Advice on fat intake during the week

  • Hey All!

    I'm having a hard time getting clarity on how to best incorporate fat into our daily plan. It appears that a serving of "healthy" fats are allowed each day- on top of the 6 meals of carbs & proteins, correct? For me, it's either 1 serving of peanuts or a serving of natural peanut butter. But then I also see an example where it talks about salmon (which we like salmon burgers- really good from Costco!), where it seems to suggest having salmon 3 days/week. 

    Is it good and permissible to have 1 fat serving each day to supplement our regular 6 meals, along w/salmon 3 days/week? Or on a salmon day, do we not eat a fat serving and just the salmon?

    Hope this makes sense!

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!


  • Bill says don't worry about fats if you're eating fish three times per week.  Salmon is a great choice -- I think I've seen those burgers at Costco!  You just have watch the added ingredients.  By the time you finish creating your masterpiece, that burger may resemble a Five Guys or In N Out special.

    I'm a vegetarian so it's a little trickier.  I use nuts for snacking and drop olive oil on my salads, in addition to the natural peanut butter (another Costco special) I eat with celery.  Oils are not a screaming concern for me, but I understand why you might be concerned.

    Bill suggests supplementing with safflower oil once a week if you AREN'T consuming fish.  He also lists canola, but canola is on my baaaaaaaaad list because of GMO concerns.

    Because I also use whey protein shakes and high quality protein bars, I've learned to relax and just trust the nutrition.  I go organic whenever possible, fresh whenever it's available, and drink a bunch of pure filtered water instead of anything else.  

    So far the results have been life-changing!

  • Thanks! I appreciate your help! So I guess if we don't eat fish 3x/week, we can eat the daily fat instead, right? Or suppose we eat fish 2x/day, perhaps we add a 3rd day for fat?

  • Also, should the "fat" replace a protein or carb as part of a meal, or supplement it? I've always used peanuts to supplement rather than replace.

  • Hi there. I save peanut butter and nuts for my cheat day as these are very high in fat. I reckon though if you happen to have a spoon of peanut butter as a protein serving it should be ok. Ie, substitute the protein for the nuts. For me this is not ood as i have no self control with nuts or peanut butter!!! I suggest supplementing with flaxseeds or flax oil daily as this is very good for the body. Dont stress too much about the days u eat salmon. I wouldnt look as salmon as a fat if you kw what i mean. Yes, it is good for you and contains fats but if you eating your essesntial fats daily that is fine, evenon the days ou eat salmon!

  • Greetings with regards to the saffloweroil, that is the main ingredient in the CLA tablets from most health food stores and sources.  Just thought you'd like to know if that is a more convienent form for your day.