Recipe for Failure

  • I started my first BFL challenge four years ago. I achieved results that surprised everyone myself included. During my second challenge which ended in November 2011, I saw great results in week 10 onwards. Yet, I am here now for the third time right where I first started when it comes to weight and body shape.

    I looked in my BFL diary book and saw that my strength improved greatly but I gained back all the weight/dress sizes I lost. I had to start thinking why I am always finding myself at that place where I have to start all over again when it comes to diets and BFL. I have been dieting for the past 15 years. Every time it is the same story. Then I found out why. I decided to share it as it might be helpful to anyone out there like me.

    I failed to maintain my weight loss and new shape because of two reasons: First, even though I became of average weight and everyone complimented me on it, I still did not really actually see or feel anything inside me except that I am still fat. I bought new clothes in my new size, and I KNEW I was smaller, yet every time I looked in the mirror I only saw my old fat self. Something inside me made me unable to believe that I am no longer obese. It just did not register. In my heart I mocked the changes. I only saw the faults and did not think of those faults as a linking bridge for the next phase.

    The second reason is that I did not think of any diet, eating plan or even BFL as a new way of life that should stay with me for the rest of my life if I wanted to keep my good shape. I was counting the days of BFL, the meals, the mistakes, and marking the date it will all end for me to "be that shape and complete the challenge and let my new life begin". But to complete something is see it coming to an "end". Once it ended, slowly but surely I went back into my old ways.

    I did not think of a single day of BFL as an opportunity to learn why I ate a particular way and how to break those habits. Every free day was a celebration of my ability to return to that place where I can do/eat whatever I want in waiting for the 84 days to finish.

    That was why I failed.

    This is the third time I do BFL. Today is day 11. Everyday when I crave something or want to fall back into my old ways, I think of solutions to the problem that will keep me happy for a lifetime but won't undermine BFL. I'm happy to find that in most cases when I try to look for a solution, it actually works. :o)))

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Great great post. I love your transparency and honesty and I applaud you for really applying what you learned about yourself.  

     I have lost my weight and gained it back repeatedly.  10 years ago I did BFL,  lost 55 lbs (3challenges) and was a size 4/6.  I kept it off for two years and BFL was a way of life.  But I had teenagers at the time and my oldest daughter got into drugs and it literally drug me (and the rest of the family) through the dirt for 8 years.  I found myself so deep into depression, anger and pain.  Honestly , I prayed and wished for death everyday.  So I became very self destructive.  Gaining weight , giving up on my healthy lifestyle.  

    But this year I was able to come to terms with things (my daughter is now doing well)  and I have pulled myself up by the "boot straps" in order to regain my life again.   This is week 5 for me.

    Now that I think about it, I'm glad it happened.  I learned a lot about myself.  I realize I will never be "cured" and a healthy lifestyle must be maintained in the face of adversity.  Very similar to my daughter staying clean, I have to stay eating clean and keeping up with the weight lifting/cardio program.  Her additction is drugs, mine is food.  We have both vowed to succeed.

    Good for you!  I hope you are proud of you're efforts!!!!  

  • Thank you for sharing, Change4better. This is such good advice. I can see myself starting to slack once I reach my goal at the end of the 12 week program. I had in mind of taking a month off before starting the next challenge. But maybe a month off won't serve me very well. Maybe one week just to give myself that feeling that I had a break in between. But its so easy to start slacking and go back to old ways. Thank you again.


  • Change4better: your story sounds so much like mine. I was excited about the changes of my body and energy. I was blown away when I ended putting on a pair of jeans that I thought were mine. But then didn't recognize them so upon inspecting them I noticed they were a size 16. I did BLF over ten years ago and I absolutely loved it. I was losing weight and I could see it and feel it I started @ 213lbs and by my 12 wks I went from a size 20 to a 16 and was 175 and almost in a 14 when everything and life fell apart on me. I so want that energy and strength back. I did a physical job am not working at the moment now but soon to be.. I found myself at half way into my 12 wks that I didn't hurt at the end of the day and that I WASN"T tired. We moved and my mom whom was sick got worse and I was in school and working full time nights. I found myself lacking time to cook so fast foods and no time to run anymore or to workout. Soon my weight went from 175 to 195 and I became depressed after my mother passed away. Since then I met someone and had 3 more little ones all  a year apart so now I am 280lbs and starting ALL over again. In the end I let someone else s eating habit become my own. So I have restarted the challenge on Monday and I am feeling better.   I know I will stumble I know this is who I want to be and to become. I know this program and challenge will bring nothing but success for me. BODY FOR LIFE something that I can do FOR LIFE... Good luck and this new road to a better than before you inside and out!!!!  JUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD EVEN WHEN YOU MISS A STEP!!!!!

  • I forgot a few things I am a binge eater and I can't leave food on my plate nor can others leave food on their plates left on the table. If there are sweets in the house I WILL eat them. Some tricks to help me help me. I don't buy sweets for my family anymore. If they want it they can go get it a single serving at a time. I will say though if I AM craving it I will get it and take a bite and as hard as it is I THROW IT AWAY. My craving fix now is gone. I over season food left on plates so I wont touch it. I in turn eat a lot of fruits with my proteins especially for my last snack for the day. Eating 6 meals a day  I love that about this program I never feel hungry and if I do It's usually time to eat again. This is a day by day step by step for me and will take 3 to 4 challenges this time round to achieve my goal this time. Last time I just needed one more challenge to be where I wanted to be. I don't have the support like I did then GOD bless her my mother was my biggest fan and helped keep me motivated and on track..  So again I wish you all GOOD LUCK and STAY STRONG!!!  WE CAN AND WILL DO IT!!