End of Week 5

  • Week five is coming to an end and after weeks of aching and exhaustion, I am starting to have more energy and experience a feeling of vitality I have not had in years.  The weight training has definitely pulled my posture up and I am feeling and looking better all together.  I have not lost much in inches so far and I dare not weigh myself just yet as I don't want to be disappointed, but I know good things are happening under the surface.  I have been on yo you diets before to loose and put on a stone that many times that really this time I will just be happy to be going slowly in the right direction. I want to loose weight of course but what is the point of starving off muscle like I have in the past and slowing my metabolism further. Women of my age do have a difficult time hormonally and I believe that does make the challenge that much harder, but also means we need to do this more and will reap wonderful benefits.

    Me and my partner are finding the energy to go for long walks and even went roller skating tonight and that is on top of the daily workouts in the program something I could not imagine a the beginning.

    I have been reading this forum and love the before and afters.  The help and advice on here has been a great help.  So thank you all and good luck on your journey, don't give up it is worth it in the end.

  • Great story!!!! Wow. You are almost half way there then. Keep up the good work! Doing so great!


  • Thanks for the reply and the encouragement SorayaRosaria,    Good luck with your journey.  From your profile it sounds like you are very organized and raring to go. x

  • Hi! I am also just starting week 6! I agree, pounds and inches are slow to go, but I have been noticing my cloths fit better, my rings are looser, and my shoulders, I noticed yesterday, are almost...fetching! So keep up the good work, and enjoy the feeling of vitality!

  • Hi Miss Understood.  It is so great to reach the mid way point, glad you are also feeling the benefits.  I have just taken some midway pics and am going to have a go at downloading them in My Transformations.  Thanks for the encouragement and well done to you!