• Hi Shellbells - I really hadn't connected the dots till now, with you pointing it out - as to how much our self talk (negative or positive) can influence us. I journal almost daily - but almost always throw away what I wrote, but I can remember at this point how hard I've been on myself

    Thanks for saying I'm tenancious - thats something new I can add to my positive self talk! I'm smiling girl, thanks for the pats on the back and support!!

  • Anytime Mzcamp!!!  Keep that journal so you can re-read it... You will see how healthy you are becoming!  Once your mental outlook is healthy,  everything else will fall into place.    Lets stay connected!  we are now friends n this site..... I will stay in touch and check up on you... If you need me, I'm here!  

  • It seems that when I am wondering why should I keep doing this I read a post in the forum and there is someone else feeling the same as me and I know I am not alone.  I am beginning to feel the fit muscular me under the outer fatty layer.  My day off is starting to make me feel sick to my stomach with all the things I eat to satisfy my cravings and the lack of water.  I started the challenge on 8/27 and have only lost 7 pounds.  I hate the scale but I like the mirror, it tells a different story.  Some of my skinny clothes are starting to fit (the shirt that never gets worn because the sleeves are too tight or the pants you have to hold in your stomach all day that cut you in half)  I wore that shirt last week to work! I doubt that I will finish strong in the challenge but I am working hard and trying not to make excuses.  Most days there is a tiny cheat with the diet and about 1 time per week I have to make up a missed workout because life got too busy.  Compared to my diet before (eating 2 x per day in very large quantities) and not working out at all; I have made some good progress.  No one seems to notice the change that is happening to my body but I can see it and feel it!!!!!

  • UKC MOM!   AWESOME JOB.....I love your post - it illustrates how we all feel.  And I disagree, you will finish your challenge strong for you! and then?  On to challenge 2 because this s a lifestyle.....

    I have gone down 2 sizes, lost 13 overall inches and 13 poiunds - and I see a tremendousl difference and so do my kids and hubby...but guess what?  I was at Bunco last friday - 16 women and NOT ONE said a word about what I looked like (not even my sister) - and these women hadnt seen me in 4 months!  SO I said what you siad. They may not notice, but boy I SURE DO!!!

    Keep workin it!

  • WOW. The outpour of support on this site amazes me.  Everyone on this string has amazing stories and are wonderful for sharing them and their support of everyone else.  It has really helped me get back and stay on track.  I am in my 7th week of the challenge and I feel like I did the first couple of weeks with the everyones help on here.  Thanks again and I look forward to hearing more stories.

  • Wow Josh!!!! I was wondering how you were coming along!!!!  Awesome!!!  I am really glad to hear you have regained your motivation!!!  

    I had to push the heck out of myself this week... Migraines and I'll, but still getting the work outs in.  I feel better when I'm done,  but holy cow!!!!  Being under the weather sucks!

    Keep up the great work!  I'm check in on you and see how you're doing!!!!

  • Thank you everyone. I also came on the forum hoping for support and found it here. After going strong for 37 days, I am feeling unmotivated today. Yesterday I slipped up and ate a (small) piece of pumpkin pie last night and kept beating myself up about it.

    It's nice to have this community for accountability and to remember how to persevere through the icky days and remember self love will only come through commitment!

    Hit those 10s today and eat clean. Just focus on today. That's my plan anyway. :-)  

  • Youthful Winter---Thats all we can do is plan.. Don't beat yourself up about the pie. Focus on today and move on the past is the past and that is where it needs to stay. You can and will do this.

  • Hey everyone!! I like this thread - very motivational!

    Josh - I wanted to thank you for your support also. Everyone on here is friendly - and real. That means a lot

    I"m at work - so better go. I like what you said Youthful Writer, about HIt the 10's and One day at a time!!

    take care all - I can't believe the difference your support has made - WooooHoooo!!!


  • I have continued to push ahead and I have 2 1/2 weeks to go.  There are times I want to just blow off a workout, but I remind myself that is how I got to where I am.  I will finish this.

  • Brenda that is great.  Keep going and the two weeks will be gone before you know it.  I am finishing my 8th week this weekend.  4 more to go for me.  

  • Hey Josh, you wanted me to let you know when I put my pix up... they are up now under the thread "pictures - challenge completed", posted yesterday. Success on your next week!! Keep pushing.


  • Soraya, I have posted my 8 week photos and you can find them in the thread listed as 8 week progress photos.

  • 6 weeks into my second 12 weeks and I am quickly approaching the 100 pound lost mark!! Working out twice a day minimum these days. 5:15 am is elliptical and 3 upper body curcuits on the machines here at work. In the evening it is a 3 mile walk with my lovely and wonderful wife followed by a 5x25 session in the dungeon (basement) gym. A bit of lost focus over the weekend but now I am back in full force. New goal is to be at my goal of 225 by end of the year. That will be a drop of about 140 pounds. My running joke is I am trying to lose my wife and a few pounds....

  • Wow Rob that is fantatic.  Keep up the great work.  You will hit your goal before you know it.