Back after surgery...but

  • So had a few complications with my surgery that prolonged my recovery and of course down time.  Well I've been back now for 2 weeks and although workouts are going good, just had to sub biking for running for a while, but I feel like I'm failing at the diet part.  I stuck to it during my recovery but had a few bad weeks with birthday parties and vacations.  I'm constantly hungry in the afternoon from 3-5ish even with having my fourth meal @ 3:30.  I'm eating the same as before as for portion and ratios, but just feel like I'm starving.  How do I get over this hump?

  • It would seem to me your body needs time to recover and probably requires different nutritional requirements while healing.  Also, any kind of prescription drugs for pain can change appetite.

  • I was advised to add protein to my meal at that time (4th meal) and that has helped me with that hunger.  I track my food on to help me truly see what I am eating.  My % of protein, carbs, and fat were off until I started using that tool.  As far as setbacks go - you have to refocus, remember why you want to make the change in your life, and start from there.  You can't change the past it is over, but you can choose what happens today - make that your focus.  Good luck.