Off the wagon

  • I am new to BFL...this is my first go around. I completed weeks 1,2 and 3. Week four... well I made it about halfway through and my free day ended up lasting 3 days.....we had company over two days and then one more free day for good i know all the hard work i have put in is not ruined or disappeared.....but....i have fallen off the wagon!!!!

    It's monday morning and I am starting week 4 again!!!

    Also, I am not losing that much weight....don't get me wrong my clothes fit better my quads are like steel but i am not losing more than 1 lb or two a that normal?

  • Congrats on making it to week four!!! Keep going! We all experience setback. That is normal. The strong learn more about themselves and keep pressing on. Regroup, refocus reread your goals and don't look back. As for weight. The scale is very deceptive and a not the best measurement of success. I would say throw out your scale and focus on how your clothes fit and measurements and energy levels things like that. Remember you are not tying to loose weight necessarily your are trying to loose body fat. There is a big difference. Having said that you losing any more than 2 pounds a week is not healthy for your body. If you are loosing 2 pounds a week you are right on track!

    Keep up the good work!!

  • Emm: Put the bad week behind you and move on. It's happened to me and to most other bfler's at one time or another. Forget about the scale. My first challenge 9 years ago I lost one pound but my body completely changed. I was 44 years old at the time and had my first 6 pack in my life. I lost bodyfat and put on muscle so the scale showed no change. Let your pants and belts be your guide. All the best.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • If your quads are like iron, you're changing fat into muscle ... which means you'll hang at the same weight until the fat is gone, looking better and gaining metabolism speed every day.

  • I don't know if it's "normal" but it's what's been happening to me - in four weeks I've lost over 14 pounds of fat, but that's been balanced by muscle and water gains (I had lost a lot of water weight in the months right before my challenge, and that got recovered) so the scale only shows a loss of three or four pounds.

    As I noted in a different thread, one of the past Champions said (going from memory so this might not be word-for-word), "Know that if you fall off the wagon, it will still be right there where you left it." Just say "Oops," and start again doing it right from that point forward. My theory is that stressing out about it can actually cause you more problems than the dietary mistakes cause.

  • Plus, dietary stuff is very approximate, by which I mean that changes take place slowly and are based on what has happened over many days. I don't know this from BFL -- this is my first time -- but I run marathons and ultra-marathons, which have an eating-effect thing as well. With things like this, one-time mistakes don't cause problems, and on the other hand, one-day efforts don't move you much forward. It's about keeping pretty much with the program pretty much all the time.

    To get 12 week results in exactly 12 weeks, maybe you need to be more rigid about it, but my guess is that someone following the program with fierce determination but a human number of screwups ... will still get there, just a week or three late. Bodies react to multi-day trends, not to what happened just yesterday.

  • thank you everyone...

    my body fat was really high about 41% the last time I checked so maybe I just have a lot of work to do :)

    moving day at a time!!!!

  • Ya, week 4.  Not such a good start for me either.  Is anyone else really tired?  I feel absolutely drained today.  

  • I'm on week 5, and I'm usually shooting for a pound a week. I stay clear of the scale, and only use it after a few weeks have passed. Don't get me wrong, 2 pounds a week would be great, but we all have different body types.Some react differently than others. You are making great progress. Hang in there.

  • dobegirl, check your diet and make sure your getting carbs - brown rice, whole wheat /grain bread or whole wheat pasta.  I was eating my veggies and fruit skipping carbs(?).  Did this and everything seemed to work better & verify your calorie intake...I would let mine get under 1200 every once in a while & I would feel drained.  

    Cameo, skip the scale is a GREAT option use your clothes as your measurement & attitude.  I finished my BFL challenge & lost 12lbs and I believe I calculated 14lbs of just fat.  

    Emm, yep...let it be and just keep going.  I had a sick little one and she just wanted me the whole time & I fell off for few days & you just get back on the plan.  

    Congrats on week 4 & 5 for you guys!  It goes by fast after the 6 weeks........or did for me.  

  • Thanks Tonja... I will keep that in mind.  I have a feeling you could be right ;)

  • thing is no matter what if you fall of the bfl horse get back up on that thing and ride it til it passes out.

  • I am week 4 and feel the same way :(

  • lots of good advice here, Emm773. Just pick up where you left off and keep on going. It took me about 3 weeks until I was 100% onboard with my nutrition AND the workouts in the same week! I am in week 4 and feel amazing! I have been using the success jouirnal to keep strict track of everything, and it has been the best tool! Way to go, keep it up and keep on going!

  • Way to go Emm773 for having the courage to admit the mistake and then get right back on the path of BFL.  I am sure if you have such resolve that you WILL finish and with great results overall. I had a couple of moments like that during my first challenge (C1) and learned to overcome the guilt and get right back on that horse and ride. BY the way as many have said don't rely just on scale weight due to the fact that you are dropping body fat but also adding some muscle as well and muscle weighs more than fat for the record. Your clothing is a better judge as well as photos and of course, if you can be objective, our good friend the mirror..  Friends will also remark about how much different you look to add to this( I have had three surprised friends at work mentioned how different and more healthy I looked just this week and one was very surprised, she hadn't seen me in a year or two). So hang in there and as BIll always said...Keep Moving Forward!