• I am new to the scene. Haven't even finished reading the book yet. Unsure about how to begin. Have access to (free) equipment or can pay for weight/workout gym. I have failed in the past...lack of motivation and discipline, who cares attitude and just plain lazy. Gee, I might have to get up and DO something! Wish I had someone to hold my hand and MAKE me do what I need to do until I can grab hold and do it on my own. I've heard it all before, but would gladly accept a word of direction and encouragement.

  • This is a quote from another BFL user on the forum and I love it.....~Nothing changes until SOMETHING changes~

    So, I recommend reading the book and just starting!  Planning has a lot to do with it, but inner willpower is what keeps you going.   As her quote says nothing changes until something changes...........  Good luck on your challenge!  See you on the forum SOON.

  • girl i hear you on the need someone to hold your hand thing, well i can hold your hand. lol, through the computer anyway. i have struggled with motivation and discipline as well. i am lazy yep, anyway i hope to change those things. you can do it and so can i!!!

  • Here I am starting the challenge. This is my first day. I haven't been to a gym since 2007.  As I worked on the machines, I watched and didn't like what I saw. I am not a light weight. In fact,  I bike ride a couple hundred miles every week, but I am not a slim girl. I couldn't do reverse pull ups.  There were other exercises that were quite difficult. I am sl glad that I am getting back into health. At least I can start my journey back to health. I am so glad. Just go for it. We all need each other to stay motivated.