Determined to make a change

  • I just recently discovered BFL and am finding it very intriguing.  I have gained 30 pounds these past two years, lost 10 and am stuck.  I lost control of my body and my eating habits.  I feel so uncomfortable the way my body is.  I desire to be physically fit and am determined to be wearing a bikini come this summer! 

    I currenty weigh 150 pounds and i want to lose 20.  I want to be toned all over and just fit and healthy.  I am prepared to start on 12/31 and will be doing all my workouts in my basement at home first thing in am,before kids wake up.  I am a single mom of three kids and i work full time as a nurse in the ICU.  I am very busy but do not want that to deter me. 

    I want my body back.  I want my life back.  I am tired of being tired and irritable.  I want to have control over my body and food.  This challenge is going to be hard for me..i have never been one to lift weights.  However, i am ready to accept this challenge, push myself, and am excited to see the results.

    Would anyone like to join me on this challenge?  It is always more fun to accomplish goals with someone. 


  • Hi Sarah,

    I am starting BFL on 12/29.  I have steadily gained some unwanted weight over the past few years.  I would like to lose about 20 pounds, but really just want to transform from pudgy and flabby to lean and toned.  I am very areobically fit, ran a marathon this past summer (no speed records were set..)  I teach cycling classes and run often.  My main problem is my lack of control with food.  All the cardio in the world won't transform my body if I don't control what goes into my mouth.  I'm 41 and my metabolism is not helping either.  I've started doing weight training before, as I know the importance of it.  I just don't stick with it and always revert back to cardio.  I'm ready to make a change and take control.  I'm ready to go into this 100%. I'll join you in this challenge!!


  • Hey, Sarah,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I can relate very close to your desires. I too just found out about BFL this past summer &  I  need to lose about 30 lbs of fat. I've  never been heavy my whole life til 2 yrs ago & having my 2nd baby in september. I have been extremely excited & inspired by this 12 week program & just started Monday the 17th. I'll join with you too!! I'm the type to have big dreams, but never seem to be able to reach them. This book has taught me how to turn them into goals that will come true!! I just want to finally succeed at this dream, even if I don't win the challenge I will have the figure, self discipline, & stamina to keep up with my kids, that I desire.


  • Sarah,

    Be careful with the scale.  My goal was also to lose 25 pounds.  After a week and a half, I think I've lost a pound.  It started a bit disappointing to me except that my pants fit noticeably looser.  Maybe my goal wasn't really to lose 25 pounds, it was to be fit and solid.  I still think I will drop fat and weight but now I'm hoping for maybe 15 pounds. I'm walking a little more upright and smiling at people a little more confidently.  Remember the way it works is to build fat burning muscle.  As you build one, you will lose the other.  


  • Sarah,

    Your story is mine!  I am a registered nurse, too. Single with 2 boys. My kids are teenagers and I have the ability to go to the gym.  I am starting the challenge TODAY. I did the challenge years ago and had great results. Life got in the way and here I am trying it again.  I am tired of being tired, hating pictures of my flabby arms and thick middle. I feel uncomfortable in my body and even feel anxiety when I have to put 'real clothes' on instead of scrubs or sweat pants.

    With that said,,, you are not alone!!  I would like to be your virtual partner in our quest to be trim, healthy and feeling great!


  • Hello friends,

    I am starting today and my goal is to get lean and tone. I do not know how much weight I want to lose because I understand that muscle factors in. I did BFL about 2 years ago and got good results but I let it get away from me and I am back again. I enjoyed it so much the first time that I was anxious to get back to feeling good about myself. The forums are what got me through the program and the online support is phenomenal. I would love to partner with you all and attack this program together!


  • Awesome Sandy!  When are you planning to start?  I am with you, the eating part is HARD.  I have three kids at home and tend to not be the best with food.  They like to make cookies and i like to eat them too!  I am finding it hard to eat right.  BUT, with that said, this isn't impossible.  I am determined to make a change, and I am ready for this challenge!

  • Yea!  When do you plan on starting?

  • Jennifer!  Awesome!  Let's do this together!

  • Hi Sarah- I too am an RN and work mid shifts 11-11 in the ER. This timeframe makes it hard to snag a workout before or after as I work 1 hour away form home.  However, I started my BFL challenge today (Dec 30) and am dedicated to this! All I can see is the beginning of April 2013 feeling like a new woman. My energy and spunk has been in the gutter since my husband and I moved away from our family and friends this past year and the weight shows. I am ready to get back on track and feel like me again!! I will join you in this journey and whoever else wants to commit to each other to help stay accountable! Good luck! :)

  • how is everyone doing?

  • Hi lindzelou182!  Glad you are joining us!

    Today is Day 3 for me.  The first two days were awesome.  Did cardio and hit my high points, ate right and drank lots of water.  Today was upper body and it sort of sucked.  But let me say first that this was my first ever attempt at something like this.  First off, I didnt hardly hit any high points, i need to lift more.  Second, i need to get used to the way i am supposed to lift.  i will get better.  Anyone have any suggestions??

    Also, how much protein is everyone taking in a day?  I dont want to take too much.  

    Hope everyone is doing good so far!  Excited to hear everyone's progress!

  • Today was day 5 for me, upper body, and man it was tough getting out of bed for that one! I was exhausted but am so glad that tomorrow is the last day of week 1! Eating has been good this week considering I have had a birthday and New Years and a few other celebration type events that have made it tough. Besides a glass of champagne and some fro yo this evening for the bday, all has been good!! I eat protein with every meal and have found that very helpful. I find that I am not as hungry anymore and that I'm some what forcing myself to get in the 6th meal of protein at night. So thats good! How has everyone been doing this week?

  • Today was my day nine.  Hit the cardio hard.  For my first week, my scale indicated that I lost almost two pounds but I was skeptical that it wasn't a true fat loss.  I enjoyed my free day, felt a little sick after eating some not so healthy items.  The next morning I was back to where I started in terms of weight.  Probably had too much food in my gut from the night before. :) I hope to fine tune my eating and get the most out of my high points during weight training this week.  Hope everyone is getting along well after/during their first week!  

  • Hi Sarah,  Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  I started on the 29th.  I hope you are doing well as I noticed you started on the 31st.