Plantar fascia

  • I suffer with plantar fascia.

    I want to do this BFL Challenge and I want to lose weight and inches and be able to do the things that eccessive weight have been preventing me from doing. But I am afraid that I will not be able to perform the cardio every other day.  Somedays the plantar fascia does not bother too bad, other days, I can hardly stand.

    Walking, running, aerobics and other activities to get the heart rate up seem to all require lots of time on my sore feet.

    Can anyone help me with a plan and suggestions to get me started?

    Thank you

  • If your plantar fasciitis comes from flat feet or from over-pronation (a tendency of the foot to roll too far inward while moving), a good set of support shoes might be just the thing. When mine flares up, replacing my old shoes with new ones normally does the trick. Unfortunately, at least for me, shoes with enough arch support and stabilization don't tend to come cheap (I have yet to find a suitable pair for less than $80, and they rarely last a full year).

    You can also look into aerobic activities that don't leave you on your feet (such as swimming) or that let you support at least part of your weight by sitting (such as bicycling, whether on a regular bike or a stationary exercise bike - though you might have to experiment with foot positioning).

  • I would agree about good sneakers.  Get a pair for stability and really they only last 3-4 months if you're doing BFL type activity. 

    Do youir feet hurt at night or in morning?  For most they hurt most in the morning, which is from the arch being not stretched enough.  That's where those exercises come in and the night foot contraptions.  Mine hurt at night, which was from my arches being too stretched.  My achilles was too tight, making my arch overcompensate and stretch out too much so it was ultra sore by night, making it so I couldn't always walk or stand.  Once I was taught the stretch that goes against the wall (I'll get a YouTube video for you if you like), it started to heal.  I had immense pain for 10 years and now hardly have any issues. 

    It's all about finding the why it's happening because then there are several possible solutions. 

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  • Hi PaulE - I suffer from f too and have for 1.5 years - I used to run to stay in shape and have not run in this long.  I went to physio which hardly helped.  The KEY is to get proper shoes for everything.  I work on my feet so I have supportive running shoe (with arch support b/c I have flatter feet) and have a pair of Birkenstock sandals for both indoor and outdoor and that's ALL I wear.  I don't wear high heels : (

    As for cardio, I do ellitical - I notice some ellipticals bother me more than others so I have found one at the gym that isn't that bad, but I do more of the bike if I notice any discomfort.  I also ice after a workout, which will help.

    It is really a HUGE pain in the butt, but I want to do this challenge and am on day 29, feeling pretty good about how far I have come with these challenges.  BTW - I did try running once for my HIIT and I suffered for a whole week afterwards, so guess I won't be doing that again.  All the best to you!

  • I suffered with plantar for over 5 years before I even knew what it was! Waking up in the morning and getting out of bed I felt like an old man, creaking and moving slow! When I finally saw my doctor this past year about it she gave me some good exercises to do, had me ice it at least once a day for 15 minutes (2-3 times is ideal) and said to take ibuprofen for inflammation and pain. My plantar was a result of high arches and weight gain. Have you tried any exercises? Here is what she had me do:

    Tennis Ball: place a tennis ball under your problem foot/feet and roll it back and forth for 15 minutes. You can do this as many times as you want during the day. I rolled it in circles too to try and hit the more tender spots.

    Towel: place a towel on the floor and using your toes try and grab it. Do this over and over for 15 minutes.

    Ice: place an ice pack or bag of ice under the most tender part of the foot/heel and let it sit for at least 15 minutes. I put a kitchen towel in between the ice and my foot. I did it while reading in bed too.

    All of these things are easy to do while sitting in front of the television in the evening, which is when I would usually do them.

    As for exercising and BFL, I mostly stuck to using the bike or something similar that didn't require a lot of pounding down on my feet. I did do some step aerobics a few times a week too.

    And lastly, are the shoes. Lots of great advice from the posts above. So look into a shoe with good support and maybe an insert. Go to a good shoe store that specializes in arch supports, inserts, etc. The shoe might cost more but it will be worth it!

    So how did all of the above plus BFL help me? My plantar is gone!! Don't get me wrong, doing some of the aerobics was a bit difficult but I pushed through it and as the weight started dropping the pain was less and less until one day I realized it was gone!

    Don't give up and don't not do BFL because of the plantar. Good Luck!!

  • I have recently been diagnosed with chronic plantar fasciitis; it's been hurting me day & night for the past 6 weeks.  I also have a tear in the fascia, so a bit more pain associated with that.  I have not run in 4-5 weeks.  I have been spinning though, and that is excellent for a HIIT type workout, if you have access to a spinning class.  If not, you can get a good workout in on the bike.  The stairclimber doesn't affect me too much either.  You will have to experiment with it.  I am kinda getting to the point of utter frustration, and just told my sister last night that I am going to sign up for some races in the fall and start hiking again. If it's going to hurt anyway, then I may as well get out there and do the stuff I enjoy doing, and deal with the pain......not recommending that.  I even got a cortisone shot, and no relief from that :(

    If there is a will, there is a way.  PLUS, 80% of the puzzle is nutrition; if you get that right, you'll be well on your way.

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  • I had plantar fascitis for a year.  Finally went to the doc about it, got the shot 1 time and it worked like a charm!  Well worth the try.

  • DQ:  I am so envious, but so glad the shot worked for you.  What I'd give.....

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I can only imagine what you and the others with pf are going through, having tried different things and still not getting relief.  Have you gone to a podiatrist?

  • As a massage therapist and a sufferer of plantar fasciitus myself, I would suggest finding a good massage therapist (who specializes in therapeutic work!).  It has helped me tremendously!  Many people don't realize the range of problems that massage can treat.  That and a great pair of shoes should put you on the right track!

  • Get Pro Stretch!  Seriously.  Get it.  You need good sneakers, absolutely, but to heal, you need proper stretching. 

    The shots work, but are not a long term solution and they actually break you down so only a quick fix for an emergency. 

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  • A Pro Stretch is great, along with a foam roller to massage the calf muscles. Also, I agree with Keribell. I suffered from PF for over a year when I was marathon training, and nothing worked for me until I found a chiropractor who specialized in a type of deep tissue massage called Airrosti. It totally worked for me! It was torture, but it worked and I now run and continue to train for distance running with no problems. I did a regimen of going to get the deep tissue massages 1x per week, plus foam rolled and also rolled my foot on a frozen water bottle and/or golf ball daily. I also slept in a night splint to keep my foot stretched out during the night.

    Good luck!!!!