Surgery @ 8wks

  • I am having surgery at my 8wk mark of the challenge and won't be able to do upper body stuff for about 4wks, I can do lower body but probably with only light weights or body weight and will only be able to running.

    Should I just start over when I'm cleared?  What options do I have?

  • hi  im at 6.5 weeks     and have to have surgery in 2 days.       Have been told no swimming, running or heavy lifting etc for 4 weeks and then no ab work until 8 weeks.    

    My trainer has advised me to keep eating clean throughout to keep my bodyfat down and i'm going to swap my running and swimming for walking until i can build to a gentle jog.      

    Annoying as iv really begun to see ab improvement and i really dont want to lose my upper body muscles iv built so far etc   -      but needs must ......  

    Stay positive    the good work you'v put in so far will have improved your health and speed your recovery !!  

    good luck with the recovery     !!      

  • I say do what you can do day by day dont make it worse so you wont be able to finish but i would just keep eating right and start back with a new 12 weeks after you are able to start working out again.