Getting Started... Again!

  • Hi all, I actually read a worn and tattered copy of BFL last year and used the program, or some variation of it, for several weeks and I got great results. I dropped down to 18% BF from 24% within two months. My bench went up considerably. I always struggled on the bench and finally tore a ligament in my shoulder trying to bench 225lbs a couple of years ago. While sticking stricly to DBs for the duration of my program I felt like I was getting very strong. I decided to give the bench press a try and maxed out at 270lbs and could work out with 250 pretty easy! I was amazed!

    Unfortunately, I pushed too hard with the deadlifts and aggrivated a herniated disc from the year before and I've been sidelined since. I could have kept going but I was very discouraged after the injury.

    Well, here I am. I'm getting rediculously out of shape and I'm sick of it. I'm feeling moivated. I went to the gym this morning and it felt great even though I have a long way to go to get back to where I was. Wish me luck!

  • Hey Gotlift

    Take it easy this time. I notice that one gains strength with difficulty but when you take a layoff from the gym you lose it rapidly. Also got back into it this week. was tempted to lift my max from 3 months ago.didn't and glad since the lightweight workout really hurt the next day.

    good luck and keep posting.

  • The best advice I can give you is a quote from Kai Greene: This is not a weight lifting program, this is a body BUILDING program. If you keep concentrating on your "numbers" instead of your form, you will end up right where you are now. Numbers mean nothing. They are a great self-esteem boost but compare the body shape of a weight lifter and a natural body builder and you will see what I am trying to say.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • This is what I have come to realize. I will take it easy this time for sure. I have no doubt that I will make rapid gains in the areas where my body is still strong, but I will certainly take it easier on my back this time around. I know I overdid it on the dead lifts and sacrificed from, which lead to the injury. Thanks for the advice.

  • Welcome back Gotlift,   Be sure to go easy into the program on the weight amounts with that back injury. And do like I always do, having had back problems in the back, start light build up very slowly with steady not sudden movements and always re-check your weight totals befoe lifting that bar (I learned about this on a squat rack one time when I had my ending weight first in the set not last, ooops).  And I would advice the use of a belt, mine is Weider and I got it in Sears for about 20 or less and it has been worth every penny of it. (gloves with support might help you out as well).. Hope this helps and remember it's not a number or scale weight contest with BFL, it's a system of steady progress to your potential. I use to weigh 287 and now I am down to 223 with a lot more muscle after three yearly challenges. Keep MOving FOrward!