anyone else work long hours?

  • hello everyone!

    New to the forum, just had some questions for everyone before i start the body for life program.

    I work kind of a odd schedule, so were all on the same page here it is:

    4 nights, 3 off, 3 days, 1 off, 3 nights, 3 off, 4 days, 7 off then it starts all over again, 14 hours a day/night

    i was just curious if anyone else works long hours or shift work like myself and how they balance the body for life program?

    being I work nights, ive been told your body will not process food from 2am-4am should i not eat during this time?

    any replys back on these questions would be a great help!


  • That looks like an interesting schedule.  I have a pretty regular schedule so I may not be the best to say.  I would suggest treating each time you wake up like a new day.  Work out when you get up, if it's 5 am or 5 pm.

    I don't buy that 2am-4am thing, I think if your awake you'll process food.  For me I am awake about 17 hours a day and sleep the other 7 (I never find time to get a good 9 hours except on weekends).  The first 2 hours I work out and get ready for work.  that leaves me 15 hours or so to fit in 6 meals so about 2-3 hours between meals (I try not to go more than 3 hours).

    For you you may find during your transition days you are only up for only 1/2 or 3/4 of the day.  These days maybe 6 meals is too much, and other days you are up longer, you may need 7 meals.  If you go to under Progress Reports and Success Journal you will find excel sheets of the daily journals.  Maybe check these out and customize them to your 28 day schedule.  You don't need to plan every meal 4 weeks in advance, but at least you can get an idea of the schedule.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

  • Wow!  I feel for you.  I work on the west coast but for a company in New York.  I am up at 3;30 and work at 4am to 4 PM at least and many days till 6pm'.  I have a problem because I am hungry at 4am.  I can't eat that early so I wait till 6 am.  Work out on my "lunch" at 9am. And have ny second meal/shake at about 10:30.  Then every three hours from there.  I am of the belief that your body will process all hours, especially when you get your metabolism firing again!  

    In 4 weeks I have lost 7lbs and 6.5 total inches so it's working awesome for me!  

    Good luck!!!!

  • I work very eradic hours. Could be a nice 8-9 2 days a week. Could be 24+ hours at a time then up the next dayafter 6 hours sleep. I'm a midwife and have no idea what each day will bring! Im nervous about starting this program again because of the amount of prep I need to do to make sure I always have what I need on hand!

  • I think being prepared, and following the plan regardless of the clock.  Eat small meals every 3 hours x 6.  Stick to your schedule and don't concentrate on the time of day.