HELP:Have CFS/M.E., Did BFL pre-illness, WANT to try it now...Need assistance with revised goals

  • Hi all...

    In 2002 I successfully did BFL for several months and nearly reached goal the Spring of 2003 several calamities occurred, and one of them was developing this insidious illness that affects my endocrine, immune, neurological, and hormone systems.

    I have since gained an INCREDIBLE:E amount of weight, since for the past 9 years I have extreme post-exertional malaise.  I NEED/WANT to try doing a scaled-down version of BFL.  This is the only thing that worked for me before!  I can't continue in this body that is over 100lbs overweight. 

    I also have developed a sensitivity to splenda/sucralose and nutrasweet that involves migraines and dizziness, so I can't use any products with those artificial sweeteners in.  I can use Xylitol, stevia, and maltitol with no issue.

    I NEED advice, please, assistance - I want to do this, I want to be the 1st successful BFL-er who has this completely disabling illness.  Please assist or direct me to who can.  I want to work on a revised, greatly scaled down version of the cardio/weights, but I can def do the diet, but not the Myoplex is it still has sucralose :(



  • Your doctors are going to be the best advice for what you can and can't do physically.  It sounds like you have the knowledge of what to do since you've done it before.  Once you get the OK from the doctors and you are set to begin the real challenge is at hand.  Stepping out in faith to overcome any fear and just getting started will be what makes or breaks your challenge.  Good luck and you will succeed if you put you mind to it.  Stay plugged in here for motivation.

  • I am not a doctor but I know that avoid fake anything is best that include artificial sweeteners.  I am sticking to a nearly clean food habit and I mental and physically am better for it.  As far as the other health issues, I can only suggest talking to your physician for what your potential limitations are.