To weigh or not to weigh?

  • Ok  I have read many posts coming from people who are discouraged about what the scale I am just starting out I am on day 5 week 1, Should I weigh 1 time each week or just weigh in at the end of the program? I want to weigh in at the end anyone else up for the challenge to weigh in at the end?

  • i used to weigh myself once a week, at the same time.

    Man it was amazing seeing the scale drop at least a pound or two every week...

    I thought you were talking about weighing  food though.haha

  • Funny you should mention this topic. I wasn't going to weigh myself until next weekend.However, i just couldn't resist hopping on the scale today. I've done BFL in the past, and of course, all different ways. This time I've gone by the book. I've noticed my clothing fitting better and I can feel more fat changing to muscle.The scale doesn't show this change. If you find losing weight via the scale motivates you, then by all means weigh in once every one or two weeks. I try to avoid the scale.I

    love seeing the weight go downwards, but if I jump on and there is no change, I become frustrated. Just try a little bit of both, but don't get hung up on scale weight. Fitting into clothing you haven't been able to wear for a long time is just as gratifying.

  • I am going to have to agree with Cameo on this one.  The scale has not budged one 1lb for me, but I feel changes.  I got super discouraged looking at the scale, so I have gotten rid of it and plan not to weigh myself until the end.  If I need to see that I have made some progress, I will go have another body assessment done.  

    You can weigh yourself, just don't get hung up on the number. :)

  • Also, as much as I don't rely on the scale, it can also show me if i'm hitting a plateau.This has happened to me. Now I have to reajust some things. It is very discouraging when you're making great progress, then everthing just stops. By like I posted earlier, the body can adjust to our workout routines, so we have to mix it up. For me, my cardio will have to change.I have to push that little bit more to have the results I'm seeking.

  • I think it depends where you are at.  I am very much still in fat loss mode, trying to get leaner.  I've found the reccomendation in the original BFL book of weighing in once per 4 weeks to be very good.  That's enough time to see a good change but not so long it gets away from you.  My weigh in day is the end of week 4, the morning of free day.  

    I think maybe once you reach a target weight / fitness, then weighing once per week could be helpful to make sure you stay on track.

  • I've done it all three ways -- daily/weekly/not at all.

    Daily is too discouraging.  As others have pointed out, the BFL ride is not a straight trajectory.  In fact, one of the journal entries is about "Counting what you gain, not what you lose" while on the program.  That's from Bill himself!

    Here's the problem when starting the program: muscles weigh more than fat!  So as you're building muscle, you may very well seem like you're standing in motion.  When people say their clothes fit better even though the scale doesn't change, that's exactly what they're implying: muscle is replacing fat.  Muscle takes up less space.  But a pound of muscle is still a pound, therefore no scale difference.

    People will also talk about how eventually something kicks in.  The weight DOES come off.  Because the magic is really in the metabolism.  Muscle burns more energy.  So as you replace fat with muscle, that muscle is not only leaner but hungrier.  You begin an exciting slope where you're getting leaner AND lighter.  That's when the excitement truly begins.

    So here's what I've settled on and it works for me.  Every Saturday, before my last workout, I have my "weigh in" like a boxer before a fight.  I want to get what football scouts call "measureables."  I want to know not only my weight but my %fat becasue then I can calculate #s fat, lean body mass, BMI.  Then I take blood pressure and heart rate readings as well.  I want to get a true snapshot on how my whole body is changing, not just the weight.

    Remember, you are building your body for LIFE!

  • I would not weigh more than once a week. Even then, the scale is tricky because it will not reflect your change in body composition. I feel like one too many times, the scale has gotten me down. I am tempted to have my husband hide the scale so I don't sabotage with the scale. I think it would be an amazing challenge to weigh in at the end.