• I am having some trouble eating so many times a day.  I find that in the morning I have trouble choking down my food because I am not that hungry and the same thing at 9pm at night trying to choke down another protein drink.  Is it ok for me to cut these meals in half, or skip them if I am not hungry??

  • Its probably not ok to skip meals ever but that being said and what I have been doing for (almost) 2 challenges is cutting it down to 5 meals (with really good results thus far) and dont forget meals dont mean restaurant portions, they are small well rounded "snacks" that keep you satisfied til you can eat your next one

    10 a.m.-  I have my first meal right after my morning workout (protein shake w/oatmeal or fruit & plain yogurt)

    1:30-  lunch (tuna, turkey sand on whole grain round, grilled chicken salad, chicken & brown get the idea)

    4:30 - protein shake or small meal ..this meal for me is usually lower in carbs

    7:00-  similar meal to lunch (pasta, sweet potato, brown rice as carb and chicken/egg whites or turkey burger etc. with a veggie)

    9:30/10 - plain yogurt w/nuts/berries..egg whites & whole grain toast...or protein drink with a light carb to ensure im energized for the morning workout

    hope this helps and remember if the portions are where they should be, you should be ok getting at least 5 small "meals" in a day


  • Eating for Life is a whole new mindset.  Remember, you're "grazing," not gorging like in the past.  Portion size is key.  Once you adapt to proper proportions of authorized foods, you'll find you eagerly look forward to your next grazing time.

    When I started BFL, I believed my metabolism was deficient.  I swore I was the only human being who couldn't get the furnace stoked to save his life.  Now?  I'm ablaze.  My belly growls and I feel deep satisfaction with my 6 meal schedule.

    One of the HUGE keys for me is working out on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning.  If that doesn't get you going, nothing will!  After I'm done with my upper body, lower body or cardio, I strap on some ankle weights and take the dogs for a good walk.  Then I reward myself with a chocolate protein shake and a protein bar!

    In a couple hours, I'll have cottage cheese and some pineapple.  Or celery and peanut butter.  

    2 hours after that, I'll pop an Amy's burrito in the microwave or have a handful of red potatoes and organic veggies.

    As a snack, I'll have an apple and some almonds...or a Fage yogurt with frozen blueberries and cottage cheese.

    My big reward for the day is protein pudding.  I make up a batch of Dr. Oetker's organic pudding with a scoop of whey protein.  I toss in some dark chocolate chips when they're cooling and wham -- what a reward for eating clean all day!

    My body loves it, I love it.  What's not to love?  The other day I was shopping in Costco.  I was reminded what I was like before I switched to six authorized meals per day.  I was a mess!  Some weeks I even fear "Free Day" because it brings up too many memories of what life used to be.

    Again, try drinking only water upon waking and working out on an empty stomach.  Then "graze" -- don't gorge your.  Six small, authorized meals will make a lot more sense!

    Hope that helps.

    - Bryan

  • I find it to be insane to say the least as well...i mean just planning six whole meals a day is ridiculous. Don't get me wrong though, i have learnt a lot from bills books. i just picked up eating for life to get some recipes because i don't know how to cook.  But its a little crazy to think that you have to eat when your bodys not hungry.  you gotta kind of listen intuitively to your instinct as well i believe.  Not everyone is the same as he puts it in his books...

  • Eating every two hours becomes a habit pretty quick.  Before long, you wonder how you ever did it before...