6 Weeks Done

  • So I've made it to the half way point, i've lost 12 pounds and my clothes are definitely fitting looser. I just need a bit of reassurance i still want to lose about 15 pounds and i know i should not be hung up on the scale weight but i want that haha is that possible? Everyone says week 8 and after is when you see the most fat loss, right? I'm going to finish the challenge no matter what but I just hope I am not disappointing in the end. Maybe I am looking for reassurance I don't know is there anything I can do extra to make sure I see these results I want ?     

  • I'm at the same point and saw weight loss for the first four weeks then it stopped.  I'm sticking to the plan and in for the long haul, although I do wish the scale would show my effort.  It's ok though.   I'm sure it is a plateau and the drop when it comes will be good.   It would be nice to say major body fat loss as well.   At first it was about 1% a week but that too has stopped. At least I feel good and am eating well and rarely have junk food cravings at this point.  

  • If you are seeing results by 6 weeks, and 12lbs is a huge loss - way to go! - especially since you are also likely gaining muscle - you are going to continue to lose.  But don't focus on weight - focus on the size of your clothes!!!!  I am in week 9 and I saw some results at week 6, but so much more happened passed week 6 - keep going strong!  If you keep at it, you can only progress!

  • Someone on here made a good point a couple weeks ago, the scale simply weighs the weight of the body-- hence, a competitive bodybuilder and a couch potato could weigh the exact same depending on their height. You want to lose body fat more than pounds, and muscle weighs more than fat and think how big your thigh muscles are... Not to mention (and I wish he would've mentioned this in his book) you don't lose the weight first, THEN build muscle, it all happens at the same time.Keep going, sounds like you're doing GREAT!!

  • I talked with a guy who did the challenge and had champion results (still looks great too). He said if you want awesome results the best thing to do is follow the diet in the book and make sure you hit your highpoints every workout you possibly can. If you don't push yourself 6 days a week you won't get the dramatic results. The muscle you build from those intense workouts (weights and cardio both) is what will melt the fat right off of you in the end. Stay focused, you can do it!

  • thanks guys for all your encouragement. I haven't hit week 8 yet so hopefully I start to see the actual results i want around then. If i lost 12 pounds in the first half of my challenge I am sure I will be able to lose another 12 or more, because apparently you lose more weight once your body is so use to the eating and exercising, is that right? Any way thank you everyone for encouraging me to keep going! I hope i look different much different at 9 weeks then today just like you Shellnikk.  

  • How it was explained to me was that as you build more muscle and your fitness level increases during the begining of the challenge, it makes your metabolism go up in a big way. So usually during your last month the fat really starts to come off at a fast rate. This only works if you have been regularly hitting your highpoints when lifting and cardio during the whole program and eating per the BFL plan. Another thing he told me was that towards the end of the plan people usually don't go overboard on their free days either so they get more results that way. He always took his "free day" but it turned into more like a free meal or just something he had been craving. It all works together really well if you stick to it. I am sure you will do great! Can't wait to see your after photo!

  • Great to read the encouragement on here!  I've never been a runner and at 50 years old probably never thought I would be, but for the cardio decided to try a couch to 5k running program. I've been faithful to the program and today ran for 28 minutes straight, over 3 miles.  I can do so much more now than I would have dreamed possible 6 short weeks ago!  So there is a whole lot more to this than just what the scale indicates!  Keep it up!

  • So glad to read this.  I am in week 7 and just havent' seen the scale move more than a couple of pounds.  Yes, clothes fit better...toning up everywhere which is very nice and welcome.  I too read that week 8 is where it all comes together. I am determined to finish this either way no weight loss or lots.  Someone told me today that I look like I have lost weight...I said I'm toning.  I mean how can I work out this hard for 6 days/week and not get somewhere.  Here's to the rest of the program.  I've not been in this good of shape in years.  I too tried the couch to 5k...but I just hate running...maybe eventually it will be more enjoyable.

  • My first challenge was all about finishing strong and looking all ripped like many of the Grand Champions. While I had great results, (lost 22 lbs, 10%bf) I didn't look like them, and had no plans established for "after the challenge". I was a perfect candidate to gain it all back because I never overcame why I overate and never fell in love with exercising. My workouts were a battle, never a blessing. This time, 10 years later,I am enjoying the challenge.

    I'm saying all of this to tell you that you need to really think beyond the 12 weeks in order to be truly successful.  Maintaining all that you are working for is a whole new fish to fry :-). You will see more drops in weight, but all of our body's are different.  Enjoy the journey of becoming the best you!

    Embrace this moment, feel accomplished today, you are doing great!

  • No worries we know we are on the right track whether the scale moves or not. I try to convince myself that the way muscle is being built we should be gaining so staying the same weight is a plus and we know we are making progress. It's all good.  I can't wait to compare my before and after pictures!