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  • Hello everyone! I'm new here but I'm not so new to the Body for Life. I found the Body for Life for Women book at a bookstore one day, and bought it. I was sooooo anxious to give it a shot. Now I'm not overweight, nor am I too skinny. According to the book, I'm in the right spot and where I should be. Although, my reason for trying this was to feel better mentally and physically, and I also have hypertension, due to a bad right kidney and I'm only 21 yrs old. Basically, I gave it a shot one time about a month ago. I had kept it up for about 3 weeks only missing a few days here and there. I already noticed a lot of changes but school got rough since we are nearing the end and I quit. Just lastnight I started to perform my lower body workouts again. Do you guys have any tips for keeping it up? I'm someone who really tries to stick to things yet I get discouraged the second I miss a day and just give it all up. Also, if the weather outside is horrible, what else do you recommend I do to get a decent cardio workout? Thank you so much!!



  • Nikki-Seems like the weather is horrible everywhere...I'm in Missouri and it has rained the last 4 days! ugghh!

    FYI, the Body for Life for Women isn't the official book so be careful with what it says, I haven't seen it, but I've heard many say, go by the original Bill Phillips version

    On keeping with this program, I suggest coming to this site daily, begin "talking" to a few people, so they can help you along. I started in December and have met soooo many wonderful people on this site.

    On the cardio, I will send Legs a message to head your way, she has some "different" cardio things she likes to do.  I have a treadmill and elliptical, do you have any of those?

    Anyways, welcome back...you have made a great choice!! Let me know if you have questions!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Ok, thank you. I didn't know there was a difference between the two. Thanks for letting me know that. As for the equipment...I do have a treadmill, but I don't get much out of it. I don't sweat the way I do when I can go for walks/jogs outside. I just feel like it is a waste of time for me. Usually what I try to do instead is do some lunges, jumping jacks, jog in place, even run up and down the stairs. Thanks for sending that person to me, I hope she can help me out too!


  • Nikki:

    I dont have a treadmill and often wish I did! I dont understand how you can get a sweat going outside and not inside - perhaps you just need to revisit your speed on that one.

    As far as cardio variations, I skip some days to ChrisCarys Open Road CD. By skip I mean many things - alternating skips on each leg, feet wide - kicking ahead and high, high knee hops, jumping jacks, full body twists - lower to floor and up, football drills (pretend you are going through tires wide and narrow and FAST), both feet together jumping side to side - slow and wide, then faster and faster, hopping on one foot then jumping on that foot side to side or ahead and back, pretend skiing strides, jogging in place heels to butt, stepping onto stool alternating feet fast and using arms for power..................the ideas are endless what is important is to get music that increases in temps so you hit those 10's. It is up to you to push to get to them. Any one can do a football drill - but do it fast for 1 full minute - there is the burn and the difference you need to find for yourself.

    I have a stationary bike and a Tony Little Gazelle that I do cardio on as well.  I sometimes jog in the summer months, but that is just for fun and I cant imagine doing HIIT to that in public!

    Other than that I dont know what to suggest. There are stadium stairs and hills to climb but that would sway towards a LBWO and you dont want to overtrain those pins!

    Like DeboRAHRAH MO says, keep in touch, keep posting and asking questions. SOMEBODY can either help or is wanting to know the same thing. BFL works!

  • Legs: I greatly appreciate the ideas you gave me! I don't know why I didn't think of doing those before. As for me not sweating on the treadmill...I'm really not sure why I dont. I can walk at 4mph or 4.3mph for 30 minutes, and not have the sweat I'm looking to get. I have tried jogging on the treadmill, but I can't seem to keep my balance and rely mostly on my arms to kind of lift me off a little bit. It's confusing. Also, when I go walking outside, I just feel like there is more resistance as oppossed to having a floor moving for you and you just walking with it. That's what my fiance' told me anyways. He said that there is more resistance without the treadmill which is why I get a much better sweat going in less than half the time, when I walk on solid ground compared to a treadmill. Oh...by the way, why is your name Legs? You must have great legs haha


  • Oh Nikki....your a treaure. Long story condensed....I have "strong legs" (thanks DanaAZ) apparently, but all my life chose other names for my trunks. (oops!) I have always envied 90% of the population that have defined calves. You know the kind that when they walk, that heart shape flexes. (Look at your legs, Im sure you have 'em)

    ANYWAYS, since I was a kid I have been self conscious of them - had the tall socks or wore pants ALL the time. Never was a real girly girl because that would mean dressing up and showing my legs. (the HORROR!) I was teased in school about my butt and I tell ya, even though I am now a mother of 3 grown beautiful children and 43 - those heart scars are still there.

    I came on board to BFL and I WILLNOT FINISH until I get those calves to wake up and take shape. I am in the 8th week of my third challenge and it is in this challenge that I am starting to see like this dent in my leg where underneath I know that muscle is taking shape. (its like what the heck? I have to come out now??) In the meantime, I have developed other muscles in my arms and stomach which is great. I have also developed a craving for intense workouts, and realized I am stronger than I thought both physically and mentally. It's been fun for me and easy as it is just my husband and I at home and I am free to do ME things now.

    So the name Legs - although chosen to disguise me from my co-workers has turned into a real goal and something reachable and attainable - finally - after all these years. I know it sounds silly - but to me, it means alot. My given name is Catherine....(no fireworks there hey?) LOL


  • Nikki - I normally Google to find ideas.  Here's a link with cardio exercises that seem decent.  They aren't HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts, but they'll work you. :-)


    Hope this helps.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!

  • Legs: Aww thats really good to hear that you are achieving the results that you have always wanted!! Congradulations. GO YOU!!!! Yea, I've always, (and still kind of am) self conscious about my legs as well. The weird thing is I have really big calves, but they remind my of Guppy fish haha. Now THAT sounds silly I know, but when I'm not flexing or anything my fiance' pokes them and they just flop around and he calls them Guppies! I don't take offense to it at all, even though in my head I'm thinking, "Gee, I really need to get them tone and hard." I feel your pain about being self conscious. As for you getting teased in school...I got teased a lot as well. School is very hard, that is middle school anyways. After that, high school was a blast, and I'm in college and that is a blast as well. I'm starting to not care what others think of me and I'm even wearing shorts more. I'm not a girly girl either, it's kind of hard to be when you live on a farm with 3 horses haha

    Sharon: Thanks for the advice, I'll try that out.

  • Thanks for that bit of background BigRedDee - nice to know a fellow farm girl and horse lover. I had a few - sold them 4 years ago. I trained one from colt to 2 yrs - just started to get on him, then had to sell "Charlie"horse (lol) I trained him Parelli style - great technique.

    Well that's off topic! Anyways - best to you on your challenge - head in the game!

  • Thats awesome! I love a fellow farm girl as well!. I do like parelli, very good techniques!

    Thanks for the good luck!!