I Quit!!!!

  • I quit procrastinating

    I quit missing workout

    I quit not eating 6 carbs and 6 Protien meals a day

    I quit not using my time wisely 

    I will quit all of this to acheive all of my goals.

  • Good title for the post. I was just about to swoop down on you and "save the day" with a pep talk. :P

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  • I wish this forum had a "Like" button. Nicely put!

  • Awesome!

  • Hi everyone, I was wondering if i could ask a question. Has anyone been successful on this challenge by doing a cardio and upper one day and cardio lower body next day. etc.

    My dilemma is i work 12-13 hrs a day 3 days a week i drive an hr to work and an hr home.

    to workout before work i would need to get up at 3am to be at work by 630am to get workout and shower and be on time.

    when i get off and get home if i were to workout i would be 1030 pm getting home. i tried but i was exhausted and did not get a good workout in. im just curious bout a different approach to workouts getting my 6 workouts on my days off one in the morning and one in the evening.! anyone with thoughts!!!?

  • I love the title of this post.  I hope you are still rocking it!!!

    Sassy:  I think the best way to make this work is to not workout on the days you work. On the other 4 days, you could do your cardio in the morning and then do your weight workouts later in the day.  I think you would see very good results doing it this way.  You will be too fatigued if trying to fit it in on days you work.  It's not worth being sleep deprived.  If you do cardio and weights during the same session, you will either not have enough juice for cardio or enough to lift as heavy during your workouts as you would like.

    Good luck!!

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  • BDMOM,

    Thank you do much for your reply. thats exactly what i was thinking im so glad you confirmed.

    im almost finished this challenge with not much results trying to figure a route that would work.

    but im going to start today and do exactly that and c how i do for the rest of time.

    and ill start another challenge with this workout plan.!

    looked at your profile . you look great keep up the hard work.!!!

    its working for you.!!!Good luck!!


  • I agree with BDMOM, or you could try to manage a 20-min cardio walk on lunchbreak? I was doing the cardio by walking and using a stop watch to count the minutes and it worked great and I got fresh air instead of always doing cardio at the gym.

  • Nice approach, very catchy and gets the point accross about the BFL Program basics!!

  • I must admit my eyes widened when I saw your post.....I was ready to pounce...lol.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Love this!

  • There Ya Go, me too!

  • tahnk you all miss a few days on here but i know it would ispire people and get a good way to read this post

  • Thank you...I needed to read this!

  • hi, I'm new to forum and about to start bfl. funny thing I chose to read your blogger first. love it. its inspired me already