C2-Feeling Good

  • DAY 4 Challenge2- Had a good day on the treadmill today. Will now update progress weekly. this time more determined than the last.

  • Welcome to C2,  I still remember my C2 and believe me when I say that you probably learned alot from successes and challenges on your last challenge to help make this one even more successful.  Best of Luck and Keep Moving Forward and don't let the scale discourage you, remember a lb or muscle weighs much more than a lb of body fat.  Use better systems to measure body fat,  OMRON device like I got at GNC or many gyms have, or pinch test calipers are more accurate and be sure to take beginning body area measurements as well and record them in your journal, electronic or paper journals. ANd don't forget to post a copy of that before photo on the door to the fridge or somewhere you will see it in the kitchen. (great motivator that one).

  • Very best of luck, Aurosramos!  You can do it this time.

  • Day 11

    Good week overall. settled into nice balanced routine. Not even severe hail storm putt me off. Went to the pokiest gym in the city centre and got my 20minute aerobic solution in. Thanks Dancing queen.

    post again day 18 till next time

  • Congrats - good job!  Are you located in the southwest region of Missouri?  We have had some CRAZY weather lately, including hail.


  • Day 19

    Great week. Just a hiccup Friday. Worked late and could not get to the gym. Transformed friday into freeday to keep up according to my journal. means no free day tuesday. Actually dancing queen i am located in the Northern Part of South Africa. Can you believe we had snow about a month ago! Scary. Been also plenty of severe storms lately totally unseasonal. It best to carry your own weather with you? (Covey). How is your challenge progressing? Anyway till next week.


  • Keep going Aurosramos!! I like it that you keep a journal here. I keep a public journal also under the thread "This is my Journey". It keeps me accountable and I can't give up. I have lived in your country for some months. Cape Town, Baby!! We loved it, that was in 1998-1999 for about 6 months as a Missionary family.


  • Northern part of South Africa?  Gee, you don't even have an accent!  (just kidding)

    You had SNOW?!  Wow.  I'd give anything for some snow.  It would be a nice reprieve from Missouri weather this summer.  It has been a scorcher.  Come up here and bring the snow with you!  What season is it in South Africa now?  

    My Challenge 1 has been awesome from a weight loss perspective:  21 POUNDS in 7 WEEKS!!!  I've been slow on getting into the exercise, but it is improving.  Built a little fitness center in my home, so I have everything I need.  ... Now I just NEED to push harder.  Wish me luck!

  • Hi SorayaRosaria

    think i got a friend request from you a while back. My work system did not allow me to follow the link. Actually i was born Cape Town. Beautiful city. Up in Pretoria for work.

    Will check out your thread.

  • Hey Dancing Queen

    It supposed to be spring. These days there appears to be only two seasons, summer and winter.

    Great work on C1 keep going!

    Also made some progress. 5cm on waist and hips. 4.5kg weight loss (although we not supposed to weigh). Enjoying the exercise part and settled nicely into good nutrition habits. I have not opted for free days but rather 1 free meal a week. I find that a full free day makes me lose focus and soon its a free week or weekend.

    Day 23 (tempus fugit!)

    Till next time.

  • Day  27

    Had a great leg workout this morning. Its always easy to hit high points on the lower body. will focus on portions this week. Have some goals for the next few weeks and nutrition will be important.

    Till next time.

  • Day 27... got ahead of myself yesterday.

    I am having some problem with meal 5 and portion size. For the next week I am going to substitute meal 5 with a protein shake and see if that leads to better weight loss. Supposed to be free day tomorrow but will maintain nutrition and take a break on the exercise front. Need the same commitment to my nutrition plan as with my exercise plan. If results are positive i may look at meal 3 as well for 1 or two days a week.

    Bought a new car! Red German beast! Now need the body to match it!


  • A sexy new car, eh?  What fun!  Hope you enjoy it.

    Be careful not to cut back too much.  I don't know about you, but if I cut back too much, it sometimes leads to even more food control issues.


  • Love what you have for inspiration. Now I know you will stick to this. You want to body to match the sexy car!! And I had to laugh when you said that if you take a whole day off, pretty soon it will be free weekend and then free week. Whatever works for you, man! I am now down to free meal also just because I am so close to finish line. But have always gone crazy on free days and focus hasn't been an issue. Stay true to yourself.


  • Hi Guys

    Day 33

    Wow. C2 i really rocketing along. Have not missed a workout yet and getting stronger and more toned. Need to tighten up on the nutrition front though. the next 51 days nutrition will be my major focus.

    Dancing Queen: Will not cut back too much as i want to maintain the intensity of my workouts.

    SR :What day are you on now? Post progress pics if you can

    Till next time