• i started the BFL challenge yesterday (monday 21st).

    im actually eating MORE and training LESS in terms of hours so i am very nervous that i will get fat! my aim is to lose body fat percent and show off some lean muscle.

    i am eating exactly to the plan but my TREAT at night is 1 tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter in my Meal 6 Protein Dessert (cottage cheese mixed with some protein poweder and a dash of milk).


    am i allowed to have this peanut butter? 1 tablespoon every day?

    the only other fat i have every day is 1 tablespoon of flaxeeds.



  • You may want to cut the peanut butter down to a couple times a week. Maybe wean yourself off: Try going 1 day without this week, then 2 days without next week, etc. I don't think having 1 Tbsp every day will "make you fat" (it takes a LOT more than just that!) but it could affect your final results. I would also recommend you track your food intake overall. Even if you eat very clean, fat does exist in almost everything on the approved list (chicken breast, cottage cheese, eggs, wheat tortillas, milk, etc). Aim for high quality foods, small and consistent meals, and hitting your 10s. I used to hike 8-10 hours a week and stopped for the Challenge. Lost more weight and gained more muscle than I ever did hiking so the plan DOES work, if you are conscientious and willing to make some changes.

    Good luck!

  • Angie, you might also want to join in with others who started on 5/21 in the Getting Started forum. I'm trying to consolidate three 5/21 threads into one thread here:

  • Hi Angie, you might want to try PB2. You can get it on amazon, its amazing!! It's basically dehydrated/powdered peanuts and they take out most of the fat. It's so good, you can mix it with water and it tastes just like all natural peanut butter. Its' also great in chocolate protein shakes.

  • What will make you fat is a surplus of calories. Pb has many good qualities. The PB2 is good too. Don't be afraid of fat. We need GOOD fats in our diet to aid and assist in many important bodily functions including burning bad fats. Flaxseeds are a great start. so is PB. Bottom line I guess is if you are not seeing the results you want then maybe treats will have to go for while. If you are losing body fat then you are on the right track and enjoy that PB to the fullest :)