Protein Bars...Only EAS?

  • Those of you that have done this which protein bars to you eat? Do you need to stick with the EAS bars? Thanks for the feedback.

  • I believe the qualifications for the challenge (if you are entering) you have to consume 1 EAS products during the challenge:

    "Participants are required to use at least one EAS® or other Abbott Nutrition product (including Myoplex®, AdvantEDGE®, ZonePerfect®‚ Ensure®‚ and Glucerna®* product lines) during their 12-week Program to be eligible. "

    It under the challenge tab /rules and regulations.

  • LLL is correct.  You need one EAS product.  You do not specifically need to have their bars and you are allowed other products.  So you may have bars from another brand. 

    But... I would suggest not having bars.  They aren't a great option.  Keep them for emergencies, if you are stuck without another meal option. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Thanks for the input. I drink myoplex shakes as one of my meals.

    Jessica- why would you suggest not using the bars?

  • Bars are a crappy form of protein and usually soy, which don't get me started about.  Also, there's the sugar alcohols, which are a belly nightmare and really without any value.  There just isn't a way to make a bar good quality because of the highly processed nature and preservatives.  I'm not saying no champ has even had them, but there's better options.  For on the go, I would suggest a shake instead. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • I agree...with Mighty Max use bars as an emergency plan or when travelling to keep me on plan.  I drink 2 shakes a day...  If you are doing the challenge one product must be EAS product.  Good luck!

  • I eat a 10 G protein bar with water or coffee while driving to gym in morning. It's not eas but it just the same. I have no dreams of winning BFL challenge other than doing my 12 weeks right. The reward will be the new me.

  • When you guys say you drink shakes, do you mean you drink the RTD (ready-to-drink) shakes or do you drink the myoplex packets that you mix  with water/milk?  I know milk is pretty much a no-no, so I'm assuming you probably mainly use water?  Thanks in advance.

  • I make my shakes with water and sometimes skim milk (rare).  I am watching $$ ... I use muscle milk powder and mix one for breakfast and usually another during the day.  I only use protien bars for emergencies.  I have done the RTD too, but the just cost more.  I have a shaker bottle at my desk & cold water in the frig.  If you are wondering why I use skim milk sometimes... rather than double scoop protein when I am really hungry in the mornings - I use skim milk to save $$.  

  • I do the EAS canister and follow the recommended scoops per the packaging (I think for EAS Myoplex it's 2 scoops). I mix that with a few frozen strawberries, 1/4 cup frozen blueberries, a Tbsp of ground flaxseed, and water. Good stuff.

    I agree with Might Max, bars are handy for an emergency (get caught late at work, stuck in traffic, last minute errand that runs late, etc) but I never considered them a "meal." Also in addition to the sub-par protein, many of them are full of artificial sweeteners and generally pretty high in fat for such a little thing. I think it's general it's better to eat "whole" food products whenever you can.

  • I agree with you folks.  Bars are for emergencies only, when you simply have no other option and need a small meal with some protein (even though the protein is probably very sub-par.  Shakes are way better protein and really, to me, taste better than the nasty bars.  I'm about to order some more Myoplex packets.  What do you mean by EAS canister, mwseahorse?  I've only found the individual packets of Myoplex for sale in my area.  Is there a big canister sold as well?  Thanks in advance.

  • I use the bars because it gives the satisfaction of eating something.  If all I do is drink a shake, I don't get the same satisfaction of actually eating something.  Know what I mean?

  • I sure know what you mean, Tom.  I'm the same one.  I have usually 1 bar a day.  Either a Zone Perfect bar or EAS Lean 15.  Can't eat the Snickers or Butterfinger, but this at lease satisfies the sweet cravings.

  • Protein bars are just a tiny bit up from eating a snickers. 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!