Expectations too high?

  • Hi everyone! I just finished my fourth week of the program and although I haven't been "perfect", I feel like I'm doing really well. I've been feeling better (more energy), lost a good solid 4 lbs, and clothes seem to fit better. So my problem is that I took my 4 week picture tonight and was anxious to see some change in the picture and...nothing. I look basically the same as my starting photo. I'm so confused because I really thought my body was already changing but according to the picture, it really isn't yet. I am extremely overweight and knew that this was going to be a long ride (probably at least 3 programs) and I have read some of the books and messages on this sight and I guess I just wonder if I should completely not worry about the picture (I sat and obsessed over comparing the beginning picture to the 4 week picture for about an hour, ughh!) or could the picture be right and my body really isn't showing any changes yet...is that common? Thanks in advance for any replies! 

       Still trying to keep positive....Jamey

  • Jamey, I feel your pain.  We live in a now society and we want everything now, so it's definitely tough when our bodies don't respond the way we want them to because they are part of the natural world that Takes Time

    Even with that said, the best thing to do is just take ANY improvements you can get every step of the way.  You lost a solid 4 lbs and your clothes fit better...so YAY celebrate that!

    Continue to read the forum and post your concerns.  I was so afraid in the beginning and wasn't vocal at all for fear that I would quit and let people down.  But now I'm in it for life and that is what crossing the Abyss is all about.

    Read posts like "My 8 week results" there you can see Heather's transformation, and although not complete, shows much improvement.  I tell you it's so uplifting to share in someone else' joy and read other people's comments.  It just gives you energy to keep going.

    Keep reading and re-reading the book and tweak the program (stay with the core of it) but tweak it to fit your lifestyle.  I'm writing and sharing in my post "What I've learned on my free day" and it's great to share with others as they share what we've all learned about free day.

    Also there are a few documents floating around, one called Paper Towel Theory that is very helpful.

    So be proud of yourself!   1/3rd of the program is done, the next 3rd is the toughest I won't lie to you, so read everything in the section Crossing the Abyss, and the 3rd stage weeks 9-12, that's when something kicks in you to shift gears and gun it.

    Focus more on completing each day to the fullest and as long as you learn something new about yourself, then that's always a good thing.  (I'm learning that I'm the type that just can't seem to follow the schedule or write things down when I must.  I do good with the workouts and eating, but the paperwork end of it....one of my weak points)

    So be a part of the community!  In the beginning it's scary to just put yourself out there, but then when you read about people's honesty, sincerity, and genuiness, you begin to wonder how come people in my own neighborhood are not as supportive.

    Then you realize that people here are going through the same struggles just at different stages.

    It's encouraging and uplifting.

    So hope this helps a little!   Keep your head up, smile because you can, and know that even the smallest improvement will add a little bit more happiness in your life!

    ~Marqui D.  C1W8D50

  • Hang in the Jamey!  I was in the same mind frame as you were after my 4 week pictures.  I didn't see many changes.  I had been working so hard and felt like nothing was happening.  I was ready to give up!  You can go to my profile and see my progress pics.  There was not much at all between week 1 -4.  But by week 8 you can start to see some major differences.    Hang in there.  It's worth it!  Right now you are building the foundation.  You are increasing your muscle mass, increasing your metabolism, and pretty soon you'll start burning the fat!   I promise you will!  

  • Jamey,

    I had a friend that I trusted to be honest and objective look at my pictures during my first couple of challenges.  I weighed 300lbs in the beginning and when I looked at my progress pictures I saw no changes either.  My friend would take my photos and she would draw arrows and make notes by every single change her objective eye could see.  I lost 35lbs during that first challenge, she was the only person besides me that noticed any changes because she was looking at my pictures objectively.

    As Marqui said, we are an instant gratification society and true life altering fitness takes time and commitment.

    Hang in there and stay honest with yourself on "slip ups" because they do add up.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Thanks so much for the support! I have to learn to be patient and not expect everything to happen immediately and I truly believe this program will help me do just that. BFL forum has been absolutely a godsend for me and I'm sure for many, many others. It is so nice to know others have been there and done that and have also kept on going and succeeded!  Thanks again!

  • Heather,

       Great pictures! It was nice to see the actual pictures that show the changes by week 8, it definitely helps me stay positive and keep going. Thanks much!

  • I love your story, thanks so much for sharing it with me. My fiance says that with the human eye, the small changes aren't always noticeable but he can feel the changes in my body, so that helps to. I guess I'm just one that thinks seeing is believing but I am so, so grateful for the support on here. It also really helps to hear the stories of others that were extremely overweight and found success with BFL. I enjoy looking at the transformations of those who need to lose some body fat percentage, but I don't relate because I'm just trying to first get to a place where I look similar to their starting pictures. Yet, this program is for anyone and everyone for whatever reason they want or need and that is why I love it so much! Thanks for all the support!

  • Hi, I felt the same way after week 4.  You can look at the pics from Challenge 1 of me on transformation.com name is JillC.  Look at the difference from beginning to week 4, 8 and then 12.  I felt like there were minimal changes in weeks 4 and 8, but holy cow, there were some serious changes in week 12.  Stay the course, it really works.  I am on week 4 of challenge 2 now.  Good luck to you.

  • I completed my first (and only, so far) challenge about 2 years ago.  I could not see any significant changes at the 4-week point, either.  But by the 8 week mark....WOW!  That's when it all seems to come together for a lot of people, and I was one of those.  Unfortunately, I slacked off a little bit in my last 4 weeks of that challenge, and I really think I needed to head straight into a 2nd challenge to REALLY have the results I wanted. Instead I "took a break" and here I am, 2 years later, deciding to give BFL another chance because it really did work when I was consistent with it!  Just hang in there - the changes will come.  I'm sure you can feel it more than you can see it, at this point - but your body is changing from the inside out.