Just some Auzzie questions for you all.

  • Gday viewers, I have just started this program and its bloody great. My questions are

    1. When i completed my 20 min cardio on bike I felt like it wasnt enough even though I hit my 9-10's.  

    2. Can I eat any types of Cereals for breakfast?

    3. My lower body workout was great but felt like just doin 1 ab excersise of crunches wasnt enough seem Im not doing them again for another 4 days?

    4. I cant afford to be buying your subtitute powder as its around 80 buks here for 20 sevings. This would only last a week. Can I just use my Protien shake with some      grinded oatmeal mixed in it.

    5. and lastly my fine new buddies, Has any one got some planned menus that worked for them to get the first couple of weeks goin....

    Look forward to your Replies  Auzzie Auzzie Auzzie...C

  • There is a week 1 meal plan on the site

  • Not sure that I can answer these questions as I'm only on my 2nd week of BFL myself.  I'm glad to share my thoughts, though!

    1.  I know how you feel but if you read the book Bill says that if you continue with too much cardio after the intense 9s and 10s you can sabotage your efforts as your body will convert to using muscle for fuel (especially if you do your cardio in a fasted state as suggested).  Seems like I've seen people say they did the plan exactly as prescribed and got great results and other (people training for marathons and the like) said that they added some extra cardio and also got great results.  My plan is to trust in the program, do it mostly as prescribed and see what I get.  If I see areas that could be improved then maybe I'll try them in C2.

    2.  I think the goal is to try to get a balanced amount of carbs and protein at each meal so if you find a higher protein, lower carb cereal and pair if with low fat milk and end up with a balance of carbs and protein then I think you can.  I've seen people doing Kashi Go Lean cereal- not sure if you have that there!!  Also, hot cereals like oatmeal, cream of wheat, etc are approved.

    3.  The way I see it, you're getting ab work in during a lot of your cardio (esp if you are running) and during your weight time if you're doing compound movements with free weights (ie. squats, deadlifts, lunges, etc) that require your core muscles for stabilization.  I read somewhere that getting defined abs has more to do with melting away the fat that covers them than it has to do with using lots of exercises to bulk them up.  Also, if you bulk them up they get bigger which equals a bigger waist.  Also, if you think about it, you're excercising your abs at the same frequency as you're excercising any other muscle group.

    4.  The EAS products are pretty expensive even in the US and I already have a few different protein powders.  I would compare the protein, calories and fat of the recommended EAS products and try to find something equal.  You can either throw in some oats, as you suggested, or some fruit or yogurt to get your carbs.

    5.  Check out the meal plan in the book as well as the meal plan section on the site- it has 2 recommended meal plans as well as the meal plans that past champions used.  You can also go to emilyalvers.com/healthy_recipes.html and go down to the bottom right and download the 4 week meal plan for men or women.  I don't think it says it on there but they are BFL meal plans.

    Good luck!


  • I did this about 10 yrs ago and when I did cardio if time permitted I usually did a little extra.  Im training for a half marathon its pretty far out but want to train slowly and my long runs are an hour + so I will always be doing some extra

    Im not sure about the cereals but the Kashi ones are great and pretty sure they fall in the guidelines

    Any protein powder will work just make sure th sugar content is low

    And for food I really suggest buying the Eating for Life Book I promise you it is well worth the $$$ they have GREAT easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts, and snacks and some great ways to change up your protein shakes.  My kids love many of the recipes which help

  • Hi Auzzie C!

    I'm in Brisbane & just completed my 12 week challenge.

    1 - To be honest, with cardio, I actually used the X-trainer/eliptical quite a bit to start off with. What I did was stay at warm-up pace from minute 0-2, then sprint for 8 seconds & fall back to steady pace for 12 secs. I repeated this 8 seconds/12 seconds routine till the 19th minute, then cooled down for the final minute. Tell ya what.. I'm buggered by the end of my 20 mins!!

    I had a little trouble with treadmill in my starting weeks, being heavily overweight, I almost injured myself trying to run to reach my level 9's & 10's. By week 6 of my challenge though, I was able to run quite easily & noticed a huge increase in my fitness levels. I started at 108kg & by week 6 I was down to 97kg.

    2 - I steered away from the cereals during the challenge. Not necessarily because they're bad, but I wanted to follow the diet aspect as closely as I could to the BFL plan.

    3 - I usually did an extra set of 12 reps of a different ab exercise, if I felt like it wasn't enough. Just remember the cardio helps that along, so don't worry too much about that. :)

    4 - I didn't use any of the Myoplex products either, but ended up with good results. We have some awesome supp's & proteins here in Aus, so utilise them also. I used a few different fat burners during the challenge, but my main supp's were by TSD (The Supplement Den) - Thermofuse & Thermo Burn Protein - all the good stuff & tastes goooooood!

    5 - Just to give you a sample of my typical daily diet :

    Meal 1 - 3 egg whites + 1 egg (boiled) + apple

    Meal 2 - Small can tuna + small tub yoghurt

    Meal 3 - Steamed fish + sweet potato + mixed veg

    Meal 4 - Shake + banana

    Meal 5 - Grilled chicken breast + brown rice + broccoli

    Meal 6 - Cottage cheese & berries

    It helps if you can assign one day a week (perhaps rest day) to prepare some meals, as the weeks can get busy.

    Excuse my super-long reply, but hope that helps.

    All the best!!

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • Just found this under Frequently Asked Questions :) -

    Can I have cereal on the BFL program?

    Low glycemic cereals are a great carbohydrate source, which are authorized for use on the nutrition portion of Body-for-LIFE®. Best choices would be fibrous, low-glycemic cereals such as oatmeal (long-cook), oat bran (cracked or raw), rice bran, wheat bran, Muesli® or All-Bran® (all varieties). If you add milk to your cereal keep in mind that the milk contains calories and should be used in moderation. To make a full Body-for-LIFE® meal, cereal should be combined with a protein portion.

    "Eat clean, train mean, live lean!"

  • WOW, excellent and positive replies guys, thanks very much. I actually had a cardio workout last night and reached my 10 and yes it is definately enough. My thinking process half way through my 9 was that i want to be recovering from my efforts for the next hour!! So that inspired me to give it all for my 10 which nearly made me kiss the floor for a while LOL.Im just taking Whey protien for my snacks with half a banana and a handfull of oats.??? Those Upper body workouts are the Bomb,Im just mirroring the books example page at the moment and finishing around the 40 min. Funny but, i week down and getting comments????? Look out week 12.. Thanks guys