Starting again, but this time will finish!

  • Hi,

    As the title suggests this is not the first time trying the challenge. I started it last year and was going strong and made it to about week 7, but then I moved back to the town where I gew up after getting made redundant from work and fell of the wagon and found it hard to motivate myself and get to the gym and found it to easy going to the pub everynight with my friends.

    So now I have decided to give it a try again complete the challenge this time.

    Im starting tommorrow ( Sunday 17th June ) so that my free day is on a saturday, just find it easier as I like to do stuff that day with my girlfriend and generally eatout.

    Just sick of feeling unfit and eating junk food, really want to feel healthy and look in better shape, so I have taken the dreaded before pictures ( sorry if easily offended ) and looking forwad to my first day back in the gym.

    Last time I updated daily as I found it helped me to sta on tack so I plan to do the same again.

    So till next time, thanks for reading and stay tuned.


  • Good for you man, you're not giving up and jumping back in! I bought the BFL book back in 2001 but I loved the pub so much I didn't start it until May 21st... of this year! No joke, so at LEAST you started it and are familiar with the beast. The way I figure it, it'll be a LOT more fun being the buff fit guy with a beer in his hand than the soft-bellied, slump-shouldered guy. So I traded in some short term desires for the bigger picture. It was freakin hard too, my inner partier is stubborn! I'm wrapping up week 4 and pretty excited by what I see. So go rock it and keep us posted!! Best of luck!

  • Hi all,

    First day at the gym completed, did the upper body workout.

    My god, I forgot how tiring it was, felt shattered at the end, but feel good for completing it. Had to adjust the weights a few times as I started too heavy and found the set of 8 or 6 was too difficult.

    so 1 down 83 to go.

    Thanks for the kindwords pianoman, from doing this last time I remember the differences at 4 weeks too, cant wait to be at that stage myself again. Keep going your well on your way.


  • Hi all,

    So the 2nd day never went as planned, managed to eat clean and according to the plan but failed to get to the gym. I wanted to go but got caught up doing things and wasnt feeling that great aswell so never made it, worst was last night I felt really annoyed that I never went, so made up for it today with a very hard cardio workout and got myself back on track with the program.

    I think the hardest part of this challenge is to get out your front door and to the gym so that it becomes just an everyday thing,once I have that again, no more missing sessions.

    I did the HIIT cardio and felt shattered at the end, but it was worth it.

    Started at level 5 with the speed set to 7km/ph, finishing at 12 km/ph for level 10.

    Not that fast but after no exercise for a long time I was really working hard.

    I plan to increase it slightly every 2 cardio sessions so that it never gets easy which will keep it interesting aand challenging.

    Got my first LBWO tomorrow morning, dreading the aching stiff legs the next morning already. Going to incorprate Squats in to the session as they are the ultimate leg and body exercise, the amounts of muscle you use from different parts of your body is unreal.


  • Good for you!!! I agree getting to the gym is the hardest.. Keep up the good work!! it will pay off

  • I saw a friend of mine yesterday and he was bragging he'd had a heart attack and had to run on a treadmill flat out. Why? He's over 300 lbs.. I said, "that's it, I'm over 250 and you are shorter and way younger than me." Then, in the middle of the night I remembered I had this book, somewhere. And there is this web site. And I have a gym membership.

    Please keep us posted on your progress.

    Michael C.

  • Day 3,

    Hi evehryone,

    Just done the first LBWO of the challenge.

    Started on Squats and I could of quite happily gone to sleep on the gym floor after finishing them, they have to be the most energy sapping exercise ever. Started off fairly light and only ended up with 25kg each side and the bar ( 20kg ) but keeping proper form and getting as low as I could it was morethan enough weight, 70 kg total ( 154lbs for my fellow American challengers ).  The biggest problem with them is getting your breathing right, by the last rep I felt drained.

    After that I did leg curls with a set of lunges at the end and seated calf raise and standing calf raises.

    After all that I decided to walk home as for once its not cold and raining in London and thought it might ease the legs alittle tomorrow morning.

    So till my next thrilling installment, keep working hard everyone.


  • Day 4,

    Hi all, did the cardio today, was as hard today as it was 2 days ago as my legs were as predicted very stiff and sore from yesterdays LBWO.

    I feel I have got past the problem of getting out the flat and to the gym already as I woke up and was looking forward to go. Guess time will tell if I have.

    So till tomorrow, remember to train hard, eat clean and sleep like a baby.


  • Hey RAF I remember following your thread last challenge.. Welcome back and yes YOU WILL DO THIS! I'll be following again.. GO GET IT!

  • Day 5,

    Hey island dude, yes I remember you too from last time, just had a look at your pics, your looking really good and your arms are huge!!

    Had my second UBWO today, really went for it and felt good.

    Now I can relax the rest of the day and watch the football ( soccer ) tonight.

    My legs are even worse today, woke up and strugled walking around my flat, hopefully will be better tomorrow for the cardio otherwise it will be a difficult 20 minute run.

    So  in the mighty words of McBain from the Simpsons, " Up and Atom "


  • Welcome and Best wishes to you Raf_Ric,   I am sure you can do this if you stick with the program(BFL). Do just like Bill suggests and Keep Moving Forward despite any of lifes challenges and set backs. This time you will finish,  Like the Apollo space program....Failure is NOT an Option  this challenge.

  • Day 8,

    Hi all and thanks for the kind words WPBill.

    Forgot to update my thread after my cardio on day 6.

    Today was the start of week 2 and again the LBWO was a killer, squats are just pure energy sapping.

    Enjoyed the day off Sunday and had a few treats but never went mad and binged.

    Cardio tomorrow, will try and start at a slightly quicker pace.


  • Hey Raf good job getting through week 1, I didn't even attempt squat  till my second challenge energy sapping indeed! I now look forward to getting to that point where By my last set my legs are absolutely jelly the endorphins are flowing and I am on a natural high lol.. Keep it up man! onward and upward!

  • Day 11,

    Its been a few days since I have had chance to update the post/blog about my current progress.

    Yesterday was the UBWO and worked harder than I have for a long time, was shattered by the end of it, but the second I had finished the workout I felt awesome.

    Yesterday was also my Birthday, turned 34 so went out for a meal with my girlfriend then watched a movie.

    Didnt go silly witht the food and only had 1 beer which I think was ok since it was my birthday.

    Today I opted to do my cardio in the fresh air on the local green, so I jogged at slow pace along the side of the green and then ran as fast as I could back the same way, I only managed to do it 7 times but it felt harder than the normal cardio on the treadmill. With that and the jog there and back it took about 25 minutes, a nice change to going to the gym every day.

    Anyway, keep going everyone.


  • I hate to say it but I entered the second ever BFL challenge back in the day.  I've always started but never finished (multiple times).  I'm not sure why, but I have a good feeling that this time I will finish and with my goals met!  You can do it!!!