Started 9/3?

  • Hello everyone! This is my 5th time starting the challenge (which takes a lot of courage for me to admit). I actually first did it 9 years ago in high school. The BFL workou plans and eating styles have ALWAYS worked for me and laid the foundation for my love of strength training and HIIT. Over the years, I've partcipated in many endurance races: marathons, half ironmans, etc. I was actually training for a full Ironman early in the year then fractured my shoulder this past May. I can lift lower levels on top half and regular lifts on bottom but still can't swim. Needless to say, I had to withdrawal from Ironman (it's this weekend!). 

    Despite many endurance accomplishments, I've never had the lean body mass I've wanted. I've always carried extra around my middle and LOVE food. I know for a fact 6 small meals keeps me sane, satiated, and slender if I stick to it!  I thrive in accountability and am doing everything in my power to reach my goals by November. I can't fail. I eat paleo which means no grains so my carbs will come from starchy vegetables and fruits. 

    Starting Weight: 140

    Bust: 39"

    Waist: 29"

    Hips: 38"

    24% BF (according to online calculator)


    Weight: 120-127 would be super!

    Waist: 26"

    Hips: 36"

    BF%: 18-20%

    Thank you in advance for your support and community!

  • Welcome to the BFL Forum, CHallenge and team.  I wish you the best and I can see from your recording of the stats that you have indeed done this before. Be sure to take the before photo and put it where you can see it (the fridge is a great place) to remind you of your start point and inspire you to eat clean during the challenge. Be sure to plan meals as well if possible and record your workouts in a journal , paper or electronic. Should you need support, moral or advice be sure to ask the forum and those who join your blog with this start date. I have done 3 challenges and just finished my one for this year on 2 July several months ago and have already officially entered into the BFL challenge as well. Best wishes to you and Keep Moving Forward.!!!