Vegetarian with questions on protein sources

  • I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian.  My question is, what constitutes protein?  Chobani fat free plain yogurt has 23 grams of protein and 9 grams of carbohydrates in 8 ounces.  But yogurt is listed as a complex carbohydrate on BFL's food list.  I also used to eat legumes, (black beans, lentils) which I thought were considered a protein source as well, but they are listed as complex carbs too.  As a vegetarian, protein sources are limited, can you please settle this as I'm confused.  Thank you!!  Caroloot

  • I'm gluten and dairy free, I use Heartland Gold sprouted brown rice protein powder. It is a complete protein because it has been sprouted. I add it to apple juice for a protein shake. It's a bit grainy, but I got used to it, and has a mild flavour. There are other brands out there that I haven't tried yet, but as long as it is *sprouted* brown rice protein powder it will be a complete protein.

  • Thank you LLL for answering.  I JUST now saw it!!  I thought I marked to be emailed when I got a reply, but I must not have.  It's funny what you just recommended because that's WHAT I JUST BOUGHT!!!  :o)  You're right, it is a bit grainy but I like the idea of how pure it is compared to all the whey powders that have all the other stuff in them.  Thanks again!  How many times a day do you drink it?  You're not a vegetarian are you?

  • Hi caroloot

    I have 2 shakes a day, sometimes 3 if I'm really busy. It's a really good product, it doesn't have any other ingredients other than rice, and it has 40% daily iron intake per serving, which is good if you don't eat a lot of meat.

    The trick with it is to shake it and drink it right a ways. If you let it sit at all, it actually gets grainier.

    No, I'm not a vegetarian, I just have a lot of dietary issues. I can't tolerate milk products very well. I am strictly gluten free too.

    Gluten intolerance usually goes hand in hand with lactose intolerance too.

    Do you take a multivitamin or other supplements?