• Well one of the main reasons I really started doing the BFL has come and gone at the end of my 5th week.  I have noticed that today I am feeling less motivated in the gym and with my eating.  What is something I can do to help with this and make sure I stay on track?

  • YOu are already this far Josh V. You were doing so well. Can you look in the mirror and feel satisfied? We all hit that moment when we have to dig deep to find motivation. That was the case for me last week and for a few seconds today at the gym when I was feeling the burn! But I find that connecting with people who are an inspiration keep me going. So, keep going please. In the end, only can be dissapointed you stopped or very proud of yourself that you continued. Keep up the good work.


  • This is my 6th week and I'm also feeling discouraged...My life is so hectic and demanding. Sleep haven't been close on the to-do list. I've been sick with a cold thats restricting my workouts....any advice?

  • Josh..... You said one of your main reasons for starting BFL has come and gone.....if you don't mind me asking... What's the main reason?

     I really love the chapter in the book called crossing the abyss.  I have read it and re-read it and read it again.  I have done the homework, answered the questions, journaled and wrote the positive stuff down.  Through that process I have realized that getting fit, eating clean and losing fat ( if you have fat to lose) is everything I didn't want it to be.  It's hard work, it's dedication and its understanding the reasons we keep ourselves out of shape to begin with.  I wanted an easy fix.  I'm not gonna get one.   I now realize that working hard and dedicating myself to my well being is far more than losing weight and getting fit.  It starts out that way but it isn't becoming that any longer. I am getting fit, I am losing weight.... But my attitude, happiness, outlook on life Is far far better than I could have ever hoped for again.  I am week 9 into my challenge and I have very good stats.  I have two more challenges to go before I meet my goal... and you know what?  It's ok.  Why?  Because this is how it has to be for the rest of our life.  Think about this.... If you aren't doing this ( even if its half a##ed) then what's the alternative?  Get creative with your food, change up your workouts,  in a couple weeks your body will start craving those workouts and you will get over the dull drums.  

    Keep it up.  Don't stop.  And I hope more than anything you find your way with BFL......dig deep and good luck!!!!

  • A few weeks ago I had to get a physical for work. Now, this is after I completed my 12 weeks, and kept on going. The doctor did all the tests with me and when it was over, looked at me and said, " You need to lose weight". I was thinking to myself," I did, and I feel good about myself". I could have gone home pissed off and depressed about the day. But I told myself I'm doing the right thing, I'm sticking with the program, and all I have to do is put in the time. You're right, there is no quick fix, it took us time to put the weight on, and it will take patience and time to get it off. You may not realize it, but you are already on your way to success.Take your motivation from the little steps. I worked out today ( didn't skip it), I ate clean (didn't cheat) and I'm moving closer each day to where I want to be. These things are hard to do day in and day out. Be proud of what you are doing. Keep it up.

  • Cameo....Good job !!  I had a similar experience.....I am glad you have such a good outlook!  Congrats on your first challenge.  Well said!

  • Josh,

    I am a few weeks into my second 12 week challenge. I can tell you that the highs and lows will always be there, no way around it. I found that the main driving factors that kept me going were to review my goals and to have a mental picture of what I want to look like. I also found it a great tool to take the pictures monthly and compare them. If that does not motivate you nothing will. First challenge I dropped over 85 pounds and lost 11.5 inches from my waist, The pictures were dramatic. I have set goals for this 12 weeks to be 40 pound and another 8 inches. Find a picture that reminds yourself of what you want to look like and post it where you can see it daily. Simple things like that help.

  • Soraya,  Thank you for the uplifting words.  

    Dilly,  Keep thinking positive and keep working out and eating right as much as possible.  You are halfway to the end and you will get through it.  Keep going as it will be worth it in the end.  If you miss don't look back and worry about it.  Just keep moving forward.

    Shell,  The main reason I started the challenge was to try and get in shape for an alumni basketball game for my high school.  I wanted to do the best I could in the game.  Now it has come and gone.  I am doing much better, I think that Monday was just a bad day for me.  Thank you for the motivation.

    Cameo,  You are a rockstar.  Keep pushing and get to a weight where you Dr. will be happy.  I really don't know that I could have kept my head up that well after that.  

    Rob,  That is great advice and it is part of what I did to keep myself going the past couple of days.  

    Everyone one thing that has helped me is I started reading a book that was written by my basketball coach.  It is called "Refuse to be Ordinary" 10 Championship Traits by Dennis King.  It has been very motivational also.  If you get a chance I would read it.  It has helped me out with my motivation also.

  • Thanks for the book TIp.....I might read it!  I have a plane trip coming up...just up my alley!  

    Glad your out off the dull drums and back into it!  Im happy about that!

  • Hey - I've been having a horrid time on my challenge and came to this site hoping for motivation and got it. Thanks to all. Dilly - I can relate. I"ve been having trouble sleeping/ do not get enough. I just cheated on my diet (someone gave me a small chocolate) I thought I would save it for free day - that lasted about 20 min. :-(

    So - I"m going to check out the book, forgive myself and move on - as Josh says.

    I appreciate this community. I really do not have much support at home. I know I sound like a drag right now - just discouraged!


  • Bettie,

    Keep your head up and use the forum.  Let us know if you need any help or have any questions.

  • Lately I have been a bit bummed - I wanted to see more change at 8 weeks (started my 8th week yesterday).  While I see some changes I wanted it to be more drastic.  I want to fall back to old habits but I keep telling myself I will never see the changes I want if I go back to how I was.  I needed to read all these motivational comments.

  • Brenda4life- keep going.  I promise if you keep on keepin on, your going to recreate your body!!!!  Don't fall into self sabotage.  Journal your thoughts.  Meditate on everything good and relax.  This is for a lifetime and even though its a challenge, it's not a race.  If you need help, I'll be here for you!  Rock it for yourself!!!!!

  • Just wanted to say this thread helped turn me around. I was in a vicious cycle of planning the day- to eat clean and work out - but tripping up and beating myself up. Just bought a pair of pants - the largest size I have ever been - but this time I didn't massacre myself because I am feeling so good , the last 3 days I have been on track and I'm excited. I can feel that something has changed - me. I have hope now that I CAN do this and will. I am going to check with BFL site daily - its really helping me to come here for support. thanks to all. I needed this.

  • Mzcamp:  I am thrilled for your success!  I think this forum is one of the best ways to feel supported and not alone in this journey.  I have found some real friends on this site and the support we have for one another is pretty spectacular.

    3 days turns into a week, then two and more!!!!  You are on your way....try very hard to keep up the positive self talk!!! Don't let yourself fall into that negative and depressing state.... You are worth the effort.   Have you or did you journal your thoughts about yourself before you started?  You can still so it....I did it and I cannot believe how depressed, negative and self deprecating I was!   Now I look at that and really know how far I have come.  I don't think like that anymore.  I'm not so hard on myself,  and I appreciate all the good things that I do well.

    I am proud of your tenacity!  Keep going now that you have momentum!!