the prize will be you!   Don't put too much pressure on yourself, just push forward and take each day as it comes!!   And really, if you think about it, you planned on going on your vacation and enjoying your time!  So technically you didn't fall off any horse! You took yourself off for a nap, now time to wake up and move forward!  

    Sorry this was winded...but like I said, I say this as much for my own motivation as yours.  Mind over matter!

    BTW, you asked about the alcohol thread...there was one a couple weeks ago, someone asked where it fits into the plan.  Claire and I seem to have the same idea...we fit it in, others don't agree with us, they feel there is no room for it on the plan.  Once again, I am in the 8th week of my life plan.  So I'm learning to keep it in my life, but just in moderation.  Which for a feat in itself!! :-)

    Good Luck!  Keep us posted!

  • Dilly,

    Thank you so so so much!  We got back Tuesday evening, and it took till today to get back on, but I got up this morning, did my cardio, wrote out my meals for the week, and went to the store.  What motivated me most was what you said about not losing what I've worked for.  Thank you!  You're right...I was halfway through, feeling GREAT, and the worst thing would be to let that go again.  We love to travel and go out with folks, and the idea of feeling uncomfortable on a beach in a bathing suit this summer, or feeling dumpy when around younger friends is enough to make me put that extra effort in.  

    I journaled again today like I did in the beginning, and I'm about to go pack my gym bag for the morning.  Being prepared is HUGE for me.  If I've taken the effort to prepare, then I am much more likely to follow through.  

    We went out with friends last night-and this is a woman who is close to 50 but she looks AMAZING!  She joked about drinking a bit, eating some bread, and how she would just make up for it over the next few days with extra time on the treadmill and super hydration.  I'm not where she is, but it was motivating to see that once I reach my goals, maintaining won't mean giving up a margarita with dinner.  

    This thread is awesome.  I feel like you're my friends who understand why you have to be a bit obsessive about this for at least the first 12 weeks.  Thanks for "listening."


  • Exactly!!!! Not such an elegant quote but I'm sure I read somewhere, that you are on a long term project. When you are building s ship and you make a mistake, you don't dismantle the whole ship or knock it flat, you put the mistake right and carry on.

    Something like that anyway. I just had a whole weekend off  as I had family birthdays to go to. Saw photos of myself and realised I am probably feeling better than I look! But hey hi, this is for good. Not for 12 weeks and then to be unhealthy again. It's a walk not a sprint.

    Which is what I wish I was doing on the treadmill this morning.  It's killing me lol

    Keep going ladies cause you keep us all going

  • Hey ladies-

    I wanted to check in and let you know that I am still trucking.  I have read your entries and can echo your feelings for sure.  I am starting the last third of the program today and am officially down 22 lbs. and 22.5 inches.  I did miss one day of a workout and just picked up where I left off the next day. Like Shelley said, I was amazed that I didn't let the guilt derail me!

    You guys are rocking it!  Keep up all the hard work.  Our bodies and minds are so much stronger than they were 8 weeks ago!  


  • I am checking in after 10 days of being "off the horse". We painted a room in the house, and the furniture was all pulled out and totally blocking access to my weight equipment.  I was so happy that the painting was being tackled, that I did not say anything.  Anyway, I am reading all of your posts after logging in for the first time in two weeks, and being encouraged not to let my progress slip away.

    And I have seen progress: slight muscle definition in arms and calves, weight down 8 pounds, clothes fitting better, able to jog a whole mile (something I haven't done in ten years), and feeling good overall.

    So, I am picking up where I left off, need to reread Fit for Life to get myself back on track.  All of your blogs have helped me want to stick with it.  


  • thanks Taho for your inquiry.  I guess I'm doing it for tine and definition (vs strength).  I do try to work on form, but am now at a point that I'm trying to increase weight..and that does affect form sometimes.  It's a trial and error situation.  let me ask you- do you like the bowflex/ dial dumbells? can you change weights quickly?  i've been considering buying them.


  • thanks Taho for your inquiry.  I guess I'm doing it for tine and definition (vs strength).  I do try to work on form, but am now at a point that I'm trying to increase weight..and that does affect form sometimes.  It's a trial and error situation.  let me ask you- do you like the bowflex/ dial dumbells? can you change weights quickly?  i've been considering buying them.